Mayweather Gives Two Options For His Final Fight. You'll Never Guess Who They Are!

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We all know that Floyd Mayweather has decided that his next fight (and the last one as part of his contract with Showtime) will be his last fight ever. And since he made that announced back in May people have been speculating about who that final fight would be against.

Well, in a recent interview with Dan Rafael of ESPN he threw out two names that he is considering for his farewell fight - and you'll never guess who they are. And honestly, you might not even ever have heard of them: Andre Berto and Karim Mayfield.

Yup, those are the guys Mayweather wants to end his career on. So, who are these guys?

Well, Berto is at least a former WBC and IBF welterweight champ, but he has also lost 3 out of his last 6 fights. As for Mayfield, he has lost 2 of his last 3 fights and has never had a big-name fight. It loos like Mayweather doesn't want to take any chances with his undefeated record!

These two fighters are so out-of-left-field that when Mayweather said their names Rafael asked him if he was kidding.

If you were asking yourself, what about Shawn Porter and Keith Thurman as possible opponents - Mayweather said they could each fight on the undercard. And as for Amir Khan, Mayweather's answer to anyone asking has been a very simple, "No."


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