15 Little Known Facts About Erin Andrews And Jarret Stoll's Relationship

Jarret Stoll was a pro hockey player with the NHL. Born in Melville, Saskatchewan, the Canadian athlete rose amongs the ranks in the league, playing with some of the greatest teams in history. He started his career with The Edmonton Oilers and did very well with the team, even setting a few records, like a 95.45% face-off wins in a single game. Stoll then moved on to the LA Kings, the New York Rangers and The Minnesota Wild, officially retiring in 2016. He now works as a talent scout for the LA Kings, who are having a great season in the NHL and look poised to succeed into the future.

Erin Andrews, the American sportscaster and TV personality is most definitely a hard worker, with various jobs in the media, including a gig as correspondent for Fox, NFL. She also co-hosts Dancing With The Stars. She previously worked for ESPN, and the ABC network’s Good Morning America. On top of all her professional responsibilities, she also does loads of charity work as well as endorsements for an array of products and causes.

To say that their lives are uneventful would be an outright lie, but the two make it work together, no matter what the obstacles, as there have been many. Here are 15 things about their relationship you may not have known.

15 They Have Actually Been Dating Since 2012

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Their relationship seemed so new when news broke of their engagement, but that was primarily due to the fact that they’re very good at keeping secrets and being private about their personal lives. They kept themselves to themselves and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Interestingly enough, a hilarious comment that Stoll made to E! News that pretty much sums up his impressions of their first date… He told the news conglomerate, “There’s obviously some sports she knows a little bit more about than me, it bothers me a little bit, but I’ll take it. Yeah, it’s fine…” Fine indeed, we’re sure he was able to come up with a few reasons to put up with her shaming his knowledge in sports.

14 She Initially Denied Rumours Of Their Engagement

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Although they were happy with their decision to wed, they weren’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of announcing it to the world right away. Instead, they chose to keep the news to themselves until they were ready. However, the press being as they may, were eager to find out about the rock she was sporting when they spotted her at LAX airport soon after her engagement.

Yet, she still held strong and denied all claims that the ring was related to she and Jarret moving on to the next phase of their relationship. And furthermore, when she was questioned about it on social media, all she did was respond with a series of emoticons. Yup… she kept them guessing for a while.

13 The Wind Beneath Her Wings

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When she was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2016 she wondered about her future with Stoll… fearing that no man would want to sit by, spending his time going to doctor’s appointment after doctor’s appointment. But the truly gallant and honourable man proposed for marriage instead of looking for the back door. He never lost sight of what he wanted and never lost sight of their relationship and their future. He gallantly stood by her side through it all and was only looking past all the hell to their future.

She was obviously moved by his intentions as were many people watching and following their relationship all over the world. He actually asked for her hand 3 months after her diagnosis.

12 Standing Up For Herself

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It’s no secret that she was involved in an unsettling incident in which photographs were taken of her when she was a guest at a big chain hotel and all without her knowledge. Years of legal proceedings followed in which she fought for her privacy and sued the large hotel chain and won a large amount of money in the process. The photos were taken without consent and featured the host and reporter in the shower. The ordeal was a lot to handle.

What’s a little less known is that their relationship was under a severe amount of strain at the time and for the first time ever, the strain seemed a bit too much. But thankfully, they made it over that hurdle as well.

11 Confirmation Of Their Engagement Came From An Unlikely Source

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Seeing that they hadn’t planned on releasing a statement that either confirmed the speculation already circulating about their engagement, the juicy news had to come from somewhere, now didn’t it?

As it turns out, the beans were spilled by the unlikeliest of sources… her ex-dancing partner on Dancing With The Stars, Maks Chmerkovskiy. As it turns out, the dude couldn’t wait to divulge the information, as Erin had broken a secret of his in the not so distant past, claiming on air that he and his fiancé were expecting a child. Well, Maks got her back and big time, when he told the world of her engagement and on a live news broadcast with Fox 5 TV. Payback’s a… well, you can figure out the rest, we’re sure.

10 A Mutual Friend Introduced Them

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Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll aren’t strangers to rubbing shoulders with some of the media’s biggest stars. But as it turns out, even before they met, they had a mutual friend that would end up changing their lives forever. That mutual friend was none other than Michael Strahan himself. And it was Strahan himself that set the two up on their very first date.

Both parties had their reservations, but Strahan kept insisting… “just go to dinner…” and the two finally caved. They went to dinner and ended up clicking from the start. And to think, it almost never happened! Good thing they listened to good old Michael. What are friends for… eh?

9 Proposal In The Strangest Place On Earth

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So, it was in December of 2016 and about two weeks before the Christmas Holliday that Jarret Stoll proposed to Erin Andrews and you won’t guess where. Was it aboard a romantic yacht on the coast of the French Islands? Was it on a beautiful mountaintop in Hawaii looking down on a gorgeous waterfall? Or maybe it was during a ride on a hot air balloon ride through the Canadian Prairies where Stoll originates from?

