15 Legends Football League Players Revealing A Little Too Much

We are talking football! No, we are not talking about the NFL, the league that was born in 1920 and has grown to be the most popular sport in America. We are going to ignore the version played 3-4 nights a week that symbolizes testosterone, beer, gambling, and America's insatiable desire for talk, talk, and more talk.

No, we're talking about the next level of the game: The Legends Football League, formerly known as the Lingerie Football League, formed in  2009 and founded by Mitch Mortaza. It was rebranded and has since exploded in popularity, both in the United States and across the world. There is a league in the United States, Canada, Australia, and they are expanding to Latin America and Europe. They've also gone as far as testing the market in Asia and plan to expand there as well. All of these separate Leagues will play until they have a champ and then play each other to eventually have a World Champion. You've got to wonder how a group of woman playing football in lingerie, MY BAD: athletic gear, can actually put down roots every where. How can the likes of Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell get outfoxed?

Players in the Lingerie Foo... I mean, The Legends Football League, basically wear a hockey helmet, shoulder pads, elbow, and knee pads. They also wear "Performance Gear," which you can find at Victoria's Secret. The game is played at  full-contact on a 50-yard field, and teams can't take field goals or punt. After a touchdown, a team can go for a one-point conversion from the two or a two-point conversion from the five yard line.

Sure, the Legends Football League has been met with tons of critics. They are upset because it's sexist and doesn't emphasize role models. Huh and Duh. The NFL is sexist and doesn't promote virtues of human behavior either. Proponents say it's about athleticism and equal opportunity. I can't believe it's actually politicized and will agree with both sides and have a look-see.


15 Candis Mosley

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There is just something extra special about women wearing the blue and white in Dallas, and Candis Mosley fits in perfectly. She wears number 17 not for the cheerleaders of America's Team, but for the Dallas Desire. She can be seen running the button hook or post and can flat out fly. She also has incredibly soft hands and has been seen giving Dez Bryant some catching tips. I hope she practices catching with her hands, because I'd hate to see her bringing the ball into her body. The leather of the pig skin can be awfully rough, scratch up the skin, and the nose can do some serious damage. Candis needs to protect herself and surely doesn't need anything that can get in the way of a reception.

14 Fight

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So I guess the officials are really needed after all and do get involved. I can't imagine what happened to set these ladies off but it must have been serious. Taunting or a late hit? Though the teams have names like Hearts, Passion, and Mist, there is nothing soft about how these ladies get after it. They let their emotions get away from themselves as their competitive spirit soars. But how do the referees know all their names without numbers or names? Also, what's with the boring helmets? The league is missing out on some serious dollars, advertising, and recognition. How can they just throw out some blank helmets when everyone knows they attract fans, artists, and people of all ages. The league could really have some fun and become extremely colorful.


13 Compromising Positions

Jeffrey Gamza/LFL

This is a contact sport and when bodies get knocked down and around, they are sure to end up in compromising positions. After playing my fair share of football, there are a number of scenarios that could have caused this. It just shows you how intense LFL football can get as these women go at each other full force. It's almost impossible though to play this sport with the uniforms they have and not get imaginations flowing. As we know, the league used to have uniforms that were a lot more revealing but even with the uniform alterations now, you wonder what other kind of alterations the league may pursue to get the league as mainstream as possible. They may have some extra competition with the XFL!

12 Gegi Van De Walker

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Anyone who wants to heckle or trash talk Gegi better be ready to face the consequences. The free spirit who calls Huntington Beach, California her home, has also rung some bells for the Los Angeles Temptation. She's also known as the Geginator and she takes on all comers off the field too, where she practices judo. She collects tackles on the field as a safety, belts in the ring with martial arts, and also loves working out. She hits the waves, the beach, and the mountains. One time while jogging, a rattle shake crossed her path. Neither seemed to mind, for after a few pictures they went their separate ways. Smart snake! We just hope that this didn't lead to any grass burns in a very sensitive area.


11 Los Angeles Temptation

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All I can say is thank heavens this doesn't happen in the NFL. It seems like the league, especially since they don't want to be seen as sexist, should add some uniform rules. There's almost no way for these ladies to warm up without exposing parts of their legs that they'd want to stay concealed. While the uniforms have gotten better over the years, as they're closer to resembling traditional football uniforms, there's still a ways to go. This entry is aptly titled for the team, the L.A. Temptation because observers looking at this are obviously way too tempted to not snap a picture of the two steamy ladies getting ready for action. We're sure plenty of sports photographers are aspiring to work a few LFL games.

10 So wrong

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There is so much that is just so wrong and also so right about this shot. This was back when the league was called the Lingerie Football League and it was quite literal, with minimal protection for the ladies. First, is it a positive or negative that these fabulous athletes do not have their name across the jerseys, shoulder pads, or even their athletic pants? Don't these young woman deserve some recognition? At the very least, they should have their number (not phone) stitched somewhere on their jerseys. At the least, spectators could check their programs to help identify their favorites. Eventually, the league added numbers, as all behinds and bodies are not created equal! The league definitely has come a long way as it tries to find a happy balance between visual appeal and quality football.


