15 Female Athletes From The UK Who Should Get More Attention

The UK is known for a lot of things. It’s steeped in history and traditions, is known for its world class educational institutions, the royal family, many iconic buildings and much much more. It’s also known for being a sport’s mad nation. But, having said that, when it comes to women’s sports, the UK doesn’t exactly come to mind first when it comes to the world's most stunning athletes. Think of beautiful women in the world of sport, and the mind’s drawn to athletes from the U.S., or special beauties from various sports dotted around the place.

The fact that the UK isn’t ranked as high as other countries when it comes to their steamy athletes shouldn't be the case. The UK certainly has its fair share of sultry beauties. They may not be as famous as some of the others around the globe, but they’re still mightily gorgeous. After going through this article, you’re sure to see UK athletes in a different light. There are some real gems in UK sport. Here are 15 of them. Some of them are from sports you wouldn’t expect to attract hot women. Seeing these athletes may just peak your interest, get you watching. The UK is famed for the royal family, but these are 15 we consider royals from the world of sports.


15 Zara Tindall

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I just touched on the royal family and those we consider to be royals in UK sport in the intro. Zara Tindall, formerly Zara Phillips, fits both criteria, quite literally too. What I mean by that is, is that Zara is one of the UK’s steamiest athletes, and she’s a member of the royal family too. She’s the second-eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II, meaning she’s currently 16h in line to the British throne.

Zara has to be the most stunning member of the royal family, bar those who have married into it. She’s done pretty well for herself over the years as a British equestrian, and has quite a few accolades to her name. When she was younger, she did go through a rather wild phase – wild for a royal anyway – which was something the queen couldn’t have been best pleased with. This image must have rendered her speechless when it was circulated. From this pic alone, you can appreciate why Zara is steamy royalty.

14 Isa Guha

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Cricket isn’t a sport that you’d expect to watch and find stunning women. Women’s cricket has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, but Isa was playing long before those glory days. The former England bowler though, stood out even then as being one sultry athlete. But the vast majority of cricket fans know Isa for her work in sportscasting. She travels the world sportscasting on all things cricket at various events. During this time Isa’s made a name for herself as one of the better looking sportscasters and former athletes on TV. You can see why just by watching her do her thing on screen. But she’s also partaken in a number of raunchy photoshoots over the years, some of which are far too revealing to show. This is one we can, a snap from a seriously steamy shoot, one which illustrates why Isa is on this list.

13 Amber Hill

And here’s another British babe from another unexpected sport. Certain sports we only get the pleasure of viewing at the Olympics. Shooting is one of those sports. It’s certainly not a sport you’d expect to watch and unearth a young 20-something year old blonde bombshell. Amber Hill is a British sport shooter whose specialty is skeet. She rose to prominence at the 2016 Rio Olympics, and that wasn’t just because she was a top contender for gold. Obviously, people picked up on the fact that she was glamorous. Amber loves looking all beautiful and glamorous. She’s a real girly girl and is studying beauty courses in her spare time. Amber is certainly putting into practice what she’s learnt.

Her Instagram profile is just ridiculous. Feast your eyes on the pics she uploads, and you’d think you were looking at a model. That is probably her future calling. Continue along her path to success, and Amber – despite not partaking in a mainstream sport – could very easily become one of the world’s most marketable athletes.

12 Victoria Pendleton

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Going from someone who very well could be one of Great Britain’s most marketable athletes, to a woman who already is just that. Victoria Pendleton is one of the nation’s most successful Olympians of all time. When she was a cyclist, she was just ridiculous on the track, and used to win events for fun. The fact that she’s one steamy athlete certainly helped boost her profile and popularity. She’s featured on the cover of one of the UK’s most popular men's magazines, FHM, and even bared it all, which understandably have brought Victoria a whole new fanbase.

Victoria retired from professional racing in 2012 after the Olympics, but hasn’t been in the wilderness twiddling her thumbs. She also has a passion for horses, and is currently putting her focus into becoming a championship winning jockey. She certainly has the mindset to make her dream become a reality.

11 Alex Scott

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The U.S. rules the roost when it comes to sultry female soccer players. Pretty much everyone in the international team is a sultry beauty, is up there in terms of being some of the hottest athletes around. The UK isn’t that lucky. English teams have talent, but don't have the half-model, half-soccer player look the U.S. seems to have. There aren’t many, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t none. Alex Scott is one woman from the world of women’s soccer that shines through. She plays for Arsenal and is a defensive stalwart for the national side too.

In recent years she’s gained an increasing amount of popularity as she’s began a career in sportscasting and punditry. Alex has also done a hell of a lot for women’s football. In 2017, her services to football were recognized, and she received an MBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) which is an order of chivalry.

10 Jenna Randall

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When synchronized swimmer, Jenna Randall, was in action, it was evident that she had something about her. She may not have looked glamorous, in her training swimsuits and nose clip, but she still ranked highly on the hotness scale. But she went off the scale when she decided to pose in this sultry shoot. She was endorsing a hair removal product, so the company decided to get her to show off her legs. It proved to be a great decision because Jenna sizzled in the shoot, showcasing her endlessly long legs and the rest of her sultry athletic physique. Jenna’s also posed in a number of other raunchy shoots, so we’ve seen plenty of her and can safely say that she’s one of the UK’s steamiest athletes.