Well, it was neither of the above. He actually proposed to her at Disneyland. Albeit, it was at the exclusive Club 33, but still, proposing at Disneyland? Really? Hey… to each his own. The point is, she said yes and at the end of the day, that’s the bottom line, now isn’t it?

8 A Tight Schedule

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These days and since Stoll’s retirement from active play in 2016, Erin’s schedule is definitely fuller than his. Although, working as a scout definitely has it’s very own demands and obligations, it can’t compare to her various TV appearances and the amount of meetings and interviews definitely add up in the end.

Even leading up to their wedding, Andrews didn’t have the time to plan the big event, and when Stoll would text her pictures or questions about the big day, she rarely had the time to respond. But the wedding did happen and it went off without a hitch, so they proved, as they do each day, that no matter what life throws at them, together, they get it all done.

7 Supported Him In His Final Years In Hockey

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A pro athlete’s career is very important to him and of course that’s a glaring understatement. But what most people don’t understand is how hard and painful the process can be on the way out of the business. Some have had the opinion that it’s harder on the way out than on the way in, athletes not wanting to stop the fight and relinquish their spot to younger athletes.

And by no means is Stoll an old man… at 35 he’s still trim and very athletic, but it was indeed time to hang up the skates and stick. Regardless, his wife was by his side and stood by him, just as she was there for him when he won the Stanley Cup … she even got to drink from the famed trophy … now how many wives can say they did that?

6 They Adopted A Pup Before Their Wedding

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What’s interesting is that the two were insistent on adopting a puppy before their wedding. In fact they did just that in May before they were to be married. Some would say it’s a good idea to adopt an animal before becoming parents of a child, in case they choose to have one, and the joint responsibility can add layers of fun and excitement to any relationship.

They adopted a Golden Retriever and they named him Howard. They shared tons of pictures on social media and he is definitely a scene stealer - adorable and those puppy dog eyes are enough to make anyone’s heart melt. The pictures prove that they made the right decision, as they both seem to be excellent with the little guy.

5 Run In With The Law

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Unfortunately, the hockey star had quite the run in with authorities. It was in 2015, when he passed through the security section of the MGM Grand Hotel when he was on the way to a pool party, that a large amount of substances were found on him. When he was caught, he admitted that they were his and he was subsequently arrested. He was released and was made to pay a 5,000$ bond.

The charges were later lessened and he did community service, of which he served 32 hours… a small price for such a charge, indeed. At this point, the couple had been dating for two years and reports show that she definitely stood by her future husband’s side.

4 Their Wedding Was Smaller Than People Would Think

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Contrary to popular belief, not all celebrity weddings are huge and full of hundreds or even thousands of people. Some celebrities prefer intimate affairs as opposed to the large scale attention their lives receive, and such was the case for Jarret Stoll and the beautiful and remarkable, Erin Andrews.

As it turns out, the two opted for a very intimate wedding and invited only a few close friends and members of each other’s family. The end result was a cozy, romantic and personable ceremony in the mountains, and they couldn’t have been happier, as the photos made public of the event can clearly show. The calm environment of the wedding was a definite contrast to the schedule they had leading up to the big day.

3 His Romantic History

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Well, as it turns out, Erin Andrews wasn’t the first bombshell that Jarret Stoll dated and was engaged to. That’s right. The former hockey player dated and was engaged to model Rachel Hunter. They were set to get married in 2009, but apparently, there was indeed trouble in paradise and the wedding got canceled.

And just like that, Stoll was single and on the market once again. Apparently, sources close to him have stated that at the time he was more than ready to play the field, but only a few years later, he met Erin and the rest is… well, you know where we’re going with this. Everything happens for a reason, as the old saying goes.

2 She Apparently Makes More Money Than Him

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When you’re a kid and you dream of being the next Wayne Gretzky, the next Serena or Venus Williams or the next Mike Tyson (okay… maybe not Mike Tyson, but you catch our drift), you think constantly about the money you’ll make in the future, the women you’ll date, the house you’ll live in and did we mention… the money you’ll make?

Well, it wasn’t any different for Jarret Stoll, we’re sure. We wonder, though if he ever imagined that his future wife would have made more money than even him, a star athlete for the NHL. Turns out it’s true; she’s worth a whopping 20 million! My, oh my! It seems, however, that it doesn’t bother him much, as it shouldn’t.

1 Planning On Children

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When she had suffered her health scare in 2016, the medical staff that attended to her suggested that she freeze her embryos and his "seed", especially if they ever planned on having children in the near future. As it turned out, she was way ahead of them, as the sports reporter and host had already frozen her eggs a little while back, as it was a very popular practice at the time.

When she had been diagnosed, the couple hadn’t even been talking about marriage, let alone children, but by the time 2017 came around, she told Health Magazine that she had started IVF treatments, so maybe they will be welcoming a child soon. We, here at The Sportster wish them all the best and hope they become parents, as they certainly would make great ones.

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