9 So Right

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Really? I'm at a loss for words and don't know where to begin. Do they have an instalment plan for season ticket holders? So the team in sea green is the Seattle Mist, and the team in black is the Los Angeles Temptation. As the QB is shouting out signals, the DL is... perfect? These players should definitely have their names on their unis, even though it's probably better for all that they don't. I would love to know what they're thinking while they're reading plays. Imagine what Brett Favre would be thinking. With all this, I mean HER, going on, are the officials making calls? Offsides, encroachment, what happens if they forget to blow the whistle to start the clock? What a conundrum for the QB.

8 The Center

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Imagine Peyton Manning approaching the line and barking out coverages, audibles, and matchups. "Set, down, Omaha, Omaha, Omaha... Omaha, Omaha, Omaha..." Get the picture? How does anyone not get distracted and how can they focus on anything but(t)? I think the league offices would have to look into adding more time to the play clock, maybe 20- minutes! How does anyone approach this situation professionally, especially in today's society. The quarterback is caught and is in trouble if they go under center or stay in the gun. This predicament could change the game forever and make delay of the game calls all too frequent. We know Vince McMahon is potentially interested in bringing back the XFL, but we don't know how he can make it as enticing as this.


7 Namaste

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Word is this young lady plays in the United Kingdom Lingerie League, and good for the game. This woman shows off her toned hips and thighs with a deep squat and serene breathing. I also love the Goth, Medieval face paint. Though she may be an angel at heart, she obviously has the aggressive, confrontational, and primitive spirit of the pig skin. After a big hit or play, she probably leads the chest bump, head butt, and shouting. But with all that emotion and the release, it is clear she can live in the moment and breathe. If this young lady plays in the UK, we wonder if both leagues would bring a cross over game on this side of the pond and give a real battle for all to see.

6 Ellie Cartabiano

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It seems like having their bikini bottoms pulled down is a common, awkward complication. As quarterback Ellie Cartabiano of the Chicago Bliss, felt the heat and was flushed from the pocket, Miami's Annette Mascaro tried to make the tackle. While falling, she was able to get a grip on Ellie's bottoms which appear incredibly elastic. Any star athlete in Chicago has to be able to avoid the spotlight, but that's really hard when they're losing their shorts. For conspiracy theorists, it certainly seems like a great way for the league to get some visibility during the inaugural game in 2011. Chicago won 29-19 and provided the home town fans with a big time win. The Bliss proved the LFL gives fans a lot of bang for their buck.


5 All Will Stand For This One

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The girls on the Los Angeles Temptation rock the Lingerie, I mean, Legends Football League. They've beaten the women from Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia to win it all and were back to back champs in 2010 and 2011. Here, Stephanie Psick, Joey Davenport, and Natalie Jahnke stand back to back to back and reveal their stunning assets and achievements. The athletic wear could not be any shorter and the tassels are a super cute detail. These fine women were about to accept the championship trophy, and it's about time the league gave them some individual recognition by adding numbers. The next step for the Temptation is to retire the numbers and hang their bottoms (the clothing that is) from the rafters.

4 Jaleesa McCrary

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The running back and corner back wears number 14, but no one would know that from this picture. She also Plays for the Philadelphia Passion, which is the name of their team and not a drink or gentlemen's club. I doubt she would have ever thought that this would happen while she was running for pay dirt. Imagine how the play was dreamed or drawn up in the huddle. I think the idea was to get the ball in Jaleesa's hands and let her work her magic- OOPS- I didn't mean for it to come out that! Anyway, I doubt anyone thought this would happen, from the fans to the camera man. Imagine everyone's face when they saw her naked rear end! Does it get any clearer than this? I hope she has a sense of humor and this has to be every player's worst nightmare.


3 Carmen 'F150' Bourseau

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If any player from the Legends Football League ever decided to go for the NFL, it would be Carmen 'F 150' Bourseau. Don't doubt it, because she earned her nickname. If anyone has ever seen the F 150 go off roading and demolish the frozen tundra or separate seas, that's Carmen. Watching her sprint, work out, and throw around medicine balls or weights shows off her incredible strength and tenacity. On the field, she crushes and breaks down defenders at full speed. Tearing off her jersey top is like knocking off the side mirror on an F 150: Good luck in trying to stop her. While it may have been more than she wanted to reveal, that didn't stop her from pounding the rock and going for the endzone.

2 Tamar Fennell

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Tamar, of the Eastern Conference "NSW Blues," went serious Beast Mode on Jessica Hopkins of the Western Conference's "QLD Reds" in the All-Star Lingerie Football League tour in 2012. The pink and gray uniforms could fool anyone because this is some serious action. BAM, watch Tamar with the forearm shiver and straight arm to Jessica's chops. HIT THE HOLE, check out Tamar's eyes as she looks up field to break away. And WOOSH, her core is planting and twisting as he dices and slices. The defenders must focus and return to the basics: Focus on the chest, line her  up, and make the tackle. At least she didn't let it stop her from continuing the play, showing you just how tough these ladies are.


1 Getting Misty Eyed

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The Seattle Mist have been the class of the LFL, as they have won two of the last three Legends' Cups and have made it to the past three, with their loss coming to the Chicago Bliss in 2016. For this player, she was obviously focused on the snap and not the fact that her jersey had begun to veer out of place and expose her bra. We've said it before, but you really have to admire the fact that these women are willing to lay it out on the line with very little assurance that their entire uniform will stay in place. While the league had its growing pains in trying to find a balance between alluring uniforms and quality football, let's hope they find the perfect balance and the league continues to grow.


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