20 Hilarious Ronda Rousey Memes

Life has been pretty good for former MMA fighter Ronda Rousey. She had a period of dominance during her time in the MMA. She went 12-2 overall in her big fights and won three of them by knockout. The other nine were by submission, but her two losses came in the form of a knockout, including a significant one to the end of her career against Holly Holm. She has appeared in movies such as "Entourage" and made several television appearances as well as appearances as red carpet events. She is now living the married life as well, tying the knot with her fighter husband Travis Browne. Ronda Rousey surprised the world with her announcement of joining the WWE. It is a good move considering Rousey is very good looking and has fighting experience under her belt. However, just because she has already done so much with her life, doesn't mean that she still cannot be the target of some good memes.

Ronda Rousey had has some fights where she has gotten some good shots to the face, stomach, etc. These will obviously be plastered all over the internet and made into an entertaining meme. This list not only is going to take a look at some of the funnier memes from her mixed MMA days, it also is going to potentially foreshadow the future of her WWE career. From the good to the bad to the ugly, there is always something to find meme wise with Rousey. With that being said, let's take this list down.


20 MMA Career Over

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The first meme to take a look at and also have a laugh at reflecting on Ronda Rousey's career is none other than our friend the accountant for South Park. South Park has made a lot of jokes about celebrities and societal situations in the past. However, they would never miss an opportunity to have a little fun with Rousey. This first meme definitely sets the tone for the rest of the list to come.

We see the accountant getting ready to deliver his signature phrase with, "Ronda Rousey is Back! AAAAND now she's gone!" South Park can always come through in the clutch when we need a laugh. This also symbolized pretty much the end of Rousey's MMA career before making the decision to join the WWE. It is a good thing too, otherwise Ronda would have been subjected to more memes similar to this particular one.

19 The Infamous Fingerpoke

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Any wrestling fan who was watching the Monday Night War will remember the night WCW truly lost any hope they had of winning the ratings war by the infamous fingerpoke of doom where Hulk Hogan defeated Kevin Nash in a farce, revealing their "feud" was a farce so Hogan could win the title again.

When Ronda Rousey made her WWE debut at the Royal Rumble, all she did was point to the WrestleMania sign, not saying a word. She pointed twice, which left fans somewhat disappointed in the lack of action she provided. She's since cut more promos and gotten physical, but if not for her surprise, her WWE debut/return kind of fell flat.


18 Which One Did It?

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Rousey definitely has taken a lot of shots to the head during her time in the MMA. She also might take her fair share of shots to the head in the WWE. At least she'll know who is kicking her at all times, unlike Chris Tucker in his "Rush Hour" movies. Tucker's humor in that movie along with Rousey's repeated taking of kicks everywhere make for this next funny meme.

It has Tucker pointing in both directions during a fight in the first Rush Hour movie. He hilariously asks all of them, "Which one of y'all kicked me?" as he is trying to be serious while attempting to solve the case. It makes sense to take a bit of a shot at Rousey for all the times she had been beaten toward the end of her MMA career. But none of us will quickly forget this meme, especially with the good acting of Chris Tucker adding in some good flavor as well.

17 Angry Ronda

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As we said before, Ronda made her first WWE appearance in three years at the 2018 Royal Rumble. A month later, she returned to sign her WWE contract at the Elimination Chamber event, only for things to derail when Stephanie McMahon and Triple H confronted her over their previous encounter at WrestleMania 31. Long story short, Stephanie slapped Ronda after she put Triple H through a table. After getting slapped, Ronda gave Stephanie the look of death. Her face sort of reminded fans of the angry Orton fan from back in 2010, when The Miz cashed in Money In The Bank on champion Randy Orton. Obviously that child is not Ronda, but they sure share a similar look of disdain.


16 Hope She Turned it Off

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We all have those moments sometimes where we just go on with our day and try to figure out what we are going to do. We have to check to make sure we have our phone, keys, wallet, etc. Sometimes, we have to make sure the lights are all turned off and the stove is turned off. In this next meme, we see Rousey in a phase that we definitely are not used to seeing very often.

Rousey seems to be in a state of confusion. The bottom of her face is a bit bloody and her eyes are wide open. It almost gives off a really confused and questioning look. Obviously, we know she was fighting in the ring. But the face and thought of wondering if she took care of everything at home before the fight makes for a great meme to view.

15 Looking a Bit Rough

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Being a professional athlete is never the easiest, especially after the game. Most just want to take a shower and call it a night. But unfortunately, they have to deal with the media almost any time they perform. It must be tough for Rousey to deal with questions when she either won a fight almost too easily or got upset for millions to see and critique.

