Golfer Exes: 8 Pictures Of Meghan Markle & 8 Of Lindsey Vonn – Who’s More Attractive?

In truth, at least on the surface, Lindsey Vonn and Meghan Markle don’t have a great deal in common. One is a professional athlete, while the other is an actress and humanitarian. Vonn is a blonde while Markle is brunette.

However, one thing they do have in common is that they both allegedly dated professional golfers. In Vonn’s case, her past relationship with Tiger Woods has been confirmed. Conversely, Markle’s romantic connection with Irish golfer, Rory McIlroy was mostly the subject of rumors. That being said, it’s still as good a reason as any to have these two gorgeous gals go head to head in this edition of “Who’s More Attractive.”

Saint Paul, Minnesota’s Lindsey Vonn is an alpine skier, whose gold medal victories and marketable appearance have helped make her the face of the Winter Olympics in the United States. Standing just under 5-foot-10 with flowing blonde hair; Vonn is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world of sports.

Meghan Markle originally hails from Los Angles, California. She is an actress who is probably best known for starring in the legal drama Suits. However, the 5-foot-7 star became the subject of a media frenzy when it was announced that she was engaged to England’s Prince Harry.

Now it’s time for folks to decide which of these golfer’s exes is hotter.

16 Markle: Black Dress

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After seeing photos like this one, it becomes easy to understand how Meghan Makle was able to land England’s most eligible bachelor. The gorgeous brunette shows off her modeling skills while posing on the edge of a couch. Her short black dress and heels demonstrate the popular brunette’s ability to make the perfect wardrobe selection. Markle definitely looks every bit the part of a television star in this memorable photograph.

Fun Fact: When it comes to television roles, Markle is often associated with shows like Suits and Fringe. However, many folks who are just now discovering the actress, may not realize that she was also on the legendary soap opera, General Hospital. In fact, here television debut was actually on the series when she appeared in one episode back in 2002.

15 Vonn: Captain Marvel

In this Instagram post, Lindsey Vonn can be seen paying homage to the popular Marvel superhero, Captain Marvel. The caption reads, “Because who doesn’t wear a Captain Marvel speed suit in the summer …thankfully I’m heading to Chile today, so I can actually wear this SKIING.” The fact that it was summer when this photo was taken may help explain why Vonn looks so hot in this photo. The tall blonde flashes her signature warm smile in the shot, which received over 72,000 likes from her fans on social media.

Fun Fact: Due to injury, Lindsey Vonn did not compete in the 2014 Winter Olympic games held in Sochi, Russia. However, she did end up covering the game for NBC as a correspondent for the popular network.

14 Markle: Swimsuit Selfie

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For a famous actress, Meghan Markle doesn’t have a ton of bikini pics floating around on the internet. However, as we can see here, the Fringe star looks amazing in a swimsuit. Markle proudly shows off her physique as she poses in front of a mirror for this fun selfie pic. Once she officially becomes a member of the royal family, one has to assume her days of swimsuit selfies will probably be over.

Fun Fact: One of the best-known films Markle has appeared in was 2011 dark comedy, Horrible Bosses. With stars like Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Aniston in the film, Markle didn’t receive a ton of attention for her relatively small role at the time. However, she was in the film playing the part of Jamie.

13 Vonn: Modeling In The Snow

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Vonn has shown throughout her skinning career that she is a pretty tough customer. That being said, her willingness to model in the snow during the dead of winter (as she is doing in this photo) really reiterates her durability. The blonde Olympic standout looks phenomenal in her white bikini while modeling with this ski. While it must have been freezing when this photo was taken, at least the fur boots look really warm. Moreover, Vonn can likely take some solace in knowing that, while the conditions during the shoot were portably less than ideal, at least it produced an excellent photo.

Fun Fact: After initially meeting at a charity, Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods began dating back in 2012. The couple was together for a little over two years, before calling it quit in 2015.

