Mexico's Kim Kardashian: 15 Instagram Posts Of Jimena Sanchez

If you’re into sports, chances are you’re into sportscasters. Especially steamy sportscasters – they’ve become part and parcel of sports’ coverage in recent years. Even if the sporting spectacle is rather dull, these women on TV with their knowledge, their beauty and physiques, will still entice you, and ensure you don’t turn off. They make a sporting event all the more entertaining. There are some seriously steamy sportscasters around the globe. Some of the big names that comes to mind are the likes of Erin Andrews, Charissa Thompson and Samantha Ponder, all of whom have achieved a massive level of popularity during their time in the limelight.

But there is someone else who needs to be included alongside those names, someone who may not measure up in terms of her prowess as a sportscaster – depends on your opinion – but is certainly up there in terms of her fame. The Mexican beauty, Jimena Sanchez has taken the sportscasting world by storm in recent years. She’s been labelled as being the Mexican Kim Kardashian, due to her resemblance to world’s biggest socialite. That just about says it all. Jimena applies her trade as a sportscaster on the Mexican version of Fox Sports. But her, killer curves and all-round sizzling physique has meant that her image has been picked up around the world. She’s been making waves, and here’s why. If you weren’t aware of her before, soak in these images of Jimena, and you’ll certainly become a fan. But it’s recommended you do it on the down-low, because your girlfriend might not be too pleased. These are 15 Instagram posts – thank goodness for Instagram! – of Jimena Sanchez your GF may not want you to look at. We say make your excuses and look at them anyway. It’s hard to resist!

15 Ready For Some Football

For Jimena, sportscasting is pretty much her dream job. She loves sports, all types of sports, and so covering them is her perfect career. Well, modeling might be up there, but she’s certainly found a way to incorporate the two! Jimena frequently posts steamy pics like this one, pics of her holding a football, a basketball, etc. posing in the locker rooms of some stadium or other. Locker rooms are places that are filled with testosterone, so just imagine what would happen if the guys walked in to see Jimena posing in that fashion. It’s safe to say they wouldn’t end up having a great game. That’s the Jimena effect for you. She probably has that effect on athletes, and fans around the world. It’s also why girlfriends around the world are busy at their computers trying to take down her Instagram page.

14 Free Throws

From one sports shot to the next, from football to basketball, Jimena is someone who just has to get involved. She has to get involved because she loves her sports, but also because she probably saw it as an opportune moment to take a snap, or to get someone else – her professional photographer who from the looks of things follows her around wherever she goes – to take it for her. I think everyone coming across this pic would’ve given anything to have been in that photographer’s position that day. Jimena dresses provocatively for pretty much any situation, and we and everyone else just lap it up. One person who probably won’t be lapping these pics up is your GF for the very same reason.

13 Lovely In Leathers

Black is my happy color 🖤

A post shared by Jimena Sanchez (@jimenasanchezmx) on

Wow, just wow! That’s what come to mind with pretty much every pic Jimena posts on Instagram. But this one is just way off the steamy scale. It really is incredible, everything about the pic. We all love to see an attractive woman in leathers. But Jimena, being as curvy as she is, wearing leathers, is an image that’s sure to stick in the mind. After people have finished soaking in her beauty, one thing that must come to mind is how on earth did she mange to squeeze into those leathers? Due to her curvaceous physique, it must have been a mission to squeeze into those tight leather pants. Well, we appreciate the effort, because it was definitely worth it. It's not her only leather post.

12 Christmas Prep

God bless you and have a blessed Christmas 🎄

A post shared by Jimena Sanchez (@jimenasanchezmx) on

Christmas time normally gives those who love a photo session – and I think we’ve established by now that Jimena is someone who sure does love a photoshoot! – the opportunity to get dressed up, perhaps in festive clothing, and really go the extra miles to take a memorable snap to share with – in Jimena’s case, 3.3m – their followers and fans. Jimena did do that of course. But this is a pic of her in casual clothing, looking all snug in her jogging bottoms and sweater, cozy with her Oakland Raiders hat on. It’s still a glorious pic, mostly because of the view we get from behind, one which Jimena obviously wanted to show off. She’s got it and certainly loves to flaunt it. You can understand why people liken her to Kim Kardashian. They have the same sized ASSets. Jimena’s is visible, very noticeable, even in sweatpants.