This next meme shows what Rousey looks like after one of her big fights. Now obviously, she is much better looking considering she has done photo shoots and television appearances. But saying she can look as ugly as this guy is definitely worth having a laugh over. The WWE is calling Ronda Rousey's name and she is definitely going to have to address fans. The question is: what will she look like after her first couple of WWE fights?


14 She Definitely Didn't Touch Gloves

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Usually at the beginning of a big fight, the fighters will touch gloves as a sign of respect. Now, in this particular meme, it is suggesting that Rousey didn't do just that as she is taking an uppercut swift kick to the face. It is funny to think that Rousey would have that much confidence in herself not to touch the gloves. This meme shows just what the consequences can be if overconfidence comes into play.

You can see by the reaction in Rousey's face that this isn't ending well for her. Now like we said, she probably did touch the gloves as a sign of respect. But her getting a hard kick to the jaw for something as minor as that is definitely funny to say the least. Maybe next time, Ronda will show some more respect for her future opponents in the WWE.

13 See You In WWE

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Ronda Rousey grew up a wrestling fan and when she made her first WWE appearance in 2015 back at WrestleMania 31, she was the biggest star in the UFC. There was no reason for her to think of a career post MMA, as she still seemed to have a lot of potential matchups. However, her loss to Holly Holm took the wind out of her sails. She would also lose her comeback fight in decisive fashion, which likely led to Ronda considering a WWE career sooner than she would've thought. Ronda's fully committed to WWE and it's going to be rough on her body, as pro wrestling is no joke when it comes to the physicality, but at least she won't be getting kicked in the face at full force.


12 Goodnight, Ronda's UFC Career

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Ever have one of those nights where you just wish a story was told to you and then you get a good night's sleep? Well, in this particular meme, Rousey may be having a few nightmares. Everybody remembers Rousey for the late part of her career when Holly Holm knocked her out. That is the central theme of this funny meme as it has plenty of laughable features.

Holly Holm is in the rocking chair reading a story to a basically sound asleep Rousey as she was getting knocked out. Holm shows her dominance here by being the one to administer the ending of a career. Basically, Holm became a worldwide name in the sport of MMA and Rousey was at the very end of her short, yet successful career. Hopefully, Ronda won't be ending her WWE career anytime soon.

11 Lion King Appearance

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The Lion King movie is one of the best original Disney movies in the world. It has the triumphant hero going down withing the first third of the movie. It has the son trying to rule the land like his father did and the evil villain of course trying to destroy everything. Scar was the villain in that movie and he returns to us in the form of a Ronda Rousey meme.

Scar throws a little dagger at Rousey telling her to run away and never return to the MMA. It is funny because a Disney character throwing some shade at a professional fighter isn't seen too often. But when you put it all together, it makes for this iconic meme. Scar ruined a lot of lives in the Lion King, and he also has time to make jokes towards big name professional athletes too.


10 Throw The Towel

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The Rocky IV movie was by far the most ridiculous and over the top of the entire series, but it was also a favorite for many, based on how action-packed and outlandish it was. One dramatic scene in the movie of course, is when Rocky is torn on whether to throw in the towel during Apollo Creed's exhibition fight against Ivan Drago. He was torn whether to follow his friend's wishes, or prevent his friend from getting seriously hurt. He follows his friend's wishes, only for disaster to strike when Apollo is knocked lifeless by Drago.

Thankfully MMA bouts are stopped a lot quicker and Rousey sure needed it against Amanda Nunes, as Nunes dominated the returning challenger from start to finish. When the fight was over, it was pretty clear that perhaps it was time for Ronda to step away from MMA.

9 Definitely Not Strawberry

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Sometimes, a swift punch to the jaw allows for some facial expressions to appear that wouldn't happen otherwise. We see it in boxing or MMA fighting all the time. A fighter will land a good punch and the opponent's face will go in another direction. This time, Ronda Rousey is on the other end of the punch and it makes for another funny meme.

Rousey's opponent is landing a solid left hook right into the mouth of Rousey. The caption is funny as it is suggesting what the taste of the glove might be. Could it be strawberry like it suggests? Maybe it is raspberry? Who knows! But what we do know is that Rousey will still be seeing some of those punches and cheap shots when she starts off her WWE career. She probably won't be able to guess the flavors at all either.


8 Sit Down, Be Humble

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Usually, the nicest people in the world are also the most humble people. Sometimes, cocky persona just need to get themselves a slice of humble pie. It is actually convenient because Ronda Rousey seems to get her piece in this next meme. She is bloody all over the bottom portion of her face and continues to have that dazed look.

