15 Pictures Of Danica Patrick Before She Met Aaron Rodgers

What do Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick have in common? Both were heavily featured in commercials as their sponsor's spokesperson, both enjoy going for that winning drive, and, at the moment, both have officially begun dating one another. Aaron Rodgers had to feel like a Super Bowl MVP all over again after entering a relationship with the beautiful Olivia Munn. However, their relationship simply couldn't last under the public eye, the pocket collapsed, and their relationship turned the ball over on downs.

Enter Danica Patrick, the most successful female NASCAR racer in history, who found herself single at the same time as Rodgers. Danica dumped her boyfriend of five years and intercepted the Green Bay Packers quarterback. Rodgers moving from one extremely attractive girlfriend to another should be some sort of illegal shift, but either way he's definitely doing the discount double check after this huge pickup.

While we all hope the best for Rodgers and Danica, Danica has a very extensively modeling past with a plethora of revealing photos throughout the web, in print and on her social media accounts. As a quarterback, Rodgers is no fan of picks, and the risqué "pics" of his new girlfriend should be no different. In addition to the hot pics of Danica he'd like removed, there are a few other pics that has to drive Rodgers as frantic as a full on blitz. Here are 15 of those Danica Patrick pics that would drive Aaron Rodgers crazy.

15 Danica's GoDaddy Commercials Pics

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Even when their favorite football team isn’t in the Super Bowl at least football fans have the commercials to fall back on. When the first GoDaddy commercial debuted, the internet almost broke with their too much for TV commercials featuring the GoDaddy girl, Candice Michelle. GoDaddy moved on from Candice and used Danica Patrick as their spokeswoman between 2009 to 2016, but that didn’t stop the fun.

Despite not being a model, Danica Patrick appeared in several racy GoDaddy commercials, wearing very little and looking absolutely fantastic. While Aaron Rodgers has to be thrilled he scored with the beautiful Danica Patrick, he can’t be too pumped with the provocative pictures and videos of his new squeeze still all over the internet from those commercials. Rodgers is probably glad GoDaddy toned it down with the commercials so that he can keep Danica’s appeal all to himself.

14 Danica's Swimwear Pics

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While Danica Patrick may not be a model, you could have fooled me. She absolutely rocks in this swimsuit and poses like professional race driver was her second job. Her success in NASCAR and in the IndyCar series as well as her rising popularity has opened many doors for her. Not to mention her natural beauty makes her especially appealing for photographers eager for a photoshoot with the sexy racer.

Every swimsuit pic of Danica must be like a sack to Aaron Rodgers. He knows his girl looks great in one and knows that fans can’t get enough of her. It certainly doesn’t make him feel great that for each professional shoot, there are also plenty of candid shots of her as well. Danica certainly isn’t afraid of being seen in public, donning the steamy swimwear, and that has to make Rodgers feel like he’s being taken to the turf on the inside.

13 Danica's Instagram Pics

What better source of steamy Danica Patrick material than her own Instagram page? While Danica may be calm, collected and professional to the media and in public, her Instagram is a lot more personable. Though she’s always in the public eye, maintaining a professional demeanor most of the time, her Instagram is treated much in the same way as everyone else’s Instagram, with pictures of friends and of her acting like a normal human being. Her Instagram pics give fans a closer look into her personal life and her personality, but these pics are still no less alluring.

While most of Danica’s pics contain PG material, there are still a lot of pics Rodgers wishes she would take down. The PG content is appealing enough, but the PG-13 Instagram pics are at another level. We all know Danica is fit, but just to prove it, her Instagram has plenty of pics of Danica in a swimsuit and working out. Not only does Aaron Rodgers not get the amount of attention as Danica for his workout pics, he’s probably a little perturbed with all the other guys gawking at his girl’s hot workout pics on Instagram.

12 Danica's Jumpsuit Pics

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American Professional Racing may be a male dominated sport, but Danica is paving the way for women to break that barrier. She won the 2008 Indy Japan 300, being the only woman to do so, and placed third in the 2009 Indy 500, which is the highest of any female driver. And for the purpose of this article, she also looks tremendous in her racing jumpsuit.

