Ladies & Gentlemen: The 10 Most Embarrassing Photos Of Female Athletes (And 10 Male)

Professional athletes often look incredibly composed under pressure. They need to keep their cool when it's most important, and have to stay calm and collected under intense pressure to win. But that's definitely not the state of mind you're going to see them in today. In fact, for some of them, we're sure they wouldn't be able to tell you what state of mind they're in. Heck, Rob Gronkowski is partying so hard in the entry that we've captured below that he might not even know what country he is in. Everybody likes to unwind, but it looks like these athletes were wound so tight that they unraveled a little too quickly.

These celebrities definitely would have gone a little red in the face when confronted with these pictures. Nobody likes being embarrassed, especially when it's documented on photos that stay on the internet forever! But perhaps they were not as red in the face with anger as some of their bosses may have gotten in some instances. And while some of these gorgeous female celebrities may have thought what they were wearing was an appropriate outfit that highlighted their curves, their placement on this list is because another more private part of them may be what got highlighted instead.

We hope you're ready to see a whole new embarrassing side of your favourite superstars

20 Caroline Wozniacki Must Regret Wearing This Outfit

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When you're a professional female tennis star like Caroline Wozniacki, there are bound to be thousands of photos of you on the internet. And in many of those photos, Wozniacki looks tremendous and makes it very easy to see why Sports Illustrated has brought her back multiple times for their swimsuit issue.

But there's a lot of things going on with this photo that we're sure Wozniacki would like to change. Nothing perhaps more, though, than the fact that her bottom-half has lifted up and shown the world far more of her downstairs than she had wanted to. Knowing Wozniacki we're sure she was just focused on the match at hand and not her wardrobe situation, but something else may catch your focus!

19 Does Gronk Even Know Where He Is In This Photo?

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Rob Gronkowski loves football and scoring touchdowns. But does Rob Gronkowski love that as much as partying? That's a question that we don't know if even Gronkowski would be able to answer. Though if he does decide to retire in this off-season, it may look to the outside eye that he's giving an edge to the latter.

Gronkowski's clearly having himself a great night when this photo was taken. And while we don't know if this lady was able to seal the deal and get a little Gronk Smash, at this present moment, she doesn't seem to mind having him sweating all up on her business. We're sure by now Gronkowski has plenty of recommended hangover cures.

18 Maria Sharapova Has Too Much Poking Out Down Low

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Maria Sharapova turned professional in 2001 and along the way we're sure there were many people who helped her in her goals. One of the most influential, at least as of late, was Sven Groeneveld who worked as her coach for the last 4 years.

But Sharapova is looking to switch things up and announced earlier this month that the two would be going their separate ways. We're not too sure who she is going to pick as the replacement, but let's hope it's someone that is also aware of how to keep her from having wardrobe malfunctions on the court. At least the coach will have examples like this photo of what to try and avoid when she's out there!

17 J.R. Smith Can't Find His Glass

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J.R. Smith may not be as embarrassed by this photo as the woman in the photo is. But when you win the NBA Championship, which is what Smith was celebrating, perhaps that's the best excuse in the world to go a little crazy. And if crazy means picking up a bottle of liquor that we wouldn't be surprised costs more than that girls' income that month and pouring it all over her.

It's possible he decided after a while to start chugging from the bottle, but that wouldn't exactly make the photo less embarrassing would it? J.R. Smith is pretty renowned around the league for his love of partying though, so this probably isn't the most embarrassing thing he's done, it may just be the most embarrassing thing that was caught on camera!

16 Ronda Rousey Literally Won't Show Her Face

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Ronda Rousey has had many moments in her UFC career where she was responsible for making her opponent look embarrassed. But after she tussled with Holly Holm back in 2015, the ramifications of the fight were so severe that Rousey allegedly needed to have plastic surgery.

After returning to LAX following the fight Rousey employed the help of her bodyguards to guide her as she refused to show her face to the waiting tabloid media. We're sure Rousey has had many embarrassing moments in her life, but nothing may have ever compared to how she was feeling in this moment. Especially because many people took it as a sign that she was happy being in the spotlight when she was winning, but wanted to hide away during adversity.

15 Connor McDavid's Fans: 2 Minutes For Holding

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Connor McDavid must have been braced his entire life that he was always going to have to deal with enthusiastic fans. And generally, McDavid appears to be a great sport about it and there are plenty of photos of him smiling along. Not to mention the various charity efforts that he has helped put himself on the face of.