12 Markle: Dressed For Fall

As one might gather from the caption below this post, Meghan Markle also does design work. Below the image, she states, “The essential fall uniform I designed for work or play.” The 36-year-old looks amazing while modeling this extremely versatile outfit. With over 97,000 likes, this image is among Markle’s most popular on Instagram. The future princesses’ sense of style in on full display in this impressive pic. Markle shows she knows how to look great and keep it classy in the process.

Fun Fact: While Markle is best known for being a television actress (or at least she was prior to her engagement), she has also appeared in several movies. Her film debut came in 2005 romantic comedy, A Lot like Love, where she played a passenger on a plane.

11 Vonn: Fierce Pose

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Vonn appears to be showing fans a bit of her bad girl side with this all black outfit. The 5-foot-10 blonde powerhouse looks to have been in phenomenal shape when this photo was taken. The alpine skinning beauty almost looks borderline intimidating in this in her revealing black one piece and heels as she strikes a fierce pose for the camera. Images such as the one shown here, help Vonn solidify her status as one of hottest Olympians on Earth.

Fun Fact: Vonn made her Winter Olympic debut back in 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah. That year she competed in both combined and slalom. The blonde American wouldn’t medal in either event, but would end up placing 6th in the combined that year in Salt Lake City.

10 Markle: Laid Back

Via TMZ.com

It seems like Meghan Markle is always laying down or setting on furniture when she’s modeling. In this photo, she smiles for the camera while posing on this modern, elevated couch-like structure. The 5-foot-7 brunette shows off her flawless figure in this outstanding photograph. The future princess looks ready to conquer the fashion world in this breathtaking, partially see-through black number. Markle is a celebrity who has shown us time and time again that she knows how to create an excellent photograph, while still keeping it classy.

Fun Fact: Prince Harry 5th in line to the British throne, behind his father Prince Charles, brother Prince Williams, and Williams two children. This means it’s pretty unlikely that Markle will ever rise to the rank of Queen.

9 Vonn: Winning Smile

Via: celebmafia.com

Vonn makes this outfit, which consists of blue bikini bottom, a yellow top, and a jean vest, more than work as she poses for the camera. The tall blonde’s undeniably marketable appearance would make it easy to confuse her with a model as opposed to a world-class athlete. Vonn shows off her fantastic physique and charming smile in a photograph that even her casual fans are sure to enjoy. The Olympic medalist shows why she has been able to attract so many high dollar sponsors (like Red Bull shown in the background) with her ability to produce images such as the one seen here.

Fun Fact: Red Bull isn’t the only notable company who has sponsored Vonn over the years. Rolex, Under Armour and Oakley, have also signed to the blonde skier to endorsement deals.

8 Markle: Feet On The Furniture

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Meghan Markle throws royal etiquette out the window in this particular photo as she decides to put her feet (or her heels in the case) on the furniture. That being said, the movie star’s hair and outfit look so good in this photo that it’s unlikely anyone is even looking at her feet. Markle’s level of comfort in front of the camera is evident, which is likely a result of the years she has spent acting at the highest level. The future noble has a lot of great photos out there, but this is easily among her best.

Fun Fact: In November of 2017 it was reported the Markle is the descendant of Sir Philip Wentworth, an English knight who was the great-grandfather of Jane Seymour, the 3rd wife of Henry VIII.

7 Vonn: At The ESPYS

via Elle.com

Vonn is widely considered one of the most beautiful Olympians the United States has ever produced. However, she may not get enough credit for her exceptional wardrobe choices. In this photo, Vonn shows off her impressive sense of style with this figure-flattering black number, while posing on the red carpet at The ESPYS. The ESPYS (an award show to honor athletes) provides a great opportunity for sports stars to dress up for a mass television audience, and as we can see in this instance, the alpine skier doesn’t disappoint.

Fun Fact: Vonn has had some freighting accidents over the course of her illustrious career. One such accident happened at the 2013 World Championships held in Austria. During the contest, she wiped out while competing in the super-G and was airlifted to a nearby hospital. Vonn suffered numerous injuries but went on to eventually make a full recovery.

