Five Reasons Why There Won't Be A Mayweather vs. McGregor Rematch

It was labeled a boxing circus. People called it the most insane show to hit pay-per-view in, maybe, forever. It was Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather and it was a boxing match that wasn't supposed to go more than a couple rounds.

While each fighter's take hasn't been made official, speculation is that McGregor would receive an excess of some $100 million for his role in the match while Mayweather was set to walk away with as much as $300 million. Crashing pay-per-view servers in multiple locations and wiping out UFC Fight Pass servers, along with that kind of money for each fighter, some might ask, when will fans get to see round two? The short answer is never.

While a case could be made that McGregor vs Mayweather II has appeal, here are five reasons that a rematch between the two fighters will never happen.


5. Mayweather's Age

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When Mayweather went into this bout, he was a 40-year-old taking on a 29-year-old. That was already such a huge difference that if it was a boxer versus a boxer, might have been enough to cause the first loss for Mayweather in his perfect career record. Mayweather did take the action to McGregor in the later rounds, but many will argue that there shouldn't have been later rounds and that a more aggressive boxer would have finished a hands-down, unorthodox McGregor early. At 41 or 42 years old, Mayweather is simply too old to take on a McGregor that would be better in his second fight than in his first. He'd likely rather lay in his bed and count his millions.



4. Nothing Left To Prove

This fight meant two completely different things for two completely different fighters. McGregor had something to prove. Could an MMA fighter hang with a professional boxer who was 49-0? On the other hand, all Mayweather had to do was not get embarrassed.

Both fighters did exactly what they set out to do. Even in a loss, McGregor has earned the respect of many around the fighting and boxing world. He did MMA and UFC proud by lasting 10 rounds and landing more punches than most pro-boxers had done to Mayweather before him. Mayweather had a strategy and he implemented that strategy with conviction and precision. McGregor might think he can win, but he didn't have to and he wouldn't have to the next time either.


3. Retirement

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Mayweather has absolutely nothing left to fight for. There isn't another fight that would bring people to the pay-per-view window like this one did, and he was already retired. The uniqueness of this bout is the only reason Mayweather came back this time, but he won't do it again.

In his post-fight interview, he specifically referred to himself as an old man and urged younger fighters/boxers not to call him out. He won't answer. He's too old and he's officially retired.

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2. It Won't Be An MMA Fight

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Only one thing would bring people back in droves to watching these two square off again. That would be if the fight switch arenas and Mayweather took on McGregor in an MMA fight. And, if it happened, people would line up only to see Mayweather get nearly wiped off the face of the earth. There isn't a sane person on the planet who believes Mayweather would knowingly enter an octagon with McGregor, nor should he.

Meanwhile, could McGregor make a go of it's in boxing? Some people seem to think so. Still, his bigger payday and the demand for his services will come in MMA where he'll be easily the highest paid fighter in the history of the sport.

1. Not Enough Money

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The sheer amount of money both of these fighters take in when this is all said and done is astronomical, and, make no mistake, it will never be that way again. Most of the world watched this fight out of curiosity and that element no longer exists. If there isn't the same draw and fans won't put forward another $100 to see this fight, why hold it?

Mayweather made over $1 billion in fight revenue. McGregor just made $100 million. If these two are going to have a rematch, you'd have to offer similar terms financially and that's not a profitable situation for boxing, the sponsors or a company like Showcase.


What do you think? Could we see Mayweather vs.McGregor II? Let us know in the comments section!

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