It’s nice to see a woman in a racer jumpsuit, for gender equality purposes, but also because she just looks so dang good in it. She particularly looks sultry in pics of her taking the jumpsuit off. Aaron Rodgers knows all about wearing a uniform but has to feel the pressure when he sees Danica stripping out of her racer uniform.

11 Danica's 2009 Sports Illustrated Pics

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We know Danica loves swimwear, but these pictures of her in a bikini really up the ante. Danica, in all her glory, lying on to a Shelby Cobra really makes this picture and the whole photoshoot a perfect combo. This is just one of many stunning Sports Illustrated photoshoots of Danica Patrick. Although Aaron Rodgers has to be blindsided by these extremely steamy pics of Danica, we are all reminded of how hot she is, to Rodgers' chagrin.

We know Rodgers is the competitive type, so he might not want us to see these revealing photos. However, Rodgers should be thrilled at this photoshoot. After all, there are plenty of other photoshoots that are far more salacious. More on that still to come.

10 Danica's Red Carpet Pics

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Being one of the most popular racers in the world allows Danica Patrick to be invited to many prestigious ceremonies and events. As a result, we see many pictures of Danica walking down the red carpet looking like a star. Whether she’s looking elegant at the ESPY’s every year, looking like a knockout at the Twilight movie premiere, or breaking the hearts of every geek and gamer at the 1st Annual Video Game Awards, Danica Patrick rocks these events like a veteran aristocrat.

Danica may be no ordinary athlete, but she is treated like a rockstar, surrounded by the paparazzi. Surely, Aaron Rodgers, and Danica for that matter, is used to the media, but Danica’s stardom has to flush Rodgers out of the pocket. With Danica surrounding herself with rich, high brow elitists, Rodgers wishes his girlfriend had a strong offensive line to block her from all the unwanted attention.

9 Danica's Workout Pics

Say what you will about a sport in which the objective is to go around in a circle, but the fact is that driving at that high of a speed consistently for hours takes a lot of effort both mentally and physically. Most people hate casually driving down the interstate for an extended period of time, but Danica competitively drives at dangerous speeds, surrounded by several other drivers jockeying for position. With all of those elements combined during a race, Danica needs to keep herself in great physical shape, and she does.

Whether it’s on her website, posted on her social media or detailed in fitness magazines, Danica, clearly, is no stranger to the gym. Her workouts are explained, and her excellent physique is showcased in all of her outlets. As if the bikini pics didn’t showcase her body enough, pics of her in a sports bra and shorts will definitely get the message across. Rodgers loves that Danica is in terrific shape but has to be looking for a flag whenever she poses in such tight-fitting outfits in public.

8 Danica and her exes

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Danica Patrick was married to physical therapist, Paul Edward Hospenthal, in 2005, who was treating her for a hip injury sustained in 2002 before they started dating. In 2012, Hospenthal and Danica announced their marriage would be ending and finalized their divorce in 2013. Danica moved on to fellow driver, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., but after five years with Stenhouse, who had the personality of a coconut, the two ended their relationship as well. With Danica back on the market, Aaron Rodgers dialed up the quarterback sneak and snagged Danica all for himself.

Despite Aaron Rodger and Danica Patrick dating, there are still a lot of pictures of Danica with her ex-husband and ex-boyfriend. Even her Instagram has pics still up of her and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. which has to fire up the veteran quarterback.

7 Danica's Leaked Pics

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You hear about this more and more these days, as Danica Patrick was one of many victims of a privacy hack in which private photos of Danica were leaked to the internet. While the leak sent the internet into a frenzy, Danica was none too pleased and certainly Aaron Rodgers doesn’t like the fact that those pics of his now girlfriend have been spread across to internet available to millions of people.

While the leaks of Danica weren’t nearly as bad as the leaked photos of other athletes and celebrities, Danica’s privacy was still invaded and shared without her consent. For the millionth time, popular celebrities and athletes need to be careful of the pictures that get taken of themselves, but at the same time, nobody should have to put up with such an invasion of privacy.

6 Danica's Candid Pics

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The transgression isn’t nearly as great, but these candid pics are in a similar vein as the iCloud hack of Danica’s private photos. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with fans just wanting to snap a photo of their favorite athlete or celebrity, but some of these pics venture into the creepy. Sure, Danica likes the beach and loves showing off her bikini, so maybe some of these candid pics are completely innocent. However, there are other bikini shots of Danica, or candid photos of her in awkward positions, where the photographer was definitely more interested in the body than the athlete.

