Gretzky Who? 15 Hockey Daughters We Choose Over Paulina

In order to play in the NFL, NHL, NBA, or MLB, a person needs to be tough, both physically and mentally, because that person will need to put a lot of strain on their body in order to become a successful professional athlete. It is because of all that strain that very few people are actually able to become pros, and even if they do make it, they need to be really special in order to be called a great player. When it comes to the National Hockey League, it is pretty easy to tell who the best players in the league are, but none of them even come close to being called the greatest of all time, a title that is currently held by Wayne Gretzky, a man who will likely never lose that title.

Gretzky led the Edmonton Oilers to four Stanley Cups, and when he played in Los Angeles, he helped to rejuvenate the sport in the United States. When he retired, he did so with the most goals and points in history, just two of the 60 records he still holds today. Off of the ice, Gretzky was just an ordinary person like the rest of us, which means that he settled down, got married, and had a family, which includes his daughter Paulina. When you see her, there is no doubt that Paulina will make your jaw drop, because she is the very definition of a blonde bombshell. In fact, she is so attractive that many have dubbed her the hottest hockey daughter in the world, but there are other hockey daughters out there who can certainly give her a run for her money.

Here are 15 hockey daughters we would choose over Paulina.


15 Carlin Domi

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The current NHL is made up of players who are both fast and skilled, which is why there are a lot less fights, and why we will likely never see another player like Tie Domi have a 16-year career again. Domi was an enforcer, a player lacking in skill who only had one job: protect the skilled players on his team. But in doing so, he still managed to score 104 goals and 245 points. Since his retirement, Tie has spent a lot of time watching his son Max play hockey, and although he is proud of what his son has accomplished so far in Arizona, he is also proud of the woman his daughter has become. Carlin is a beautiful 23-year-old who recently graduated from the University of Western Ontario, and she loves to travel and spend time on the beach.

14 Megan Hrudey


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Kelly Hrudey played in the NHL for 13 seasons, where he played for the Islanders, Los Angeles, and San Jose, and between all those teams, he accumulated a combined 271 wins. Since his retirement in 1998, Hrudey has worked as a hockey analyst, but more importantly, he has done a lot of advocacy work regarding mental health, due to one of his daughters' struggles with anxiety and OCD. That daughter was not Megan though, who is sensationally attractive, and who has helped bring awareness to mental health in any way she can. Like her sisters, Megan does not like to take part in outrageous parties, but that has not kept her from traveling every chance she gets, or from posting tons of pictures on her social media accounts.


13 Crosby Hull

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Brett Hull played in the NHL for 19 seasons, where he was able to amass a whopping 741 goals and 1,391 points, numbers that make him one of the best goal scorers in the history of the league. Other than being a first ballot Hall of Famer with two Stanley Cup wins under his belt, Hull was fortunate enough to have three daughters, including his oldest, who currently plays hockey herself. The youngest of the three is named Crosby, and she is definitely not a hockey player, because she prefers to spend her time at college, or on boats, or at beach parties. Of all the the daughters on this list, there is no doubt that Crosby is the only one who can rival the Great One's daughter in terms of being a boat-loving blonde bombshell.

12 Isabella Yzerman

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As one of the original six teams, the Detroit Red Wings have had many great players, most of whom can be found in the Hall of Fame, and in 2009, the team's long-time captain, Steve Yzerman found himself enshrined. Yzerman won three Stanley Cups during his career, and put up 692 goals and 1,755 points, numbers which arguably make him one of the best players in history, and so far, he has proven to be a pretty good General Manager. Most of Yzerman's time is now spent running the Tampa Bay Lightning, but he still finds a way to spend time with his three daughters, including Isabella, who was once a collegiate lacrosse player, and who is currently in California working on her masters degree in applied psychology.


11 Caley Chelios

In 2010, Chris Chelios decided that it was finally time to retire, and seeing as he was 48-years-old at the time, he will go down as one of the longest tenured players in NHL history. In a career that spanned more than two decades, Chelios became a three-time Stanley Cup champion, and a three-time Norris Trophy winner, who had 185 goals and 948 points in 1,651 games, and over all that time, he and his wife had four children. One of those kids is his daughter Caley, who has loved the game of hockey ever since she was a little girl, and managed to turn that love into a career, as she currently works as a reporter for the Tampa Bay Lightning on Fox Sports Sun.

10 Natasha Bure

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Although everyone will remember his brother, Pavel "The Russian Rocket" Bure better, Valeri Bure had a respectable NHL career. He would marry Full House star Candace Cameron, and in 1998, their daughter Natasha Bure was born. Natasha has had a very busy life, as she started acting in commercials from a very young age, and at one point, she tried to become a pro tennis player. As of right now, Natasha is trying to build up an acting and modelling career, while also designing jewelry, and running her own YouTube channel.


9 Claudia Lemieux

There have only been 11 players in NHL history who managed to win the Stanley Cup with three or more different teams, and Quebec native Claude Lemieux is one of them, as he won a championship with Montreal and Colorado, and two with New Jersey. Lemieux may have played in more than 1,200 games, where he scored 379 goals and 786 points, but he was known throughout his career for being a rather dirty player who would not stand up for his teammates when the time arose. In 1997, Lemieux and his second wife welcomed their daughter Claudia, who is absolutely stunning, and although she majored in psychology while in college, she currently works as a model in Los Angeles, where she has participated in some great photo shoots.

