20 Pictures Of Hayden Panettiere Wladimir Klitschko Wants Under Wraps

Hayden Panettiere is one of the prettiest actresses who has graced the glitzy world of Hollywood over the past few years. She broke on to the scene as a child star but her transformation into a blonde bombshell was a stunning one, as she became one of the of the teen idols in the world. Many men throughout the world swooned over her and had dreams of dating the pretty actress.

But in the end, it was one of the sporting world's most controversial figures who won over her heart. Panettiere has been involved with boxing legend and a downright fearsome personality, Wladimir Klitschko since 2009. The pair met during a book launch event and soon began dating each other. The love would then foster and their's would soon become a serious relationship.

Though they had their ups and downs and even split up for a brief time due to the stressful nature of their careers, they would again get back together and would even have a child together. The pair is now happily engaged and with Klitschko retiring from boxing after a legendary career. the pair could now look forward to a few quiet years in their relationship and get more time to spend with each other.

But with the nature of Panettiere's career, there are bound to be some controversial moments in her life and pictures of her which she would want to remove from her memory. Here are a few pictures of Hayden Panettiere, which would make the boxing legend make him tear his hair out.

20 Getting cozy on the red carpet with her ex-boyfriend

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Hayden Panettiere was one of the biggest rising young stars in Hollywood around 2011. She was in great demand and great things were predicted about her in the future. This obviously made her a big catch in the industry for any handsome man.

And that man turned out to be Scotty McKnight. McKnight himself was a big celebrity having played in the NFL with one of the big franchises, the New York Jets. The pair started to date each other in June 2011.

The pair were going strong for over a year and were spotted often by the paparazzi getting intimate with each other. They also attended various red carpet events together and it seemed that Hollywood had a sure shot winning story. A beautiful actress and a successful sporting star, what could go wrong?

Unfortunately, they split up in 2012 but reports claimed that they remained good friends even after the split. It was also claimed by some sources that they would get back together down the road, but it never happened.

Both have now moved on with their respective lives, but we believe big Wladimir won't be happy to come across their pictures together on the internet.

19 The Tom Ford Red Carpet controversy

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Poor Hayden found herself in the middle of a big controversy despite wearing a beautiful dress at the Golden Globes awards in 2014. The only fault of the poor actress was that how she came around to procure that dress from the red carpet.

In Hollywood, there is a tradition that actors and actresses generally choose a designer for the red carpet event who either specifically design and gift the dress to the celebs or borrow it to them. But Hayden being bold and all, decided to go against the tradition by rocking a Tom Ford number on the red carpet. The only problem, Tom Ford wasn't her designer.

Tom Ford has a strict rule that he only designs a dress for one celebrity at a particular red carpet event and his celebrity for the evening was another stunning beauty, Naomi Watts.

Poor Hayden had decided to buy the gown for the red-carpet event at the Golden Globes from a shop, which is considered to be against the fashion norms.

She had to cop a lot of flak for this bold decision but in the end, received support from none other than Tom Ford himself who in a note to her, said that she looked beautiful in the outfit.

However, this is a scenario which neither Hayden nor his other half would want to reminisce on in the future.

18 Nashville promo shoot

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Hayden has been starring in the hit musical-drama series Nashville since 2012. She has won a lot of laurels and critical acclaim for her portrayal of the fictional character Juliette Barnes. In the show, she has proven that she is just not just a pretty face but also has some serious acting chops.

But one can simply not deny her natural beauty and that she looks absolutely stunning in whatever outfit she wears. It can be argued though that Hayden has not looked any more glamorous than in her promo shoot for Nashville in 2013. Rocking a shiny outfit, Hayden shot a variety of photos on the couch, turning up the sultry factor up to 11!

Hayden did not even have to wear a revealing outfit which most actresses do for a hot photoshoot as her natural beauty shone through in spades. This particular photo has become a particular favorite for many of Hayden's fans and they also have it up as posters on their walls.

While a great photo nonetheless, the big man certainly won't be happy when he learns that it has been kept as a souvenir as many of her fans. But you can't blame them, can you?

17 A photoshoot for a good cause!

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Hayden Panettiere is also quite aware of the social causes and the responsibilities which come on one's shoulders by the virtue of being a big celebrity. The blonde bombshell has participated in various charitable causes and remains a whole-heartedly committed activist.

But she took activism to a scorching new level when she graced the cover of a book for a special cause. In the photo below, one of the steamiest done by Hayden, she joined a list of many other top actresses to spread awareness for cancer.

The book was released by Darren Tieste to spread awareness of the dreadful disease and Hayden Panetierre undoubtedly stole the show in between the pages. She was one of the centerpiece attractions of the book.