But in this above photo, McDavid looks like he wants to get as quickly out of this airport as physically possible. Which for him, would be pretty fast! But the hold that these two individuals have on McDavid may prevent a speedy get-a-way. At least unless a ref comes and calls them for holding! If fans are nervous about meeting McDavid in the future, just remember not to be like this and you'll be fine.

14 Lindsey Vonn's Dress Loses The Battle Against The Wind

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When Lindsey Vonn was invited to attend a charity event for the Los Angelas Dodgers, we're sure she was very happy at the opportunity. We're sure she also thought that blue would be a tremendous color to wear considering it's the Dodgers primary color.

But we don't know if she put much thought into this outfit past the color. Because while it looks tremendous and highlighted Vonn's strong legs, it also didn't take long before the wind shifted and another part of Vonn was highlighted that she would have rather kept private! Perhaps it'll be a reminder for Vonn that just because a dress looks great on the rack, that you should put it on and do some walking tests in it before the paparazzi gets their hands on you.

13 Randy Orton's Priority Isn't Looking At The Camera

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We are sure that Randy Orton has spent hundreds of hours over his WWE career interacting with fans. We wouldn't blame him if after a while it ends up getting really tedious. Especially if he has recently finished wrestling a match and probably wants nothing more than to get back home and crack open a cold one and let his body relax.

But if there is something else that may appeal to Orton in order to help him relax, he may be making his intentions clear as to what that thing is with this above photo, if you get our drift. We're sure the fan was just excited for a photo with Orton, but it's clear he didn't have much interest in looking at the phone. We wouldn't be shocked if he didn't even know the type of phone she used judging by the glance-game he has going on!

12 Kelly Kelly Relieves Herself In The Sink

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Kelly Kelly recently made headlines in 2017 when it was announced that her and Sheldon Souray would be divorcing. The fact that the two did not have children together definitely made it easier to separate their lives from one another after the split.

Which also gave Kelly Kelly enough time to get herself back into ring shape, which also means she probably didn't spend too many nights out getting hammered. We're sure she would much rather talk about either of these things than this photo that we've included for you. There's nothing wrong with having to use the washroom a lot when you drink, it's just how the human body works, but there is something wrong with picking a sink as the way to empty your bladder. At least everyone there seems to be having a good time...for some reason.

11 James Harden Gets Caught Peeking Down Low At Khloe

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James Harden is one of the best decision-makers on the court, even if his decision is often to keep the ball to himself. In hindsight, he may have also rather stayed back at home than engage in a relationship with Khloe Kardashian.

Especially because with the Kardashian label came a swarm of paparazzi that was only heightened by Harden's presence. In this one photo, Harden definitely appears to be keeping his eyes fixated on a certain physical aesthetic that Khloe possesses. Perhaps his lack of chill is noticed on his buddy who is cracking up! Harden is currently single but perhaps that will change when the NBA season comes to a close and he finds himself with more time on his hands.

10 Figure Skater Turns Routine Into Impromptu Show

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Gabrielle Papadakis prepared her entire life for the moment when she would get to skate at the Olympics. In all the times that she visualized performing, we don't know if she ever anticipated that she'd have an added hurdle thrown her way due to her clothing. Especially because that hurdle was her top faltering letting millions of people get their own look at what Papadakis looks like with nothing in the way.

This may make her amazing performance all the more impressive though, as she (along with partner Guillaume Cizeron) ended up coming away with a silver medal. Which means she's probably fine with people talking about the incident, as long as they also mention how amazing of an ice skater she is!

9 David Beckham Loves Cheerleaders (When Victoria Isn't Around)

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There are many reasons to enjoy going to an NBA game. One of the factors that may increase your enjoyment is being able to get to see the cheerleaders. Especially if you're able to afford tickets like David Beckham can, which allows him an up-close and personal view of all of the action happening on the court.

When David Beckham has been spotted at NBA games without Victoria by his side, he's definitely been caught by the cameras giving the various girls his full attention. Which may make the other half of this photo all the more enjoyable of Victoria sitting by his side and making sure his eye is focused on the ball!

8 Paige Showing Her Affection For Her Own Gender

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Paige has definitely done some things in her life that with the power of hindsight, she'd probably have done differently. And given her nature as being known as one of the "wilder" superstars, the various times she's appeared heavily under the influence while on camera is probably going to jump to her mind pretty soon as something she regrets.

