An Update On Jeff Hardy's Status As Injury Rumors Swirl

Jeff Hardy appeared to have suffered an injury of some sort over the past weekend but there's no official word regarding the superstar's status.

Hardy, one half of the current SmackDown Tag Team Champions, has struggled with injury most of his career but it is hoped that this isn't a big one.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Dave Meltzer, the high flyer suffered an injury to his right knee during a Live Event at Madison, Wisconsin on April 20 in which he defeated the Usos alongside his brother Matt Hardy.

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Jeff did not perform at Rochester, Minnesota the following night but was in his brother's corner while he defeated Jimmy Uso; he did not get involved in the fight and fans claim he had a bad limp. The 41-year-old would also miss the following WWE Live Event in Sioux City as Matt teamed up with R-Truth for a win against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

It looks like he has been withdrawn from the road, given that he wasn't backstage for SmackDown Live this week either, but the severity of the knee injury remains unknown.

Meltzer says that WWE officials will have a decision to make regarding the titles as people close to the situation are claiming that Hardy needs surgery and will have to fashion a title change, while other inside sources say he's just banged up but they're in the dark as to how badly.

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What This Means

It is also reported that persons who need to know the wrestler's status for the purpose of storylines believe that surgery is warranted and will be undergone following next Tuesday's SmackDown, which is why details are being kept under wraps.

People close to Hardy, though, are claiming that the injury is not a major one and he's just being cautious.

There's still no word on whether or not the star will appear on SmackDown next week but he could end up being part of a title change or there could be an injury angle set to ease him out.

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