It was in the end for a good cause as the purpose of the book was to raise money for a non-profit organization. As the description of the book reads, "280,000 people worldwide are diagnosed with brain tumors every year. After losing one of his best friends, Tieste joined forces with Sarah Uphoff, who invited her celebrity friends to be photographed for this book. All monies raised from the book sales will be divided by two-profit charities."

But we still can't get over the fact that how ridiculously hot Hayden appears in this shoot!

16 Going retro

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In the image above, Hayden does her best retro impression of being a damsel in distress. She gives off some serious Marilyn Monroe vibes in this shoot and this makes us giddy! This particular photoshoot was conducted for Nylon Magazine and Hayden's enviable figure is on full display around here.

The back leather short and skimpy outfit further enhances her hotness factor without appearing crude or cheap in any manner. Hayden has repeatedly without appearing vulgar has put on her steaminess on full display in various photo shoots. This photo is the absolute perfect example of that.

This one photo for all the above reason is another one of the favorites among her fans. The sheer hotness of it could make anyone sweat even in the coolest of temperatures and this will definitely not make the Ukrainian a happy man!

15 Upping the glam quotient

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Hayden here stuns in a glamorous photo shoot for a magazine aptly titled 'Glamour magazine'. In the magazine itself, Hayden opened up on a variety of issues which she had not spoken about in the past. She spoke on acting in Nashville giving her a chance of establishing a career in music, what her tattoos meant to her as well as starting up in the acting business at a very young age when she was just a little child.

On Nashville giving her a second chance to sing, she said, "I don't look at it as a second chance; I look at it as where I'm supposed to be. Even if I'm not perfect at it, even if my voice takes work, this is where my heart is. People used to ask me, What kind of music do you like?' I'd say, Country.' Then they'd go, But you're from New York.' I thought people would think I was trying to be something I'm not. But the industry of country music is unbelievably accepting. The fans are unreal. There's no judgment; it's just, Let's all get together in a massive backyard and have a barbecue and drink and have fun."

She also revealed how it was to grow up in the show business. "I came up in the Messy Generation. The generation of the disaster child."

Finally, she also spoke on what her tattoos meant, "It's Italian Vivere senza rimpianti. When I was younger, I was upset, and my dad said he wanted to show me something. He slammed one door of the bathroom, and the closet door popped open—it was a trick with the air. He said, Whenever one door closes, another one always opens.' So my tattoo means Live without regrets.'"

14 Hesitant to be a role model for young girls

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With the success which Hayden has achieved at such a young age, it is all but natural that young girls would look up to her. She started tasting success when she was just a little child with roles in television, advertisements and films never being an issue for her. This success also meant that she had a host of brands to endorse and many big magazine covers to grace. She has featured for some bigwigs like Esquire as well as for Yahoo Lifestyle, as seen in the picture above.

Yet she does not seem to be comfortable with people calling her a role model for young girls. In an interview, she once said, "I never put my name in the ballot box and said, Hey, I want you to vote me as your teen leader and icon and your Miss Perfect.' I will never say that I'm perfect; I will never pretend to be perfect. That's just unrealistic. You're kind of unexpectedly put in this position of becoming a role model; that's not something you choose."

Whether she likes it or not, people are always going to admire her success and beauty and that is something which a celebrity simply has to deal with for the rest of their lives, after stardom has kissed their feet.

13 Wild Child

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In another photo shoot for Nylon Magazine, Hayden simply turns up the seduction factor up to a 11! She rocks the leather outfit, giving out some wild vibes. This we believe, is simply one of Hayden's best shots as she sheds her girl-next-door image and gives out the impression of being a wild seductress!

And according to Hayden, she would have turned out to be a wild child if not for the fear of her parents. She revealed that she had the same rebel tendencies as any other teenage girl but her parents kept her in check!

"It's not that I didn't go to clubs, have my picture taken. I was 16 years old. I was experimenting just like any kid. But I had friends and family around me to yank me back when I was heading in the wrong direction. Every turn that I made, somebody was waiting for me to fall on my face and catch it on film. The thing that really saved me was that I still had that healthy fear of my parents—I still had a midnight curfew at 18!" she once said!

Well, Wladimir certainly won't want people to find out about Hayden's wild sides!

12 Amping up 

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For Hayden, acting is her job but music will always remain her passion. The role in Nashville only allowed her to rediscover her love for singing after she had all but given up on it in her teenage years. She had even recorded a pop album at the age of 16 but chucked the project altogether after being dissatisfied with it. But with Nashville, she now believes that she could be a country singer one day.