6 Markle: Stretch It Out

Via besthealtmag.ca

Meghan Markle’s mom is a yoga instructor, which means poses like this one probably come very natural to the cable star. In this photo, we see Markle performing the yoga move known as reverse warrior. The 36-year-old shows us some impressive flexibility as she poses for the camera in order to make, yet another, memorable photo. It certainly wouldn’t be a stretch to say the Meghan Markle looks amazing in this photo. Perhaps she will teach to the queen to pull off poses like this one, once she officially becomes a member of the royal family.

Fun Fact: The wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is scheduled to take place on May 19, 2018. The ceremony will be held at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

5 Vonn: Ski Pose

Via gotceleb.com

Lindsey Vonn is hands down the most famous alpine skier in the world today. That being said, it’s fair to say, that despite her many athletic accomplishments, Vonn’s movie star good looks have gone a long way in helping her become a sports icon. The 5-foot-10 starlet has embraced the role of being alpine skinning's biggest sex symbol, and with photos like the one seen here, she shows she is more than up to the task. The blonde bombshell looks amazing, as always, posing in her ski pants and black sports bra for one of her most iconic photos.

Fun Fact: In the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vonn became the first American female to win a gold medal in the downhill. She also won bronze in the super g event.

4 Markle: Close Up

This interesting close-up helps to highlight a face that even royalty can’t resist. Markle is certainly a talented actress, but after seeing the collection of photos featured in this article, she likely could have had an excellent career as a full-time model, as well. In this Instagram post, the Suits star gives a shout out to the photographer responsible for this delightful photo; thanking him “for a wonderful shoot today.” Markle makes a case for being one of the most photogenic celebs in the world with this outstanding pic.

Fun Fact: Markle went to college at Northwestern University, located just outside of Chicago, Illinois. During her time there, she earned a degree in theatre, as well as international studies ,when she graduated back in 2003.

3 Vonn: Splits

It looks as though Lindsey Vonn may be trying out for another Olympic sport, Gymnastics, in this Instagram post. In the comments section below the photo, the stunning blonde playfully states, “I’m no @alyraisman (Olympic Gymnast Aly Raisman) or @simonebiles, but it’s not too bad for an old lady.” At just 33 years of age and it peak physical condition, it’s unlikely anyone would consider refereeing to Lindsey Vonn as an “old lady.” The skier shows of her impressive physique and equally impressive flexibility in this popular Instagram post.

Vonn was previously married to another Olympic skier, Thomas Vonn from 2007 to 2013. Vonn’s maiden name was actually Kildow. However, she first became a celebrity while using the last name Vonn, which is likely why decided to keep it following the divorce.

2 Markle: Behind The Scenes

Even before her she announced her engagement to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was already being featured in many popular publications. In this black and white photo, we see the TV star posing for Lifestyle magazine. The gorgeous brunette looks every bit the definition of elegance, in this breathtaking black and white photo. The 36-year-old knows how to keep her social media fans engaged as in evident by the over 53,000 likes this photo received on the popular social media outlet, Instagram.

Fun Fact: Meghan Markle has had small roles in several very popular television programs. Many fans may not be aware that the future princess has appeared in 90210 (the remake), Knight Rider (also the remake) and even the fantasy football based comedy known as The League.

1 Vonn: Vanity Fair

Vonn proves, once again, that she is among the most photogenic athletes in the world with this post, which features the skinning sensation posing for Vanity Fair. It doesn’t matter if she is wearing her ski gear or a fashionable dress like the one shown here, Lindsey Vonn always looks like a 10. Photos like this one, which received over 42,000 likes on Instagram, remind folks why she is a must a follow on social media. Pics such as this will defiantly have sports fans looking forward to seeing Vonn compete in the upcoming Winter Olympics in 2018.

Fun Fact: Meghan Markle isn’t the only women in this article who has appeared on a television show. Back in 2010, Lindsey Vonn guest starred on NBC’s Law & Order.

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