10 Most Incredible Stadiums In North America (And 10 That Should Be Demolished)

North America has so many stadiums, mainly due to the number of professional sports leagues in the United States. As new stadiums come along, other stadiums need to be torn down because they’re not up to date. Fans have high expectations, and they want to be somewhere worth their time and money. Going to a sporting event can cost a couple hundred bucks, especially if you take the whole family. If you want really nice seats, it could be as much as a couple thousands of dollars. It’s not cheap to watch live sporting events, to say the least.

But with so many venues, many sports fans feel obligated to go. You can watch a sporting event on television, but there’s nothing like experiencing it live. The only drawback may be that if you like hearing an analysis of the game, you don’t get to hear the broadcasters. But, you get the pregame and post-event for games, you’re actually in the stadium, you get to be a part of a crowd. Yes, you both are watching the same game, but it’s a whole different experience to actually be there, opposed to in your living room.

With this new age on the rise, many more stadiums feel the need to add and add. And then there are other stadiums that are fine the way they are, because of their history. Three countries, one continent, hundreds of unique stadiums. We are going to narrow it down to the 10 must-visit stadiums for sports fans, and 10 that need to be demolished.

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20 Incredible: Estadio Azteca

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Definitely not the nicest, but a must-visit stadium in Mexico. Located in the suburbs of Santa Ursula in Mexico City, it is the stadium that hosts the national soccer team in Mexico.

When the 1970 World Cup was there, it hosted 10 matches, including the semi-final, and the final between Brazil and Italy.

Estadio Azteca is the largest stadium in Mexico, with a capacity of 87,523.

With very few noticeable stadiums in Mexico, we had to pick the best of the best. When the World Cup comes to North America in 2026, expect this stadium to host one of the games.

19 Demolished: Arthur Ashe Stadium

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Pictures can be deceiving, and they certainly are when they are taken at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Arthur Ashe Stadium is the main stadium for the U.S. Open, and it is the largest tennis stadium in the world, with a capacity of 23,771. They finally took care of the wind problem, which was caused by not having a roof. But the view for fans throughout the stadium is tough, which may not make it worth purchasing tickets for the event if you are higher up in the stands. And according to fans, the food isn’t all that great. A stadium of this magnitude should be put away from another stadium, Citi Field. An update for the biggest stadium in tennis is much needed.

18 Incredible: Daytona International Speedway

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NASCAR fans know that Daytona International Speedway is a great place to enjoy race cars. It opened in 1959 and has been the home of the Daytona 500, the Super Bowl of NASCAR. Daytona International Speedway is the largest outdoor venue in Florida, with a capacity of 101,500, and it is one of the largest in the world. It is a bit outdated, so it doesn’t have the technology that many other stadiums would have. But with NASCAR fans, they just want a good view of a big event. And what’s great about the speedway is it’s right down the block from the beach, so fans have plenty of things to do before and after the race.

17 Demolished: Bank of America Stadium

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If you have ever driven across the whole east coast, you know that the Carolinas don’t have much. So, when there’s a stadium somewhere around, you expect it to be impressive considering there’s not much to do anywhere else. While the color scheme is cool with the baby blue through the stands, it just doesn’t cut it for the average football fan.

The Panthers may not want to part ways with Bank of America Stadium because it only opened in 1996, but it’s still outdated.

New technology, better quality seats, and better amenities need to be made. The location is perfect, but an improved stadium could help the future of the franchise.

16 Incredible: CenturyLink Field

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This stadium has garnered a lot more attention in recent years, thanks to the emergence of the Seahawks' "Legion Of Boom" era but this stadium has always been louder than most. The construction and layout of the stadium was made for noise to travel further and for the noise to be contained, despite CenturyLink being an outdoor stadium. Being in here truly is a unique experience, as you never know when a new decibel record could be set.

The stadium isn't brand new, but it's still modern enough to keep up with the various new features that other stadiums have introduced.