8 Alyonka Larionov

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In 2008, Igor Larionov was inducted into the Hall of Fame, and rightfully so, because not only was he a hugely successful international player, he was also an accomplished NHL player, who truly made a name for himself in the league with the Red Wings. Larionov is considered to be one of the best Russian players ever, and aside from winning three cups, he is the proud father of two very attractive daughters. Like her younger sister, Alyonka is a ravishing blond, and for a time, she worked for the NHL Network where she mainly interviewed up-and-coming prospects. Alyonka currently lives in New York, where she is still working towards a broadcasting career, but prior to getting into broadcasting, she tried to become a singer, which is why she auditioned for American Idol in 2008.


7 Dominika Hasek

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In hockey, the goalie is without a doubt the most important player on the ice, because they are ultimately their team's last line of defense, and games will often be decided based on the performance of the person in net. Dominik Hasek played in the NHL for 16 seasons, and he is considered by many to be one of the best goalies in the history of the sport, a statement that is backed up by his two championship wins, six Vezina Trophies, and back-to-back MVP awards. Back in the Czech Republic, Hasek is considered to be a legend, and if her music career takes off, his daughter Dominika could become just as popular. This stunning brunette began her music career on the talent show Czech’s Have Talent, where she was commended for having a good voice. In the very near future, she and her band DOMI will be releasing their first music video.

6 Brandi Roenick

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Canada may provide the NHL with most of its best players, but there have been many who were born in the U.S., including Jeremy Roenick, who had a very good career, despite never winning a Stanley Cup. Roenick ended his career with more than 500 goals and 1,200 points, but he is still very much involved with the game as an analyst on NBC, a job that allows him to spend much more time with his daughter. Brandi is a gorgeous blond who absolutely loves animals, especially horses, as evidenced by the fact that she had an impressive career in equestrian riding, a career which saw her win several Gold Medals in international competition. She did not spend all of her time riding horses, though, as she also went to college to obtain a psychology degree.


5 Reide Housley

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In his prime, Phil Housley was a spectacular defenseman, who managed to score 338 goals and 1,232 points in 22 seasons, numbers worthy of his 2015 Hall of Fame induction. It is because of how good of a player he was, that he was able to transition behind the bench, first as the assistant coach of the Nashville Predators, and now as the head coach of the Buffalo Sabres, the team he actually started his playing career with. Housley has been married to his wife for over 30 years, and in that time, they had a lovely daughter named Reide, who absolutely loves hockey. Reide works as a real estate agent, but she is also a part-time yoga instructor who likes to help keep military kids active and healthy.

4 Janelle Foligno

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Mike Foligno was a winger who spent a combined 15 seasons in the NHL, where he played for Detroit, Florida, Toronto, and Buffalo, and he was a pretty decent player, what with 355 goals and 727 points. Mike never had a daughter, but he does have a daughter-in-law thanks to his son Nick, the current captain of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Janelle is a beautiful young lady who managed to overcome an eating disorder as a teenager, and she now shares her experience with Ottawa middle school students to help raise awareness. She happens to be an incredibly generous individual, just like the rest of the Foligno family, as she is also an avid supporter of children's hospitals, cancer foundations, and numerous other foundations that deal with a variety of diseases.


3 Allison Micheletti

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Joe Micheletti currently works as a hockey analyst and reporter, but earlier in his life, he did play in the NHL for the St. Louis Blues and Colorado Rockies, a career that only managed to last for 158 games. With that being said, you do not need to have a lengthy career in order to produce an attractive daughter, and Joe is a perfect example of this as his daughter Allison is very attractive. Much like her dad, Allison wanted to be a professional athlete, and was a talented soccer and basketball player, but a serious injury forced her to go a different route. In 2011, Allison became a pro golfer, and is still on a full tour schedule, but when she has time off, she spends it at home with her Hall of Fame husband, Mike Modano.

2 Cassandra Vilgrain

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Claude Vilgrain was born in Haiti, an island nation which is known for not having any ice, but when he and his family moved to Quebec, he fell in love with the game of hockey pretty quickly. Claude managed to make it to the NHL, where he played for Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Vancouver, but he was not that good, which is why he played in just 89 career games. In 1996, his daughter Cassandra was born, and she has grown up to be a gorgeous young woman who fell in love with hockey just like her dad, who became her coach and mentor. Cassandra currently attends the University of British Colombia, where she is honing her skills, hopefully to the point that she can represent Canada on the Olympic stage.


1 Julia Scorupco

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Mariusz Czerkawski is a very difficult name to pronounce, and most hockey fans have probably never heard of him, but he is important as far as the NHL is concerned, because he was the first Polish-born and trained player to make it into the league. Although he played in almost 750 games, Czerkawski was at best an average player, but that did not stop him from marrying Izabella Scorupco, a Polish actress, singer, and model who starred as the Bond Girl in GoldenEye. The couple were married for just two years, but their marriage did produce one good thing: their daughter Julia, who rightfully finds herself in the number 1 spot on this list. Julia is a breathtaking 20-year-old who is currently attending Berkeley University, and it is fair to say that if she really wanted, she could follow in her mother's footsteps.


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