Hockey WAGS: 8 Pictures Of Elisha Cuthbert And 8 Of Julianne Hough – Who’s More Attractive?

In this edition of “Who’s More Attractive,” we have two of most beautiful hockey WAGS in the world going head to head. In one corner we have the wife of the Los Angeles Kings center, Brooks Laich; the popular dancer-turned-actress Julianne Hough. On the other hand, we have television and film star Elisha Cuthbert, who is married to the Ottawa Senators defensive standout, Dion Phaneuf.

A native of Orem, Utah, Julianne Hough first captured the public’s heart on the popular ballroom competition show, Dancing with the Stars. The 5-foot-3 blonde bombshell was able to build of the fame she acquired on the series and transition it into a career in both acting and music. The talented 29-year-old is without question one the best looking celebs in the industry.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada’s Elisha Cuthbert made a name for herself playing the role of Kim Bauer in the popular television series, 24. The stunning blonde is also a successful movie star who has been in hit films like The Girl Next Door and Old School. The lovely Canadian is definitely among Hollywood’s most breathtaking stars.

Now that both of these gorgeous megastars have been introduced, it’s time for the hard part. It’s time to take a look at 16 amazing photos and decide, once and for all, who’s hotter?

16 Hough: Taking It Easy

In this photo we see Julianne Hough enjoying a little downtime on a private island (Fregate Island) while on her honeymoon with hockey star Brooks Laich. The dancing sensation poses on a bench while staring off into the distance, in this stunning Instagram post. Hough tries to engage her fans with her caption, which asks her followers, “What are some of your favorite places that you’ve visited?” It would also appear that this lovely photo was taken by her husband Laich, which would suggest that the NHL star is also a solid photographer.

Fun Fact: Before marrying Laich, Juliann Hough had previously dated former American Idol host Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest and Hough began dating back in April of 2010 before the couple decided to call it quits in March of 2013.

15 Cuthbert: Black & White

Fun Project with my dear friend @damon_baker 🖤

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Looking amazing seems to come naturally for Elisha Cuthbert. The Hollywood starlet seems practically incapable of producing a bad photograph. In this impressive black and white image, the Canadian beauty stares seductively into the camera while modeling her stylish white shirt. The 35-year-old actress shows that she knows how to connect with her fan base on social media with this photo, which received over 17,000 likes from her followers. Those who aren’t following Cuthbert on Instagram may want to reconsider after seeing this pic.

Fun Fact: Elisha Cuthbert was a big hockey fan before even before settling down with Dion Phaneuf. She is a Los Angeles Kings season ticket holder. Moreover, Cuthbert had her own NHL blog back in 2005, though she seldom found time to post on it.

14 Hough: Yoga Pants

Via Health Magazine

Yoga pants have become must-have fashion pieces for seemingly every woman in the world, even those who don’t work out. While many women have these popular bottoms, few (if any) look as good as Julianne Hough while wearing them. The queen of the ballroom shows off her fit abs and gorgeous smile as she poses for this captivating photo. The 29-year-old is one of the healthiest stars today, as we can see in this photo. Hough shows fans that she is almost as good at modeling as she is at singing and dancing, in this instance.

Fun Fact: Hough has had a great deal of success on Dancing with the Stars. However, her least successful run as a competitor came during the show’s sixth season, when she was paired with comedian Adam Carolla. The duo was eliminated after just the fourth week of competition.

13 Cuthbert: Short Hair

via listal.com

Not every woman looks great with short hair. However, as is evident in the photo here, Cuthbert looks as good with her hair short as she does when it’s long. The 5-foot-3 actress looks like a supermodel while posing, wearing nothing but a white shirt. Fortunately, the shirt is a little on the longer side to make up for the fact that she forgot her pants. Being a big-time movie star can keep one busy, thus making it easy to forget things such as articles of clothing. That being said, Cuthbert seemingly always looks phenomenal regardless of what she is (or isn’t) wearing.

Fun Fact: Cuthbert started modeling as a young girl when she was just nine years of age. In fact, she even worked as a foot model for a period.

