15 Hilarious Photos Of Men Caught Staring At Female Athletes

Every man is guilty of it: staring in the wrong places. It's that quick peak you take at a female, checking out the goods, admiring her assets. Most of the time it's a harmless glance over the shoulder, or for the expert gawker, you just let the lady walk into your line of sight, hoping your significant other doesn't catch you. But, there is a difference between a meaningless glance, and a prolonged leer. Didn't your mother ever teach you it wasn't polite to stare?

In the female sports world though, while we commend these women for their athletic abilities, men can't always keep their "eyes up here." These unsuspecting fans got caught in the act of eyeballing these beautiful women by the all-seeing cameras. Without getting too much into what kind of culture this creates, the bottom line is, these pictures are beyond ridiculous. Didn't these guys ever watch Seinfeld? In the show's wisdom, they taught people everywhere that you don't stare. Like looking at the sun, you get a quick glance and you look away!

Try not to look (actually, we really want you to look) at 15 ridiculous photos of people caught staring a little too much at female athletes.


15 Ball Boy Can't Help Himself

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Tennis pro, Bethanie Mattek, got more than she was hoping for during the 2007 U.S open.  Competing in a doubles match with her teammate Sania Mirza, this curious young boy caught an up close glimpse of the Olympic gold medalist, giving a whole new meaning to "keep your eye on the ball."

Unfortunately for him, Mattek and the cameraman both caught the ball boy in the act, securing his spot in internet stardom.

Honestly, what would you have done in the situation?  While we don't necessarily condone ogling, a famous tennis player is standing next to this kid, and you expect him to not take a peak? You've got a lot to learn, young one. After a decade, I'm sure he still hasn't lived the situation down!

14 Dig Your Jaw Off The Floor

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Women's volleyball can be an exciting sport to watch. It's got fast-paced action, teamwork, and the occasional spike to the opposing player's face! But in this collegiate game, it looks like the one of the coaches (or stat guys) was watching something else on the floor. He got caught ogling a Michigan State player. This was not just your average quick glance. The guy looks like he needs someone to help pick his jaw up off the floor!

I think every male reader can relate to the ogler in this pic, yet, that look is normally performed in your head, not as an outward expression for the entire arena to see. While these women have skin-tight spandex barely covering their long legs, you've got to keep your composure, or else you'll end up in a list here, and probably on a lot of memes.

13 Not A Good Poker Face

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I'm out! I think she's got a pair of queens under there. Way to maintain your poker face, man. Maybe the dude is just reading the table, trying to get a feel for everyone's hands, but it sure looks like he got caught staring. Maybe that's why all those poker players wear sunglasses? Not to hide their expressions from their opponents, but to scan around the room eyeing the female gamblers.

For those of you that are curious, the lady at the table is American-Canadian actress, and professional poker player, Jennifer Tilly. What a great strategy on her part! Distracting her male opponents at the table with something far more powerful than bluffing could do. That's probably why Tilly has won over $1 million in her poker career!

12 LeBron: King Leer


In the Olympics, it's not uncommon for competitors to cheer on their fell countrymen (and women) in sports outside of their discipline. It's the one time where many athletes put their country ahead of themselves, and the dream of bringing home a medal comes a lot easier with the support from your peers.

Back in the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing, Team USA's basketball squad would frequent other events, encouraging their fellow Olympians. But, with such a high profile, the camera was always looking into the stands.

Unfortunately for LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, the cameraman caught them sneaking a peak at a fellow Olympian who was preparing for her event. 

These NBAers took spectating to a whole new level!  While the picture made it's rounds on the internet, Team USA's gold medal in basketball that year overshadowed everything.

11 Up Close And Personal

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At this cross-country event in Sochi, the cameraman got a little more than he bargained for. While this female skier is just trying to represent her country, "Mr. Peeping Tom" with a Nikon has got a point blank shot of her backside, While normally, we'll give the cameraman the benefit of the doubt, seeing his job is to film everything, this picture is just too ridiculous to write-off.

Cameramen have always had a history at ogling female athletes, since the more risque coverage gets more views. That's how it works. Don't fear though, The Guardian put out an article about ogling these female athletes, which pretty much gave male viewers the green light to go ahead and stare. So when you are watching your country compete in Pyeongchang, don't feel ashamed to take a peek at the competitors.

10 If Everyone Looks, No One Will Notice


Everyone, look natural. It looks like the grounds crew at Wimbledon got an close-up look at Russian tennis star, Maria Sharapova. The guy all the way on the right clearly is trying to look away, but the man second from the right is straight up staring at the five-time Grand Slam Singles Champion.

Whether it's an untimely picture of the crew's physical exertion from pulling the tarp, or the grounds crew simultaneously catching a glimpse, the picture will go down in internet history.

Sharapova herself has been caught ogling her opponents before, checking out now-retired tennis star, Daniela Hantuchova. Maybe she was just sizing-up her competition, but it sure looks the "Siberian Siren" was eyeballing her competitor. See, not all these athletes are innocent!

9 Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

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It's not every day that you get to see the one of the Williams sisters up close. What looks like an opposing coach, was caught eyeballing superstar, Venus Williams in this photo.  His player was probably getting crushed in straight sets by the four-time Olympic gold medalist, and was gawking at her out of envy. He may even been daydreaming about what it would be like to coach such a successful player, pondering the money and fame that would come with the title. But, we can only take what we see at face value, and that's this guy's face is staring directly at Williams' backside.

This isn't the first time (and won't be the last) a tennis player was eyeballed. With their low-cut tops and short skirts, these excited old men are perpetually staring at the ferocious women of the tennis world.


