Mike Tyson Was Originally Going To Appear In WCW

We are just days away from Raw's 25th anniversary which has prompted many to reminisce about their favorite moments from the longest-running episodic show in TV history.

Triple H recently revealed his top five moments from Raw's history and, surprisingly, he wasn't involved in the top moment. He chose Mike Tyson and Stone Cold Steve Austin's confrontation from 1998 as his favorite moment because "that was the start of a moment in time where everyone started talking about what we were doing.”

But is it possible that this moment was never supposed to happen and that Iron Mike had actually agreed to appear on WCW instead?

That is what podcast host (and the fiance of Ric Flair's daughter), Conrad Thompson said on his show with former WWE writer Bruce Pritchard.

“When Tyson fought Holyfield in June of ‘97, Nitro was in Vegas two nights later and Tyson had agreed to appear on WCW television as a special guest of the NWO,” said Thompson. “Then he bit Holyfield’s f------ ear, and WCW didn’t have Tyson. It’s interesting to think Tyson would have been part of the NWO instead of DX."


Tyson infamously bit Evander Holyfield's ears not once, but twice before being disqualified and losing his boxing license. With all of the hoopla following the match, Tyson likely had no time for the Nitro appearance and never showed up in WCW. The Nitro that Thompson is referring to turned out to be a memorable one as both Curt Hennig and Raven made their WCW debuts, but it could have been historic had Tyson showed up.

As a result of Tyson's boxing license being suspended, he was able to show up on Raw in January 1998 which was when the in-ring confrontation with Austin happened. Tyson would then go on to referee the main event of WrestleMania XIV between Austin and Shawn Michaels.

Another interesting subplot that Thompson shared on Tyson was that WWE paid him $4 million for his appearances in 1998. That came just months after Vince McMahon told Bret Hart that he could no longer pay him his $1.5 million salary which resulted in The Hitman joining WCW after the Montreal Screwjob.

Just imagine how the history of the Monday Night Wars and wrestling in general would have changed had Tyson not feasted on Evander Holyfield's ear.


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Mike Tyson Was Originally Going To Appear In WCW