It is fitting that humble pie is on this meme for Rousey given her MMA success. With a 12-2 record like we mentioned earlier, Rousey had a reason to be confident and even a little bit cocky. But she definitely got her piece of humble pie when she was looking like this. Rousey now will see if she can make it in the WWE profession where if you are talking bad about somebody, you will certainly get your piece of pie!

7 What a House That Would Be!

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Imagine this scenario if you can. A babysitter walks into your house and seems all sweet and innocent and down to earth. All of a sudden, you walk in to see your babysitter teaching wrestling and WWE moves to their kids. It is quite the frightening and interesting scenario, but it also one that makes for another funny meme.

Obviously, the cuteness factor comes in as it shows two babies that seem to be at play. But then when you look a second time, it shows the two engaging in some wrestling moves and one being put in an arm bar. There definitely would be a story to be told if Ronda Rousey was a babysitter. But, we just have to laugh at this meme as the world's next generation of fighters is developing right before our very interested eyes.


6 Flying Out The Window

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This is an absolute gem of a meme, as it takes us back to when Homer Simpson was facing Drederick Tatum for the world heavyweight championship, with Moe in his corner. Wanting to live the glory days he never had as a former boxer, Moe is torn on whether to save Homer from the pounding he's taking from the champ, before eventually commandeering the fan man's device and swooping in to save his friend from the champ's knockout blow.

You can just picture this being Vince McMahon and Triple H, who are in charge of signing talents, swooping in like this to save Ronda from what appeared to be a fighting career that was starting to slip. Ronda won't make as much in WWE, but she's said she's doing something she loves and will fulfill her.

5 Strutting Her Stuff

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Cat people know that any photo with a little kitten or cat is automatically likely to be a good one. Ronda Rousey is not posing with a cat in this particular meme. But, she does have a cat right next to her. A posing Rousey along with a posing cat makes for a very good meme.

Here is Rousey supporting her black UFC sports bra with a pair of black UFC shorts on screaming into the crowd. Alongside her on the right is a cat doing that same exact pose. This meme has something for everybody involved. You can laugh at Rousey's pose or you can laugh at the cat almost perfectly mimicking Rousey's pose. We will see soon if Rousey fights like a kitty kat or fights like she did in the UFC recently.


4 Undefeated?

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This next Ronda Rousey meme is funny because it is so telling to look back on it now that we know Rousey did not in fact retire undefeated. While, she would in fact go on to defeat Bethe Correia, that would be her last victory as a professional fighter.

Rousey of course, would go on to lose to Holly Holm in late 2015 in decisive fashion, then when she returned a little over a year later, she lost in decisive fashion again, and in a shorter amount of time, to Amanda Nunes. So now, it seems Rousey will retire from MMA with a professional record of 12-2, unless of course, she attempts one final comeback once her run in WWE has run its course.


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Chris Tucker comes back to us for a second time in this series of memes featuring Ronda Rousey. This time, he is joined alongside fellow actor Ice Cube as they are on their iconic steps while doing their ever so famous, "DAAAAAAMN!" This time, it is not Rousey getting punched and out onto the mat. Rather it is Rousey delivering the punch with boys throwing in their commentary.

This meme can be used for so many surprising events that have gone on. This probably could have been used for some of the other time Rousey was knocked out. Any time these two guys come out for a meme, you know it is definitely going to be funny. Will they continuing to be saying their well-known phrase once Rousey steps into the world of the WWE?


2 Straight Outta...Windpipe?

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We all know the movie "Straight Outta Compton". It portrayed the story of how NWA made their way up in the music world while they were dealing with growing up in the ghetto of Los Angeles. The boys made their way up. Ronda Rousey also made it up as well...to this list at number two getting a kick right to the windpipe. Not exactly the kind of song Ronda Rousey probably wanted to sing, but it was the one that came out unfortunately.

We see the kick to the face, basically nailing her right in the windpipe. The NWA black and white style font makes it funny, especially if you say that to their signature beat. This might be a good one, but it definitely cannot top the last meme we have up our sleeve.

1 To the WWE It Is

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We have finally reached the end of our journey with funny Ronda Rousey memes. From getting her face kicked in, to having it bloody, to posing with cats, and everything else in between; we have reached the final one. Like we have mentioned numerous times, Ronda Rousey made the astonishing announcement that she would be joining the WWE. With that announcement of course comes a meme and it delivers big time.

It has a picture of Rousey in a leather jacket with a serious face pointing toward the WrestleMania sign, as is customary of WWE stars around this time of year. Of course, in the actual meme itself, she is pointing her dignity way far away and making fun of the fact that she is going from real fighting to "play fighting". Fans can laugh at this for a variety of reasons. But everyone will have to wait a little bit to see if the Rousey/WWE experiment works out. It seems to be off to a good start.


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