Why Mayweather Will Stay Retired At 50-0

Following his fight with Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather announced his retirement from Boxing, but will he stay retired?

After a decisive victory over Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather is now officially 50-0 in professional boxing matches. Whether or not you're one of those people who believe his victory is tainted and shouldn't be counted on his professional record because McGregor wasn't and isn't a professional boxer, fans should take nothing away from Mayweather's accomplishments as he's truly one of the best pound-for-pound boxers on the planet.

The defensive specialist went 10 rounds with MMA's biggest star and won the fight the way he wanted to win it. Letting McGregor—the heavier and less stamina-ready fighter—tire himself out, by the mid rounds, Mayweather was ready to bring the offense, and it was simply too much for McGregor to overcome. The fight was stopped by referee Robert Byrd in the tenth round and Mayweather's game plan proved effective.

Now 50-0, is there a chance Mayweather comes out for another fight? The biggest draw in the fighting world (boxing or MMA), there could be a few million reasons to try for 51-0. Here are five reasons he won't.

5. Age

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Mayweather was 40 years old heading into his fight with Conor McGregor. If he fights again, at the earliest he'd be 41 or 42. Age in boxing is a bigger deal than some might make it out to be.  It takes a physical toll on the body, and it requires an intense amount of training with a singular focus to be ready for your next opponent and not get embarrassed.

While 40 isn't old in most other professionals, it's simply too old in sports (specifically fighting) to really be as effective as Mayweather would like to be.


Even if Mayweather were to fight again and win, he'd be 51-0. Perhaps he goes two more times and goes 52-0. At some point within those two fights, he'll be well beyond the years where any future fights are a major risk to his official record, and 51-0 doesn't really sound any better than 50-0 which is about as round a number as a fighter can have.

50-1 is also devastating for many reasons. Sure, he'd still be one of the best ever, but that one loss would stand out like a sore thumb against the 50 wins. It's simply not worth risking. To retire at 50-0 has a nice shiny ring to it.

3. Skill Level


Despite winning exactly the way he wanted to, one thing was evidently clear in this fight. Mayweather is not the boxer he once was. The fact that an MMA fighter was able to take him 10 rounds and land more punches than many professional boxers who came before him should tell Mayweather something, his fight game is regressing.

McGregor left so many open opportunities that Mayweather chose not to take advantage of that it has people suggesting a more seasoned and younger boxer with a different sense of motivation than money might take Mayweather down. Mayweather is one of the best, but he's not what he once was.


2. He's Not Really the Draw

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Floyd Mayweather has made over $1 billion in fight revenue over his professional boxing career. He's the biggest draw in history. Except, with this particular fight, he wasn't. Mayweather will take home the much larger chunk of the purse and the pay from this circus, but the reason people came to watch it was to see if McGregor could actually stand toe-t0-toe with him. If this was another boxer or anyone other than McGregor, there wouldn't have been nearly the interest.

There's no reason for these fighters to box again, so there's not going to be nearly the draw since McGregor won't be involved. The crowd was clearly behind the Irishman and frankly, unless you love technical defensive boxing, Mayweather is a boring watch.


1. Money


To get Mayweather to even think about boxing again, one of two things need to happen. Either he has issues with the IRS and owes so much money on back-taxes that he has to fight again, or someone offers him more money than he made on Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017. That seems unlikely.

To risk his 50-0 record, you'd literally have to buy Mayweather out of his concern he might lose. Without an opponent like a McGregor to fight him, no one stands to make the same kind of profit they did for this fight. If it doesn't make sense on a financial level, for Mayweather, it no longer holds any appeal.


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Why Mayweather Will Stay Retired At 50-0