12 Hough: Candid Swimsuit Pic

via popsugar.com

When celebrities have the benefit of stylists and makeup artists, it’s much easier to look amazing when being photographed. However, it’s the candid photo that gives fans an idea what their favorite stars look like when they aren’t getting ready to be in front of the camera. It’s clear, after seeing this image, that Julianne Hough looks as good when she’s just hanging out, as she does when she is getting ready to appear on television. To say the blonde dancer looks gorgeous in this bikini pic would be an understatement.

Fun Fact: Hough, along with her partner speed skater, Apolo Anton Ohno, won the fourth season of Dancing with the Stars. The duo received a perfect score for their final dance, prior to the final results being announced. This was also Hough’s very first season appearing on the show.

11 Cuthbert: Classy Swimsuit Pic

via twitter.com

There is certainly no shortage of amazing photos of Elisha Cuthbert out there. That being said, this photo of the gorgeous Canadian posing in this marvelous one-piece swimsuit is easily among her best. The blonde stunner shows off a physique that can only be described as flawless, as she looks at the camera with a gaze that could melt a snowman. With this image, Cuthbert shows she can more than hold her own with any Sports Illustrated awimsuit model when it comes to looking good in swimwear.

Fun Fact: Elisha Cuthbert has appeared in several music videos over the course of her career. Her first appearance came back in 2005 when she was featured in the video for “Perfect Situation,” a song by the popular rock band Weezer.

10 Hough: Red Carpet

via Zimbio.com

Julianne Hough shows that she is more than capable of looking the part of a red carpet VIP. The blonde actress looks simply breathtaking in the backless, silver dress as she makes a quick stop to pose for the paparazzi. This image highlights the dancing star’s toned calves and impeccable sense of style. The 5-foot-3 blonde’s confident demeanor only makes this stunning photo even more appealing to her legions of fans around the globe. Hough shows that she has the ability to turn heads at any awards show.

Fun Fact: After winning Season 4 of Dancing with the Stars, with skater Apolo Anton Ohno, Hough returned for Season 5. This time she paired with race car driver Helio Castroneves. While the partner may have been different, the results were the same, with Hough once again winning the competition.

9 Cuthbert: Stretching

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Elisha Cuthbert appears to be stretching her shirt to its very limits in this particular photo. While the shirt is being stretched, it is anything but a stretch to say the blonde actress looks amazing in this photo. The Calgary native's world class physique and movie star good looks are on full display in an image that likely produced a few new fans. It’s easy to see why Cuthbert has frequently been featured in men’s magazines and on lists that showcase the world’s most beautiful celebs.

Fun Fact: While Cuthbert’s break out role came in 2001, when she appeared on the hit show 24, she had been on several series prior. Popular Mechanics for Kids and Are You Afraid of the Dark? are two shows that featured her prominently, before she became Kim Bauer on 24.

8 Hough: Winning Smile

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It seems like (based on her photos at least) that Julianne Hough is always laying around in a swimsuit. While we all know this isn’t the case, there likely wouldn’t be too many disappointed fans out there if it were. The curvy Utah native smiles for the camera while showing off an impressive set of teeth that any dentist would (and should) be very proud of. If dancing, acting, and singing all fall through, Hough could very easily have a successful career as a swimsuit model.

Fun Fact: Hough has previously dated country music singer Chuck Wicks. The two were an item from August of 2008 until they broke up in November of 2009. They even teamed together on Dancing with the Stars, but were eliminated following the eighth week of competition.

7 Cuthbert: Bubble Gum

via i.imgur.com

Cuthbert shows fans her playful side with this fun photograph. The box office megastar blows a bubble for the camera while holding her hair in pigtails. While Hough may be the professional dancer featured in our article, as we can see her, Cuthbert is also extremely fit in her own right. The 35-year-old showcases her impressive physique in this flirtatious image, which is sure to be a favorite among her ever-growing fan base. When it comes to producing great photos, Cuthbert will never burst anyone’s bubble.

Fun Fact: The Canadian stunner made her video game debut back in 2006 in 24: The Game, which was available for PlayStation 2. Upsupringly, she played the role (or did the voice work at least) for her character on the actual show, Kim Bauer.