She says in an interview, "I wasn’t happy with it. It wasn’t me. I was young and constantly trying to emulate someone else. But I would love to make a country album of my own now."

Country artists have also had a big influence on her as she states, "Grew up listening to everything from rap to pop to country—I love it all. But country music influences from my youth are Willie Nelson, Allison Kraus and Union Station and Faith Hill. Now I am really expanding my country listening. I am a big fan of Pistol Annies’, Rascal Flatts, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert. And one artist that blows me away is Kacey Musgaves—a great singer and such a fantastic songwriter too."

Seeing her rock that guitar in a promo shoot for Nashville has certainly left our pulses racing.

11 Elegant and classy

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Hayden is now a mom to a beautiful baby girl with Wladimir named Kaya and she brings all her maturity, elegance and grace to this photoshoot by Sonya Jasinski. The pictures are shot in various dark locations bringing out a gritty style in Hayden which we didn't know existed.

The photoshoot also sent out a message with its dark nature as Hayden believes that she is often misunderstood by people who are very quick to judge her.

She said in an interview, "People are so quick to judge from what they read or see on the internet. It is tough to deal with personal issues in the public eye."

In this regards, playing a famous character on Nashville certainly helped her and she adds, "That is why I like how the series shows the struggle between good and bad in Juliette Barnes, to show people that there are two sides and how tough it is to deal with being famous and being a person."

We certainly are very happy that Hayden decides to send out a message through her shoots and this one has certainly got out attention!

10 Casual Cutie

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Hayden certainly doesn't lose any of her hotness even when she decides to dress up in the most casual manner. Here, she can be seen arriving in New York without putting on any fancy clothes for the cameras, yet managing to steal our hearts and capturing the imagination of the people.

In fact, she claims that she loves to be casual most of the times but also doesn't mind dressing up when red carpet events like movie premieres and award ceremonies come rolling around.

She says, "That’s another thing that I love about Nashville, I am in heaven in a tank and cut off jeans and it totally works almost everywhere here. No matter where you go it’s casual and people don’t judge you on your clothes. That is also why it is so fun to dress up for big events like awards. Most of the time everyone that you see in the music business is in jeans, so on a big night when everyone gets glammed up—it makes for a true ‘event'."

Well, casual or glammed-up, Hayden is always a sight to behold.

9 Rocking the mean girl look

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Hayden became everyone's sweetheart when she got her big breakthrough in the hit series Heroes. She became everyone's favorite part of the show and it is easy to see why. Starring in the show was a big move for her career and established as her star to watch out for.

But in this photo, Hayden shows off that she also has a nasty streak to her. She rocks off the perfect mean girl chic look which would put anyone on notice. This further shows that Hayden is a beauty for eternity and her looks are versatile. This perhaps helped her land the role of Juliette Barnes in Nashville, which is basically the series' negative character.

And with her beauty and acting skills, she has pulled off the role perfectly and has been lauded by the fans for her performances. Such brilliant have been her performances that one reviewer noted, "Every single week, Hayden Panettiere is the greatest thing about this show."

Beauty with immense talent, what more would one want?

8 Not afraid to speak out about her personal struggles

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Hayden Panetierre like any other human being has had her struggles and she is not afraid to speak about it. She often uses photo shoots for magazine covers to speak out on issues which other celebrities would be petrified to speak out on.

She has spoken out on how becoming a mother left her depressed for a long time. In an interview, she said, "It takes you a while. You feel off. You don't feel like yourself. But, you know, women are so resilient, and that's the incredible thing about them. I think I'm all the stronger for it. I think I'm a better mom because of it. Because you never take that connection for granted."

She had also sought treatment for postpartum depression in 2015 and was still struggling with it a year after becoming a mother.

In this particular shoot, Hayden stuns in a perfect summer outfit for People Magazine where she again used the forum to speak out on issues.

7 Angel at the Golden Globes

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Hayden looked simply stunning as she took the red carpet of the Golden Globes in a bridal-themed gown. She looked like a bride which any man would dream of when he walks down the aisle. One and all who were present at the event were stunned when Hayden turned up on the red carpet in an outfit which was simply meant to stun.

Speaking of brides, Hayden believes that her partner Wladimir is the one for her and she realized this only after they broke up. She said in an interview with Bride's magazine, "It means a lot when you experience life with someone, then you experience life without him and decide that you don’t want to live without him. You date, you try to be with different people, you make mistakes, and you get to know yourself in the process. And in the end, you want to be with someone who makes you the best version of yourself."

Well, the pair is certainly made for each other, aren't they?

