Justin Timberlake Says The Last Thing The NFL Wants To Hear

Some 14 years after, perhaps, the most infamous halftime performance in Super Bowl history, Justin Timberlake will return to the big stage at Super Bowl LII. There will be no Janet Jackson this time (we think) and no wardrobe malfunctions (we hope), but JT will get to electrify the expected 100 million people who will tune into the game. Oh yeah, and coincidentally Timberlake will release his new album, Man of the Woods, just two days before the Super Bowl.

As part of the pre-Super Bowl festivities, Timberlake took part in a press conference on Thursday in which he touched on a number of topics. One of the most interesting was when a reporter asked Timberlake if he would support his two-year-old son possibly playing in the NFL one day.

"He will never play football. No, no," said Timberlake.

He then added: "I mean, yeah, it's kind of like that thing where my main objective is that he become a great person. And if he wants to get into the arts or sports, then yeah, I would fully support that. I think I can hopefully offer him some advice on what to do and what not to do, so yeah, but right now we're working on our manners. That's a big deal in our house right now. It's like, one thing at a time."


Timberlake's comments are against the backdrop of health and safety concerns regarding tackle football players. In a joint venture between former NFL players and the Concussion Legacy Foundation, they argued that children shouldn't play football until the age of 14.

In keeping with the tradition of virtually every other halftime performer, Timberlake didn't pick a side in the game and says he's a Packers fan (brave move to say that in Minnesota). We know that Timberlake is a Memphis Grizzlies fan in the NBA as he is also a part-owner of his hometown team.

As for what fans can expect from his halftime performance, Timberlake didn't let on as to any surprise appearances. But he did call Minnesota legend, Prince, "the greatest all-around musician I can think of in popular culture" and "such a big idol of mine." So, maybe we see a tribute to Prince two years after he passed away in Minnesota.


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