6 Hough: Splits

Being that Julianne Hough is a world-famous dancer, it probably won’t come as a surprise to most fans that she is also quite flexible, as is being demonstrated in this Instagram post. The stunning blonde movie star poses in her yoga pants and a sports bra while the caption asks her followers to meet her in Minneapolis for a promotional event. Those who follow Hough on social media outlets like Instagram know that she puts out some amazing photos that seem to always capture her fans' attention. It’s easy to see why this amazing image got over 90,000 likes from her followers.

Fun Fact: Julianne Hough’s first self-titled music album peaked at number 1 on the US Country Billboard charts in 2008, the year of its release.

5 Cuthbert: Selfie Fun

First Vaca of 2017 is a wrap. Until next time...

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Elisha Cuthbert tends to be a bit more conservative with her Instagram posts than her article mate, Hough. That being said, she still has a ton of great photo on social media such as this stunning selfie. The 24 star closes out her vacation with this great pic, which was able to generate well over 15,000 likes from her Instagram followers. This image reminds folks who don’t already follow the Canadian actress on social media, why it might be a good idea to do so.

Fun Fact: Elisha Cuthbert landed the leading role in the romantic comedy, The Girl Next Door, which was released in 2004. She was nominated for two MTV Movie Awards for her performance including Best Kiss and Best Breakthrough Performance, though she didn’t win either.

4 Hough: Artistic Pose

via celebuzz.com

Julianne Hough has a ton of amazing photos out there, which she posts quite frequently. That being said, the image here is easily among her best, which is really saying something given Hough’s body of work. This photo shows the blonde superstar posing in a revealing black number in this artistic black and white photograph. The famous ballroom dancer leaves little doubt that she is one of the most photogenic performers in the entire entertainment industry. If they gave out degrees for producing amazing photographs, Julianne Hough would clearly have a Ph.D.

Fun Fact: One of Hough’s biggest achievements as an actress came when she played the lead role of Sandy in the Fox presentation, Grease: Live. The show received mostly positive reviews and was seen by 12.18 million viewers.

3 Cuthbert: With Mila Kunis

via mendaily.com

When you add That 70s Show star Mila Kunis to a photo featuring Elisha Cuthbert, it’s never a bad thing. Whether one prefers blondes or brunettes; this photo has something for everyone. Both ladies look amazing as folks would likely expect given that they are two of the most beautiful actresses in the business. Both women show off their flawless midsections in outfits that could only be described as extremely figure-flattering. A photo shoot featuring these two was clearly an excellent idea.

Fun Fact: Cuthbert is currently starring in the Netflix original series, The Ranch. The show takes place on a fictional ranch in Colorado and follows the lives of a dysfunctional family. The program also features popular performers such as Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliott, with Cuthbert playing the role of Abby, a schoolteacher and Kutcher's character's love interest.

2 Hough: Pockets

According to her caption, “Overalls can be a super controversial topic, but I think you can see where I stand on the issue.” While folks may not have realized just how heated the topic of overall can get, everyone can certainly agree that Julianne Hough looks amazing while wearing them. The Utah native shines in front of the camera, yet again, as she poses with her hands in her pockets for this informative Instagram post. Apparently, based on the number of likes on Instagram, there are a lot of people who appreciate a good pair of overalls.

Fun Fact: Hough landed her first lead role in the remake of the popular '80s dance film, Footloose. The film brought in $63.5 million at the box office, on a $24 million budget.

1 Cuthbert: Candid Swimsuit

via dailymail.co.uk

Like her article mate Hough, Elisha Cuthbert looks as good in her candid photos as she does when she is posing for a modeling shoot. The 5-foot-3 blonde steals the show, yet again, in her stylish, star themed bikini. If the television star was hoping to avoid detection during this particular beach trip, then she chose the wrong bathing suit. On what appeared to be a very sunny day, it’s a good bet that Cuthbert was the hottest thing in the ocean.

Fun Fact: Dion Phaneuf isn't the only hockey star that Cuthbert has been romantically linked to. The actress dated former Detroit Red Wings player, Sean Avery from 2005-2007. Avery was even suspended after their breakup by the NHL, for making disparaging remarks (the infamous "sloppy seconds" comments) about his former girlfriend.

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