Mayweather vs McGregor: The Biggest Bet Placed So Far

Like chocolate and peanut butter, few things go together as well as sports and gambling. And when it comes to the upcoming McGregor v Mayweather fight on Aug. 26, 2017, in Las Vegas, the gambling has become even more interesting than some are predicting the actual fight will be.

While most experts and Las Vegas odds makers are predicting this to be a pretty easy win for Floyd "Money" Mayweather, one anonymous better at the South Point Casino has decided to put his money where his mouth is and laid down $880,000 dollars on a Mayweather victory!

According to ESPN, the huge bet is believed to be the biggest placed on the fight in Las Vegas so far. At the time the bet was placed on Aug. 11, 2017, the odds had Mayweather as a -550 favorite, which means that if this anonymous bettor to win the bet and Mayweather beats MeGregor, he would walk away with a profit of $160,000.

You will notice the slip shows a profit of $120,000. That is an error based on the booking system not being able to pay out more than $1 million (a win would put the total at $1.04 million). So, the sportsbook ended up rewriting the bet as two $440,000 bets to fix the problem.


"I'm glad we got it," said the sportsbook director Chris Andrews, speaking of the bet in a text message to ESPN. And there is no doubt that other sportsbooks are hoping for big bets on Mayweather as well in order to help balance out all the money that people have been betting on McGregor.

For example, William Hill's Nevada sportsbook has liability over $1 million on McGregor with 95% of the bets being placed on the underdog! And according to assistant manager Jeff Stoneback at the MGM sportsbook, there have been 27 bets places on McGregor for every one bet on Mayweather.

This overwhelming flow of money in one direction also caused some fairly large movements in the betting odds. At OddsShark.com, they tracked the odds for the fight over time, and just looking at from when the fight was announced in June to today we see the odds on Mayweather have gone from -800 to -550 and on McGregor from +500 to +375.

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