Mike Tyson Kills It On Celebrity Lip Sync Battle

In what has become a guilty pleasure show of mine, Celebrity Lip Sync Battle, this past Thursday night was a must-watch for me as The Baddest Man on The Planet Mike Tyson, faced off against The Funniest Buff Man on the Planet, Terry Crews.

Tyson was hilarious in his performance, which included him lip syncing Satisfaction from the Rolling Stones, while pulling off some Mick Jagger like moves. For his concert like performance in the second round, he performed Salt-N-Pepa’s Push It with extremely tight leather pants, getting so into the song, he forgot to lip sync. But he certainly didn't fail in entertaining everybody.

Unfortunately for him, Terry Crews is able to do the pectoral dance, which he used excessively, winning over the women's votes in the audience. To seal the deal, he provided awesome nostalgia. Crews lip synced Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles, as he sang in White Chicks. 

This was one belt Tyson wasn't winning, but Iron Mike certainly would've won on most nights. His energy in his performance is definitely worth a look.

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