11 Just Lounging Around

Let's go... ✈️

A post shared by Jimena Sanchez (@jimenasanchezmx) on

Boy does Jimena have style. She can pull off pretty much any look, wear any type of clothing. Whatever she wears is going to accentuate her assets. She could try covering them up as much as possible, but it won’t make any difference. This time she’s gone for the tight-fighting top – our favorite choice of outfit of hers. She’s a fashionista and has fun with it. Evidently, she’s also done pretty well for herself. Whether that’s a friend’s jet, her company arranged it for her, or it was actually paid for by herself, we don’t know, but one thing’s for sure and that’s that she’s perfectly suited to those surroundings.

Jimena must be raking in the cash sportscasting and with her various modeling gigs, so she deserves to spend some time lounging about – the enterprising woman she is, she still sees it as a photo opportunity. Jimena dresses to impress and wants to show off her sultry outfits, which is just fine by us because we love to see them.

10 Geek Chic Harry Potter Style

20 años de magia ✨ #harrypotter20 🦉 pic by @gerrmorales

A post shared by Jimena Sanchez (@jimenasanchezmx) on

Last year, in order to commemorate 20 years since the world was first introduced to Harry Potter, Jimena decided to get dressed up and snap this steamy pic. Who would’ve thought that Jimena Sanchez would be a major Harry Potter fan? That came as a bit of a surprise, as did her outfit. She really did go all out to get into the Harry Potter spirit. There’s something incredibly hot about a beautiful woman in glasses, going for that geek chic look. Jimena pulled it off superbly. She even managed to get her hands on that tight Harry Potter top, and she’s wearing a Gryffindor hat. She must be a really big Harry Potter fan, although I don’t think her attire would’ve fit in with the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry dress code!

9 A Dreamy Pose

Find your own way to be happy 🖤

A post shared by Jimena Sanchez (@jimenasanchezmx) on

Jimena Sanchez captioned this picture, “find your own way to be happy.” She’s certainly made a lot of people happy by posting this pic. It seems to be her way of being happy too, getting dressed up provocatively and posting sultry pics to share with the masses. It evidently makes her feel good, and it should, she should certainly feel good about herself because she possesses one hell of a physique. Jimena poses for pretty much all of her pictures and very rarely posts candid snaps. But we certainly don’t mind seeing as this is the outcome. What a location, what a woman, what a picture. This really is a dreamy picture, Jimena looking splendid as usual, dressed to impress, looking away from the camera in what is a pretty seductive pose.

8 Sizzling Selfie

Every glamorous celeb – and Jimena Sanchez is certainly a celeb – who loves posing for the cameras and getting dressed up is going to be a lover of selfies. Jimena, just like the socialite people say she resembles, is a selfie queen, loves snapping her own pics. She’s nailed the selfie pose – well, let’s be honest, she nails pretty much every pose. She poses to accentuate her assets, those curves, and the rest of her steamy physique. She doesn’t really need to, because it’s hard not to notice certain aspect of her body, for her to keep everything under wraps. You can appreciate why people have said that she looks like Kim K by looking at this pic. They’re similar in many ways, including their ability to send social media into meltdown.

7 Throwback


A post shared by Jimena Sanchez (@jimenasanchezmx) on

Here’s another selfie, and there’s a reason why I’ve included this one, aside from the obvious reason that it’s a seriously steamy pic of Jimena of course. I’ve included it because it’s a great pic, but different from the other ones I’ve included on this list. You’ve probably noticed that the Jimena in this pic doesn’t look like the Jimena of today. I assure you they are the same person. It just shows you how much she’s changed in recent years. This was taken in 2013, at the start of her quest to become an internet, social media phenomenon. Although beautiful, her pics aren’t anywhere close to what they are like today.

Back then she obviously didn’t have a professional photographer following her around all the time. It’s also evident that she’s had plenty of work done. I must reiterate that it’s still a great pic; it’s just interesting to see a pic of hers from back in the day and notice the transformation.

