Mayweather And Pacquiao Still Trash Talking

It is going on a couple months now since the "fight of the century" or the "disappointment of the century" however you want to call it. But that hasn't stopped the two fighters from trash talking. Here is the latest incarnation of the Mayweather/Pacquiao post fight trash talk battle.

In this round, Floyd Mayweather Jr. took the offensive (not something he did much in the actual fight) and took to Instagram with this video in which a dummy is taking the place of Manny Pacquiao. In the video he asks "Manny" about is injured arm and then slaps him around.

In response to that rather lame video attack, Pacquiao returned the punch with a very polite but insulting statement of his own that hits Mayweather on his past domestic violence cases:

"We should understand Floyd Mayweather Jr. because of his family background. He hailed from a family of ex-convicts and he himself is an ex-convict. We could not blame him because his action just showed the kind of family upbringing he had,"

"It only reminds me of what he did to his ex-wife. I hope he would find time to reflect on his life and repent for the sins he committed in the past. A real champion is gracious both in his words and conduct. Someone who is a champion not just in his chosen field of endeavor, but even in his own home and private life."

I would say that Pacquiao won this round. but what do you think?

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