8 FBI: Female Body Inspector

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UFC weigh-ins can go a few different ways. You can have a normal, even lighthearted exchange between the players, or possibly a pre-fight quarrel between the competitors, making for a great TV ratings. But, in a few instances, something else catches the internet's attention. Back during the UFC 196 weigh-in, security guard, Russell Mettke, tried his hardest not to look at Miesha Tate, but lost the battle with curiosity, and snuck a subtle peak at the fighter's backside.

The video instantly went viral, since every viewer has been fought with the "to look or not to look" predicament.

Fortunately, Tate took the ogling guard's actions with some fun, even showing up to his work to get "payback." If only every athlete was this forgiving!

7 Cameron Wake's Pregame Warmups


Unlike other major sports, the All-Star game of the NFL is held at the end of the year, turning the Pro Bowl into a party, rather than a competitive contest. Cue Miami defensive end, Cameron Wake, taking in the sites in Honolulu back at the 2014 Pro Bowl.  The former First Team All-Pro was admiring this Dolphin's cheerleader during the festivities leading up to the meaningless match.

Obviously, this was all in good fun, as the five-time Pro Bowler grabbed his own set of pom-poms, and started shaking it with the squad. Way to show appreciation for your supporters! If these players didn't joke around at the Pro Bowl, it would make it even harder to watch. Don't believe us? Try watching it yourself. Wait, don't.

6 Jerry Lawler Forgets To Call The Action

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Jerry 'The King' Lawler is no stranger to eyeballing women in the ring. In fact, back in the day he regularly would shamelessly comment on the women's appearances and beg for "puppies". Unfortunately, his thirst for the ladies has led him to marry (and divorce) three separate times. So it's no surprise that he was caught ogling beautiful wrestler, Paige, during an episode of Monday Night Raw back in 2014.

Paige, being the professional that she is, took Lawler's leer as a lighthearted glance.

When the whole ordeal went viral, Paige even got her revenge, posing for a picture where she ogled Jerry in the locker room. Oh, how the tables have turned! We are glad the situation never escalated to anything, but we don't expect Lawler to keep his eyes to himself anytime soon.

5 Ball Boy Tries To Be Subtle

dailystar.co.uk via BBC

Back in 2015, after Serena Williams grabbed her 22nd Major Title, this curious ball boy was caught sneaking a peak at an all-time great. Dressed in his navy blue polo, the Wimbledon helper was doing more than just darting across the court to grab a loose tennis ball. While "Momma Smash" was inking her signature for a group of adoring fans, she bent over, and the kid couldn't help himself. While he tried with every ounce of his energy to keep his eyes forward, Williams' backside's gravitational force was too much for him.

Understandably, the internet had a field day with the ball boy's gaze, but you can't blame him. If any of us were in his situation, you would definitely get a look at one of the most famous backsides in the world!

4 Bend It Like Beckham

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English legend, David Beckham, is no stranger to staring.  While the rest of the world is focused on gazing at his wife, Victoria aka Posh Spice, "DB7" enjoys staring at dancers during NBA games.

It's one thing to get caught staring at a cheerleader one time, but Beckham is a staple in these, and has been photographed several times dropping his jaw at these dancers.

Let's be fair though, Beckham isn't the only guy eyeballing these ladies, and photographers have had a field day, especially at Lakers games, photographing celebrities admiring the talent. Actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher, Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, among others, have been caught deviously leering at these beautiful Laker Girls.  Even 'The Biebs' got in on the action!

3 San Diego Security Does More Than Observe And Report

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Cheerleaders shake their pom poms on the sidelines to urge on both the team and the crowd, making them a prime target for prolonged stares. But, back in the 2016 NFL season, the Charger Girls were more than just eye candy for one San Diego security guard (be wary since the video is a little graphic). From a video originally posted to Facebook, instead of maintaining the peace in the stadium, this guy was playing "pocket pool" while eyeballing the cheer squad.

While a little stare can be lighthearted, this guy's actions are completely and utterly sickening. Luckily, the security company, Elite Services, fired their employee immediately.  The suspect pleaded guilty in May of 2017 to performing a lewd act in public. While he only received three years probation and counseling, it's good that creeps like this are off the sidelines.

2 Joe Rogan Is Trying Hard Not To Look

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We feel bad for Joe! When the UFC lines you up directly behind these fit fighters, what are you supposed to do? Rogan has been no stranger to staring at these ladies, as he was caught at the UFC 168 weigh-in eyeballing Ronda Rousey. At the UFC 199 weigh-in, the comedian and MMA analyst got caught again checking out fighter Jessica Penne. He even got caught staring at the former Bantamweight Champion, Miesha Tate.

Being the professional that he is, Rogan learned his lesson and just looked away during Tate's weigh-in during UFC 200.

He even responded to a fan on Twitter saying, "I'm thinking "Do NOT get caught on camera staring at her butt... AGAIN." Tate even chimed in on the situation, saying that he "exudes self-control." Well Joe, you're are a better man than most, because those women are stunning.

1 Bush's Eye View

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Back in the summer of 2008, while President George W. Bush was nearing the end of his eight-year term, he decided to hop overseas to cheer on Team USA in the Summer Olympics in Beijing. His goal was to meet with the players, getting to know them a little bit better. As you can see from the picture, "W" got to know beach volleyball gold medalist, Kerri Walsh Jennings, a little too much.  With a grin from ear to ear, Bush was having the time of his life visually soaking in these beautiful ladies.

In a separate video, Bush spoke with Walsh Jennings and her teammate, Misty May-Treanor, joking around in the sand. May-Treanor asked the President to join in on the age old volleyball tradition of giving each other "good games," or in regular terms, slapping each other's behinds. Like a Southern gentleman, Bush lightly tapped her back, keeping things PG.


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