Aaron Rodgers is no stranger to candid photos and pictures with the fans, but these candid photos probably annoy him. Hot candid pics of his girlfriend without her consent may warrant him calling up Clay Matthews to plow over some of these creepsters.

5 Danica's Raging Pics

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With Professional American Racing being a male dominated sport, Danica Patrick has to be tough. She has a lot of doubters to prove wrong and stereotypes to break after all. While Danica may be beautiful and sweet, she has also proven to be tough as nails. She’s not afraid to get into another driver’s face when she believes they're in the wrong. Just ask Denny Hamlin, who was confronted by Danica after she argued he hit her car twice during a race. Just ask the fans who decided to boo her when she couldn’t sign everybody’s autograph.

Aaron Rodgers has to love the fiery spirit of Danica but probably doesn’t care for the negative press of Danica screaming at the fans or fellow drivers in any situation. He also needs to be careful. If he wrongs Danica, she may take the foul for roughing the passer, i.e. him.

4 Danica's Sports Illustrated Pics On The Beach

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We know Danica Patrick has no problems showing off her body in a bikini or short workout shorts, but Danica has fulfilled the dreams of many fans by posing topless during a Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot. Before you start your engines, understand that while Danica may be topless, she's also administering an illegal use of the hands. That being said, Aaron Rodgers probably had to do a discount double take when he saw these pictures and especially when he saw the pics that revealed a little too much.

During the shoot, many pics were taken of Danica. Some showed Danica in a bikini which is nothing new to Rodgers or her fans, a topless pic like the one above, which the fans enjoyed way too much, and then other pics in which Danica is wearing a very see through mess top. Danica is very exposed in those pics to say the least. These pics in particular are certainly ones Rodgers wishes were intercepted before they were released.

3 Danica's Showgirl Pics

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It should be no coincidence when Danica Patrick joined the NASCAR circuit that she also became a fan of country music. Both seemingly go hand in hand, so it wasn't too surprising when she co-hosted the American Country Awards along side Trace Adkins in 2013. Both were odd decisions for co-hosts since neither Danica nor Adkins are comedians or entertainers, but Danica held her own. The most memorable moment occurred when Danica danced in full showgirl attire.

This show was another taste of the entertainment business for Danica. Although it must have been annoying having to explain the punchline after every joke to her audience, her performance was adequate and opens the door for future entertainment opportunities. While Aaron Rodgers has to be proud of his new girlfriend having a co-hosting gig under her belt, pictures of Danica Patrick living out our fantasy as a showgirl is a play he'd like to kill.

2 Danica's Crying Pics

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Say what you will about Danica Patrick, but her retirement is a bummer for women in sports and Professional American Racing. That's right, Danica announced that the Indy 500 of 2018 will be her last race. Danica made her tearful announcement to the world in late 2017, closing out the chapter of her racing career to focus on her entrepreneurial projects.

No one wants to see Danica crying, especially her new man, Rodgers, but stepping away from racing presents a lot of opportunities for Danica. She's huge into health and yoga, she's been involved in televised award ceremonies and TV shows like CSI: NY and The Simpsons, she's written books and involved herself in multiple philanthropic causes. Danica's presence on the track will definitely be missed, but she has popularity and wherewithal to achieve whatever future projects she delves into next.

1 Danica does Yoga Pics

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You owe it to yourself to Google search "Danica Patrick" and "yoga." You won't be disappointed. This picture is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Danica's hot yoga pics. Danica loves yoga and finds herself in all sorts of interesting positions from it. In some of these pics, Danica is wearing appropriate yoga attire, and in other times her outfit definitely stretches the boundaries of what is considered yoga appropriate.

Aaron Rodgers has to be looking for the taunting flag on these pics because Danica chooses to perform many of her yoga positions on the beach, wearing, let's just say, more beach appropriate attire rather than traditional yoga pants. She is not shy about showing off her yoga moves either, upside down with her legs stretching in both directions. The good news for Rodgers is that she can absolutely help him stretch those aching muscles after a game.

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