6 Happy Birthday

Just imagine if you got a birthday card on your special day with this image on the front. It would certainly make your day! Well, Jimena probably posts steamy images similar to this one to her buddies on their birthdays. But this is a pic that she actually took for her own birthday. Yes, to mark her own birthday, she gave herself the present of getting dressed up – of course with cake – for a steamy pic. It’s unusual, but hey, Jimena isn’t your conventional woman, and I don’t think too many people are complaining. It’s a super-enticing pic, even more than her usual images. She’s biting her finger, and who knows what she’s going to do with that cake; sure, she’s holding it now, but we all know Jimena and her wild ways.

5 Cheeky Message

Good Morning ☕️

A post shared by Jimena Sanchez (@jimenasanchezmx) on

Okay, so it doesn’t take a genius to work out why your GF wouldn’t want you setting eyes on this pic. Jimena’s being quite cheeky with that message. She knows plenty of people are going to be looking in that region as it is, but with that message emblazoned across her t-shirt, people are going to be ogling with all sorts of thoughts running through their heads. It could also mean that she just loves coffee, but due to Jimena’s persona, it’s safe to assume that there’s an underlying meaning. But aside from any possible hidden message, it’s just another stunning picture. That tight white top and those tight leggings hugging that glorious physique; she might need some caffeine to perk herself up, but she knows how to work it.

4 Jimena Resting

Bedtime... good night! 🌘

A post shared by Jimena Sanchez (@jimenasanchezmx) on

Here’s another pic of Jimena lounging about, this time in an even more intimate setting – in bed. Actually, this has got to be one of Jimena’s least glamorous pictures. That’s saying something, because it’s still stunning, but compared to her other pics, she hasn’t really made much of an effort, this time around it doesn’t seem as if a professional photographer has snapped her pics, it’s as though it was an instinctive decision. She was probably just enjoying a lie down, getting her beauty sleep. I doubt she was going to bed, because she’s still got a face full of makeup. She seems a bit grumpy, has some attitude in this pic, but those foxy eyelashes certainly liven things up. There’s also still plenty on show. Jimena in bed, enough said – that’s reason enough for your GF not to want to see this pic.

3 At The Beach

Foto de cuando trato de pasarla bien con calor y arena 😖

A post shared by Jimena Sanchez (@jimenasanchezmx) on

Ahh beach pics, we just can’t get enough of them. This is a seriously professional shot. You get a sense of calmness and serenity when looking at this image. Jimena is of course looking gorgeous. Again, that physique’s on show, those curves that just go on for days. But it’s the setting that makes this pic too. It’s a beautiful setting, a secluded area of beach, just Jimena amongst the waves under the sun, like a goddess emerging from the sea. Her home nation of Mexico does have some fabulous beaches, and you’d bet that Jimena spends quite a bit of time sunning herself, relaxing on their shores. It’s actually a wonder that she doesn’t post more beach pics. Oh well, we’d have to make do with this one and a few others, and that suits us just fine.

2 Workout Time

In order to get that now famous curvaceous figure, of course Jimena’s got to be someone who works out. She must work out a heck of a lot, but her workouts must differ from the average person's. In order to get certain parts of her body to grow, to get those curves, she must focus a lot of workouts on her lower half, and that probably means lots of squats, lots of lunges, as she’s doing here. Although in this pic, she might just be looking down and examining her washboard abs, because in addition to those curves, Jimena is just generally very fit and possesses a lean and svelte physique. Not to mention she looks utterly gorgeous in her workout attire. She’d cause a fair few accidents if she was spotted running along that stretch of road.

1 Warning


A post shared by Jimena Sanchez (@jimenasanchezmx) on

If you had to choose your favorite pic of Jimena’s – you’ll have a real job on your hands! – this one’s likely to feature in your top five. It’s a lot of people’s favorite pic of the little Mexican firecracker. The world got to see it in 2015, and it’s a pic that first helped to get Jimena out there, that people began to pick up on and a pic that ultimately helped make her famous. You can understand why this pic alone created such a fan frenzy. It’s just stunning in every which way. Of course, there’s her beauty, that physique, of which there’s plenty on show. But that top and the message emblazoned across it; it’s just the perfect top for Jimena, one that describes her perfectly.

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