Jockey Moons Everyone When His Pants Fall Down During Race.

Janet Jackson's famous 2004 Superbowl halftime show brought the expression "wardrobe malfunction" into the pop culture lexicon. And I now get to use it when talking about a horse race!

The wardrobe malfunction took place at Australia's Canterbury race track on Thursday. During the race, Jockey Blake Shinn's pants fell down giving everyone in the stands, the TV audience at home and his fellow jockeys behind him, a very good look at his "full moon." Shinn told reporters afterwards that, "The elastic went during the race, but I had to keep going."

Shinn placed second in the race (in front of third place horse "Modesty" no less). And there is also a great quote from Tommy Berry, the jockey of the winning horse, who said, "What a great race to win. It meant I was the only one that didn’t have to stare at Blake’s a*** the whole way up the straight."

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