Mark Sanchez Sings Backstreet Boys At A Karaoke Bar

Mark Sanchez is currently trying to cement his spot as the Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback. To let off some of the stress that comes with it, he and some friends, including Riley Cooper, hit up one of Philly's world class karaoke bars.

Sanchez got caught signing one of the Backstreet Boys' songs, "I Want It That Way." Upon realizing he was being filmed, Sanchez, like he was Blake Griffin in a Las Vegas night club or something, grabbed the guy's phone.

Marquis, who filmed the performance, called 97.5 The Fanatic and explained what happened. The cameraman says he was on his way to the bathroom when Sanchez pulled him over to sing. The duet lasted until Marquis tried to record  the QB, who then grabbed the phone:

So I'm going to the bathroom, and...Mark Sanchez is singing... He pulls me over...and we're singing, as you can see in the video, we're singing the Backstreet Boys song. ... So I pull my phone out like "Oh my God, this is a Kodak moment. Let me get this phone out." ... He snatched the phone out of my hand!

Marquis continued on, saying Sanchez was super shady about giving the phone back to him.

Ask yourself this, Philadelphia: Would Sam Bradford have taken that phone or let the guy record and then bask in the Internet glory?

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