Especially because while the photos of drunk superstars are eye-catching enough to begin with, the fact that she's elected to lock lips with another lass definitely increased the overall popularity of this photo. With many people believing that Paige's time in the company may be up in the near future, perhaps she'll be finding herself spending more time slamming back some cold ones. Just keep the camera away Paige!

7 Patrick Kane Parties Too Hard, Even For Him

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If Rob Gronkowski may be the biggest face of partying in the NFL (as a photo on this list will also prove), Patrick Kane may be the first name that people think of when it comes to the NHL. But that absolutely makes this photo significantly more embarrassing.

There aren't many things that Patrick Kane should have to be concerned about when going drinking. It's not like he's in the bathroom checking his debit account on his phone. But he absolutely should be aware when he starts drinking too much that sleep is starting to seem like a viable option. Especially because even if his friends got him out only moments later, this photo is still going to circulate online for the rest of time. And that must make the hangover all the worse.

6 Becky Lynch Definitely Shouldn't Have Worn This To The Ring

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Becky Lynch definitely wanted to try something different with the attire she wore to the Fastlane PPV. But the outfit choice definitely left some areas looking wedged or too tight, and at other times had too much hanging out the back door. Which while the fans may enjoy, Becky Lynch may have found just a little bit embarrassing. Something tells us her reaction to fans seeing some of the more revealing photos may actually be pretty similar to the reaction she's got on her face here!

Lynch isn't the first, nor the last, WWE Diva to expose too much of herself when competing in the ring. But considering how in-tune she seems to be with social media, perhaps it didn't take long for some of the more awkward photos to make their way to her desk which may have led to a costume change going forward!

5 Brad Marchand Showing Off His Hands (And Tolerance Level)

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When you go out to a bar, you may have it planned out in your head how much you want to spend that night. And that number probably isn't high enough to literally walk into a bar, literally take whatever bottles you choose, and then stumble back to your seat. But your name also isn't Brad Marchand.

Because that's exactly what he did, as shown in the hilarious photo that was seemingly captured by a fan. Not that it'd be hard to find him in the club considering he had decided that wearing a shirt wasn't something he wanted to work into his evening. The real party foul would be if he decided to grab all that liquor and then take a dive to the floor. You'd also hope he was going back to a table with a fairly large group of people.

4 Charlotte Flair Partying With Shelton Benjamin

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It's always fun to get to see wrestlers hanging out with one another outside of the ring. And while you may not think of Charlotte Flair and Shelton Benjamin as close buds, this throwback photo indicates that at the very least they've got a storied friendship. And while Charlotte may not be throwing back cold ones like her father Ric used to back in the day, that doesn't mean she doesn't still have fun going to the bar once in a while.

If Charlotte could have it her way, we're sure she would have elected to close her mouth for the camera. After all, the photographer probably said cheese, not open your mouth so wide we can ram a piece of cheese in there! Benjamin also looks very grateful to have people to lean on to help keep him upright.

3 Jeff Hardy Makes A Dangerous Move

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Jeff Hardy has not been having himself a good last few months. He had been out of action since September after requiring surgery on his shoulder. That's unfortunate luck that he may not blame himself for. But the situation he landed himself in March was entirely his fault.

Hardy was pulled over and subsequently arrested after he was seen to be driving while impaired. Hardy is lucky to not have done serious harm to himself as his car slammed into a guardrail causing the car to spin, but thankfully, not flip. This isn't the first time Hardy's been arrested and that may also make this all the more embarrassing.

2 Liv Morgan Taking An Impromptu Grocery Store Nap

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Liv Morgan is one of the many women on the Smackdown brand that people seemingly love to watch in the ring. But as good as Morgan looks whenever she saunters out from the back and towards the ring, her good looks definitely don't fade away outside of the ring and when she dresses more casually by putting on some sweatpants.

But we don't know if the good-looking sweatpants are still enough to make these photos not at least a little bit embarrassing. Everyone knows the feeling of getting tired while shopping, but we don't know if you pose in the aisles like you're taking a crash nap like Liv Morgan clearly was comfortable doing. She also seems stoked about that other grocery store find!

1 Conor McGregor Flirts With Another Woman

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Conor McGregor's personal life should be easily summed up by his relationship with Dee Devlin, who he has been with since 2008. But there was a time when a clip emerged online of Gregor getting close with another woman.

The source who posted the photos also went on to state that McGregor was allegedly doing some less than legal substances. She also quoted him as saying "I am untouchable in the UFC, no one can touch me. I am the king." Whether or not you can believe the source, these photos still don't paint the best picture for McGregor!

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