15 Demolished: FedEx Field

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When you go to a sporting event, it’s not all about the fans. In fact, it’s all about the players. Yes, teams want to make sure that their fans enjoy their experience at the stadium, but if players aren’t satisfied with where they are playing, fans won’t be satisfied either. At FedEx Field, it can be a dangerous place to play. The grass texture isn’t so secure, and the Redskins have actually seen Robert Griffin III’s career changed by it.

And besides the grass, the stadium is known as a dump. Maybe the Redskins would like to move closer to Washington D.C. and create a better atmosphere for their fans on game day.

14 Incredible: Madison Square Garden

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Madison Square Garden is one of the best venues in North America. And not just for sports, but for concerts and other events as well. If you are traveling into New York City by train, you will see the arena right as you exit into the city, above the train station. It is the home of the New York Knicks.

Madison Square Garden is an incredible venue with great seating, good food options, and an easy commute in and out of the arena.

Before you get to your seats, the outskirts of the stadium actually look like a high-end hotel. It definitely won’t disappoint.

13 Demolished: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

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Surprisingly, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum hasn’t collapsed on its own yet. The coliseum is actually much older than the NFL, which puts into perspective how old the stadium actually is. And now, there is an NFL team back there. The Los Angeles Rams currently reside there, as they wait for their new stadium to be built, that they will share with the Chargers.

For the Rams, it doesn’t matter if it gets demolished. But the young college students of USC would love to be a part of a new dynasty. Since 1923, the Trojans have used Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum as their home stadium. Over 90 years later, they are still playing there on Saturdays.

12 Incredible: Michigan Stadium

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Would you be surprised to know that the second largest stadium in the world is a college football stadium? That’s right. Michigan Stadium, home of the University of Michigan Wolverines is the largest stadium in the United States and the second-largest stadium in the world. It has a capacity of 107,601. When you see Michigan Stadium, you know you’re talking college football.

Michigan fans are one of the most loyal, crazy college football fans in the country. The atmosphere is electric on Saturdays, and it’s insane to see over 100,000 people cheering on their university. It’s bigger than most NFL game day attendances.

11 Demolished: Dodger Stadium

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Lights, camera, no. Dodger Stadium is a disappointment for a city that is known for its movies, celebrities, and new technology. The stadium opened in 1962, and still hears complaints from its fans.

For a stadium that constantly has celebrities walking in and out of it, you would expect the organization to make a move to a new stadium. And that is what’s needed.

While being in Los Angeles, you can really get creative with how you want your stadium to look. Get the movies and celebrities involved, and make it look nice. Dodger Stadium should be one of the nicest stadiums in baseball.

10 Incredible: U.S. Bank Stadium

via nanawall.com

When U.S. Bank Stadium opened, it really didn’t get the publicity that most new stadiums get. But give the Vikings credit, this is a complete upgrade from their old stadium. With their new stadium, they definitely won’t have to worry about the roof collapsing ever again. Fans can get some really nice pictures of the stadium during the day time, when the city mirrors off of the stadium.

All around, it’s a gorgeous place to watch football. It’s a unique, yet cool shape. And it’s really nice that fans can appreciate the city of Minnesota that appears behind the end zone of the stadium.

9 Demolished: San Diego County Credit Union Stadium

via wikipedia.org

The city of San Diego refused to pay for a new stadium for the Chargers and as a result, the team moved two hours north to Los Angeles. Say what you will about the Chargers leaving the city and how wrong it was, but it's clear that SDCCU Stadium was not fit to keep housing an NFL franchise. Aside from being horribly generic, the fact that it was originally housing the Padres made it outdated in a hurry, with the last major renovations taking place in the late 90s. With no more professional sports franchises to host, the stadium needs to go.

8 Incredible: Mercedes-Benz Stadium

via mercedesbenzstadium.com

Everyone in the NFL knows that the Atlanta Falcons knocked it out of the ballpark with this one. Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a stadium of the future. From the outside, it looks gorgeous. It has a unique design that looks very futuristic, and a different type of look from the inside.