6 Raising the temperature

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Well, what does one need to say about this picture? This one will certainly melt your hearts out and will leave you stunned. Hayden in her younger days starred in one of her hottest photoshoots for FHM magazine and each and every photo of the album was worth the price!

This one photo, in particular, does stand out though as Hayden turns up the heat with a mere lollipop! How many actresses are capable of doing that? We don't believe there are many and Wladimir is certainly a lucky man for that!

This cover for FHM magazine was immediately out after Hayden turned 18 and at that time it created quite a stir and some controversy. Many accused Hayden of trying to look too sexy and trying to be a sex-symbol as soon as she turned into an adult. But we believe, despite trying, Hayden will always naturally remain hot. So those accusations were way off the mark!

Not sure Wladimir will feel in the same manner as us about this infamous photoshoot!

5 Turning on the charm

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When you are that hot, it is pretty easy to turn on the charm, isn't it? Hayden has never had to flaunt things blatantly to woo the people. Her beauty has made up for it in an ample manner.

It is quite impossible to stare at a photograph of Hayden and not go, "Wow, what a stunning woman!" This has led to Hayden landing some big role in movies and television but she has proven over time that it's not only her looks but also her acting abilities which has kept her relevant despite her being a veteran of the industry at such a young age.

She is a fiercely independent woman who is not known as the partner of a famous sports personality and has carved out her very own career path with hard work and determination. Her beauty has only played a small role in her success. With her being relatively young and growing as an actor with each and every single performance, the sky is the limit for Hayden!

4 The break-up rumors

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Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir are no strangers to break-up. They have broken up before only to be stronger than ever to become engaged and have a beautiful daughter together. But with both being big celebrities, there has been a constant media scrutiny on their personal lives.

A big media furor was created when Hayden was spotted out without her engagement ring while out on a stroll. Many media houses falsely speculated that there was trouble in paradise for the pair and the relationship was on a rocky road.

But Hayden came out strongly refuting these rumors in a tweet, writing, "Missing rings don't mean the end of relationships. Blessed to be with my beautiful family."

This strong tweet was supported by a picture of her with Wladimir and their daughter in what was a heart-warming moment.

Wladimir we believe will certainly be not happy with anyone spreading such fake news and would knock them out for sure!

3 Has spoken out on dating older men

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Hayden is no stranger to dating older men. Wladimir is 13 years older than her and she has also previously dated her Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia who was 12-years older than her.

She though claims that she likes to be involved in a relationship with older men as they bring her up to their level. In an interview, she said, "It was never a case of me making a decision, saying, 'I want to date older men'. But I am drawn to people who make me up my game, who bring me up to their level. I want to be with somebody who is more worldly than me, somebody who can give me guidance and is completely secure and comfortable with who they are. People think it seems very strange from the outside, then they see the inner workings of it, and they understand it. But I didn't become an actor to put it out there for the world to judge. The fact is, I'm happy, and that's all that matters."

Well, Wladimir certainly won't be comfortable with seeing the pictures of Hayden with her older exes!

2 A movie role almost ruined her career

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Just as her career was set to take off, a controversial movie role almost ended young Hayden's career. She starred in the contentious role of Amanda Knox in the television film Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy which brought her a lot of criticism for taking up that role. What compounded things further was that she was perceived as defending Amanda Knox, who was accused of murder in her press conference.

But Hayden still doesn't regret taking up the role but does feel remorse for the family of Amanda's alleged victims. She said in an interview, "Yes, I would. ‘But I can completely understand the feelings of the Kercher family… I apologize deeply for any pain that was inflicted. But I didn’t do anything out of disrespect."

But it has fallen on deaf ears of John Kercher, the father of Meredith Kercher, a victim of Knox. He said bashing the film in an interview, "To actually see [Meredith’s murder] like this is very distressing. The scenes are absolutely horrific. It’s awful what these film people have done."

1 One of her exes hasn't been complimentary towards her

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As we have noted above, Hayden has been in a host of high-profile relationships before settling in with the former World Heavyweight Champion. However, not all of those relationships have seemingly ended on a good note. Especially the one with her Heroes co-star, Milo Ventimiglia.

The star actor, when quipped on what he had learned from his relationship with Hayden, wasn't very flattering in his reply and took a sly dig at the beauty. He said that if he had the opportunity to go back in time, he would not Hayden again.

"Never do it again. There are things that happen to you in your life that shape who you are. Everything I've been through from jobs to friendships to partnerships, everything has built me to who I am. You learn from it. You learn a better way of doing things. It wasn't until my mid to late twenties that the job wears on you, relationships wear on you. But I wouldn't change a thing. When you get knocked over the head in life, it builds your perspective."

We don't think these comments will endear Milo to the boxing legend!

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