9 Tonia Couch


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Tonia Crouch is a British Olympic diver who has competed for her nation at three Olympic events. She’s still going strong at the age of 28 and has plenty more competing left in her. Tonia is someone who’s certainly made a splash in the world of British sports. Since she first started competing, we’ve seen her grow up over the years and blossom into one sultry athlete. Plenty have picked up on the fact she’s a steamy athlete, and have gotten her on board to do steamy photoshoots. But her Instagram profile is the place to go if you want to see Tonia in all of her splendor. Tonia looks drop-dead gorgeous in pretty much all of her pics, looks like a model. She’s a model athlete alright and is certainly one of the UK’s best.


8 Zoe Smith


Think of short steamy British athletes, and Zoe Smith would top your list. The woman in the next entry would feature highly too, but Zoe’s got to be up there. Going by her looks alone, she’s hot, there’s no doubt about that. But a lot of people are probably intimidated by her. She’s a short, some would say stocky athlete, and is seriously strong, is definitely stronger than a lot of guys out there. That’s because her sport is weightlifting. Yes, she’s represented Great Britain at various events, and at the Olympic Games, and has done pretty well for herself and her nation too. One way she’s done well for herself is in terms of her popularity. Zoe knows how to market herself, knows what people want to see, and that’s sultry pics like this one.

7 Claudia Fragapane

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20-year-old Claudia Fragapane stands in at 4-foot-7 and weighs 95 pounds. She’s one seriously petite athlete, but she’s got the perfect physique for her sport. It helps to be her size as a gymnast. She has a low center of gravity which aids her when she’s pulling off her amazing feats in the sport. But forget her having the perfect body for gymnastics – many would say that she’s got the perfect body full stop. Set your eyes on this steamy pic and you’d be hard-pressed to disagree. She’s got the body and the looks too. Plenty of people have picked up on it, and despite only being 20, Claudia’s already become something of a TV personality on British TV. The nation has taken her into their hearts, and it’s clear to see why.

6 Keri-anne Payne

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Set your eyes on this pic, and you’re sure to appreciate why Keri-anne Payne makes this list of British queens, the steamiest British athletes. She’s beautiful as it is, when she’s in the pool doing her stuff as a swimmer, and when she emerges from the water. She specializes in open-water swimming, so is a pretty tough competitor, as she’s used to swimming long distances in pretty harsh conditions. The prospect of doing interviews, being noticed, must spur her on, at least a tad anyway. If she wasn’t so successful, perhaps she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do a shoot for Podium Magazine. You can see from the way the shoot ended up, that she’s successful and hot too – the ultimate combination for a female athlete.

5 Katarina Johnson-Thompson

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After Jess Ennis called it quits – and even when her career was winding to a close – UK athletics and fans were looking for someone else to get behind on the track. That someone came in the form of Katarina Johnson-Thompson. She, like Jess, is a heptathlete, meaning she takes part in a number of different events. It means she’s someone who appeals to many different people, those who follow different events. She appeals to the masses in another way too. Katarina has the athletic prowess to get herself noticed, but is also stunning, has an appealing physique and a top personality to match. It’s little wonder why sponsors have been getting on board and she’s become the face of Team GB in recent years. She’s going to be the face of UK athletics for many more years to come.

4 Jodie Marsh


A lot of you might have scoffed when you read Jodie Marsh’s name on this list. That’s because she’s not exactly liked by a lot of people. It’s also because many are still coming to terms with the fact that she’s an athlete. Well, she is, and it’s got to be said, she’s one of the hottest athletes, not just in the UK, but in the world. Jodie Marsh is primarily a model. She achieved fame by essentially wearing skimpy outfits and showcasing her physique in London’s hotspots. This led to modeling gigs, and over time, she’s become something of a TV personality too. Where does the athlete part come in? She decided to try her hand at bodybuilding and actually competed, stepped on stage and actually won competitions. Despite what you think about Jodie, you’ve got to agree that she’s one seriously steamy athlete.

3 Jessica Ennis-Hill

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When Jessica Ennis – now Hill – was competing, she was one of the hottest athletes, not just from the UK, but in the world. She really was stunning, still is, although having stepped away from competition, it’s unlikely that she possesses the same physique she once did, that made her so famous. First and foremost, Jessica is hot. She’s got the looks that make her stand out. Then she’s one of the UK’s best athletes in terms of the heptathlon, with a number of achievements to her name. But her body, wow that body. She almost looked like a fitness model when out on the track. Those lean muscles, that six pack, combined with her beauty – it’s easy to see why Jess is regarded to be one of the UK’s steamiest athletes.

2 Heather Watson


In terms of the world game, Heather Watson might not be someone who’s rated as being hot. That’s because there are a ton of sultry beauties in the world of tennis, perhaps more than any other sport. It’s therefore hard to stand out, especially if you’re quite short in stature and your tennis ability isn’t up to scratch. But take a look through her Instagram page, and you’ll quickly realize that Heather Watson is a sultry athlete. Some of her photos make you realize just how stunning she is. She may be short, but she’s got the looks, and has certainly got the physique. When she gets dolled up for an event, gets her premium clothing on, it’s clear that Heather should be up there as being one of the hottest women in the WTA.

1 Anne-Marie

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A lot of you who know your music may be raising your eyebrows at this one. Anne-Marie, that English singer-songwriter, why is she on this list of the UK’s steamiest athletes? She’s on this list, because to all extents and purposes, she is an athlete. Anne-Marie, in addition to being a singing superstar, is actually a karate champion. She’s competed in a number of events over the years, and has won many accolades, both for herself and her nation. She’s taken her disciplined approach to karate into her new career as a singer. Judging by her success, it’s certainly paid off. She’s only been in the industry for around five years, but has already created quite an impression, not just due to her singing abilities, but because she’s one steamy performer.


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