When you are watching games, there is a 360-degree screen at the top of the stadium where the roof is. That is where the scoreboard and other things would be to take a look at.

Something fans really enjoy about this stadium are the food options. And if you go on any day besides Sunday, they have a Chick-Fil-A.

7 Demolished: Tropicana Field

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Most baseball fans are not in love with Tropicana Field. Because many baseball fans believe in tradition, they feel that baseball games should be outside, with a nice peaceful atmosphere. In Tropicana Field, that isn’t necessarily what they believe in. Loud music and a dome covering the stadium are among the main features of this field.

In a few years, the Rays should be getting a new stadium, but there is still a long process, and that doesn’t necessarily mean the end for Tropicana Field. There are some cool parts to Tropicana Field including the stingray exhibit, but fans will beg for a real ballpark until this stadium is gone.

6 Incredible: Yankee Stadium

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On the other side of the division, there’s a great stadium to go to. Yankee Stadium, a legendary field placed in the heart of the Bronx. Designed with similar designs to the older stadiums, but also including new technology, it is one of the most beautiful stadiums in baseball.

When you walk in, the stadium has this open feel with big banners of Yankee legends.

Great food options are provided by the food company itself, including tasty desserts. The Yankees have a massive replay screen in center field to keep all fans engaged with the game, who may have looked away for a split second. You can do so much at the stadium, and see Monument Park.

5 Demolished: Olympic Stadium

via montrealgazette.com

Given that Canada doesn't have that many professional sports teams (at least not with the same popularity of U.S. teams) stadiums north of the border are generally smaller and don't quite get the same investment that venues south of the border do. One stadium that's remained a constant hassle for local residents is Montreal's Olympic Stadium, built for the 1976 Olympics. The venue was used for the Montreal Expos, and now is sparingly used for soccer games. In fact, it's set to host some World Cup games in 2026, but anybody who's been inside can tell you it's not a stadium fit to host such a big event.

4 Incredible: PNC Park

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Sports teams put a lot of money into building these massive stadiums with new technology, and it’s needed. With technology being so popular in today’s day and age, it’s a huge part of sporting events. But if you have natural beauty at your stadium, technology may not be as important.

PNC Park is one of the few stadiums that has natural beauty, and that's aided by the ballpark's surroundings.

The outfield is completely open at the stadium, which lets the city of Pittsburgh be the beautiful scenery in the stadium. And of course, the Roberto Clemente Bridge shines brightly below the city.

3 Demolished: Oakland Coliseum

via sfchronicle.com

You will hear it time and time again that the Oakland Coliseum needs to be demolished. It is an absolute embarrassment to sports stadiums. There’s no new technology, poor seating, no good/reasonable food options, and usually, no good events. The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas in the next few years and leaving only the Athletics in the stadium.

The chances of the Oakland Coliseum lasting much longer are slim to none. There are so many complaints and negative talk about the stadium, that may have been part of why the Raiders decided to move to a different city, especially with Oakland being a bad area.

2 Incredible: AT&T Stadium

via createwebquest.com

The one good thing Jerry Jones has done in the last 20 years, is put together a team to build AT&T Stadium. Built almost 10 years ago, it still is the stadium of the future. With the largest screen in a sports stadium, and sliding glass doors at each end zone that open up for fans to run into the stadium in excitement, it is a masterpiece.

Many locals in Dallas say that when the Cowboys play a night game, they can actually see the stadium lit up from about 30 minutes away.

There is no way Jerry Jones was going to build a stadium that was less than state of the art.

1 Demolished: Wrigley Field

via athleticsnation.com

Historic sites are great, which is why some sports teams feel the need to keep their stadiums open. But as far as Wrigley Field, it needs to go. It is the second-oldest stadium in the MLB, and still carries a tradition where a good majority of the games are played during the day, like how it was before the team put lights into the stadium.

Chicago seems like a city of the past in the sports age. All the stadiums are older, so why not say goodbye to the old and in with the new, beginning with one of the oldest stadiums in North America.

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