Jimmy Butler Demanded Timberwolves Trade Him At The End Of Last Season

Sometimes people just don't get along with everyone. This is apparently why Jimmy Butler had some issues with his basketball team, the Minnesota Timberwolves.

More specifically, he is said to have demanded a trade over the issues that have arisen. Some of these might be because he feels there's a lack of commitment to winning on the team level. Butler's anger towards this was expressed during practice. According to ESPN, he was vociferous and targeted mostly the management of the team but did in fact, show his disappointment towards two players,  Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins.

What this means is that he's got some level of anger with people who might not support his point of view or who just might not understand him. In terms of management, this is nothing new. According to a Twitter post by Trevor Lane, Butler spoke to coach Tom Thibodeau just four days after the season ended and then had his feelings confirmed over the summer months.

This also makes sense since Butler supposedly demanded a trade. Clearly, he hadn't been feeling up to staying with the Timberwolves but somehow ended up with them yet again, which would make most people bitter.


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Another big issue is that Butler wasn't moved when he asked to be. That's bad as the action of not trading him has now led to even more headaches for everyone. That said, you've got to see management's point of view, they likely have a contract with him and want to finish it first as he's a pretty good player.

That can then lead to a player who seems demoralized because of his want to leave, but lack of ability to do so. This is dangerous as it can leak out into other players, which it may have already because it seems like there's some level of irritation on both sides of the table. You see, Jimmy Butler said there was a player's meeting on Thursday but according to teammate Jeff Teague, it was not a players-only meeting.

While we may not see the statement of Teague as explosive in any way, Butler might. In short, this can lead to bad blood on the court, which might eventually lead to a lost game or even a huge argument during the game.


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