20 Of The Most Luxurious Stadium Suites Around The World

How do you like to enjoy your sports game of choice? Do you like to watch football from the comfort of your own home with a cold beer in your hand a bowl of chips on the table? Or would you prefer to take a trip to a bar and watch a baseball game with a group of friends while downing plates of appetizers on the table? Or would you rather get up close and personal to the game and watch it live in the stadium? Well, no matter what your preferred way of taking in a game is, there is certainly no wrong way out there for a sports fan to enjoy themselves, but there certainly is a right way, and that would be shelling out for a luxury suite.

Given some of the prices of some of these suite experiences around the world, it certainly is not possible for everyone to experience this (they are certainly all out of my price range), but we can all dream about enjoying a game inside one of these someday. We have found some of the most luxurious and awesome stadium suite experiences around the world which take game-watching to the next level, and would be amazing for any sports fan to check out one day. Not only do you get to watch a game you enjoy, but you get to do some in some of the coolest spaces that sports has to offer. You may be thinking that there are just some more comfortable seats and additional food, but it is so much more than that. Spoiler alert – some of these places even have private pools, saunas and bedrooms to enjoy!

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20 Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City

via Curbed

With a suite only reserved for the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs and their family. The owner’s suite features two separate floors, multiple living room spaces and even three bedrooms (just in case you require a nap during the third quarter), as well as catered food service throughout the game are all fully available to anyone lucky enough to spend time in this suite.

The real question is – does anyone really need this much space to enjoy a football game that is taking place only feet away from you in real life?

I don’t think it's necessary to watch a game on the field in front of me (not that I would turn it down if someone offered it to me!).

19 Hartwall Arena, Finland

via core77.com

The Hartwall Arena in Finland allows you to watch hockey or ice skating in a really relaxing style. Since the arena is located next to an ice-rink, odds are that hockey fans may be looking for a bit of heat, which can be provided in the luxurious suite which includes private saunas for you and your guests to enjoy. While having a private heated cabana may sound like the best way to enjoy a hockey game live, it comes at a hefty price of €2,500 per night, which is close to $3,000 USD for one game. Perhaps you can just get yourself a hot chocolate at the concession stand instead?

18 Hard Rock Stadium, Miami

via alsd.com

In order to take the comfort of home directly next to the gridiron, Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida has created the most comfortable place inside a stadium to watch football by ensuring that all of the amenities of home are available in the luxury boxes, although I am certain that pants are required here.

Their “living room suites” are meant to replicate home entertainment by including Barco-lounger chairs complete with iPads and small televisions to see the game from a different angle, with home-style food like pretzels and pizza available to be delivered to your seat. If you pay your satellite bill on time you could have this experience, however a set of four seats in this lounge will cost you $75,000 for the year.

17 Motor Speedway, Texas

via TexasMotorSpeedway.com

Luxury-type boxes are not just available for football or baseball games, but also cater to fans of all sports.. Those that aren't close to NASCAR may have a pre-judged picture of racing fans, but those that have purchased a luxury box at the Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas are not going to be drinking cheap liquid from a can.

These exclusive box seats feature catered service for your private suite and a full-service bar to take care of all your needs, as well as closed-circuit televisions which show the VIPs exclusive content of the raceway.

Even if racing is not your favorite sport, you have to admit that this is how you watch it in style.

16 Fed Ex Field, Washington

via businessinsider.com

Who says you can’t watch a football game like you're Don Draper from Mad Men? While many associate watching a football game exclusively with hot wings and plastic cups, Washington fans can watch a game in a 1950s-style, classy, dressed-to-the-nines style in a throwback bar that looks exactly like a private club. The Owners Club West suite overlooks the field and has a giant centerpiece bar in the space which makes this the perfect up-scale hangout for football fans. While I'm sure wings and beer would still be available here, this seems like a place reserved more for a cognac and light finger food crudité due to the classiness of the oak and marble finishes.

15 NRG Solar Rooftop Deck, Levi's Stadium

via curbed.com

Certainly the winner for the most environmentally sustainable luxury suite on this list, this is also the only suite which is situated on a roof-top instead of inside the arena. The rooftop of Levi's Stadium in San Francisco is home to the completely green space of the NRG Solar Rooftop Deck. Guests not only get to enjoy the amenities which come along with being in a luxury suite, but they also get to experience it in a fully environmentally-sustainable area, which satisfies even the most eco-conscious of football fans.

The rooftop is equipped with energy measurement tools to show how much electricity is being emitted by the space, and actively tries to reduce its own ecological footprint. Much of the food prepared for the patrons of this suite is grown directly in the rooftop garden, making it a farm (or in this case, arena)-to-table type of menu, making this space incredibly unique.

14 EverBank Field, Jacksonville

via flamingomagazine.com

Sitting in a chair is apparently very passé, as stadiums have expanded far away from the traditional sit-and-enjoy-the-game type of space even for their suites.

Instead of simply providing a space to watch the game, EverBank Field has created a space chalk full of water to play in.

Whether you're looking for a public pool complete with a DJ laying down beats for a dance party, or a private cabana to receive pampered treatment, this slice of paradise is perfect to enjoy a game. While renting out a private cabana will run $3,000 for the game, it may certainly be worth it – or you can always just join the bumping pool party with the rest of the diehard fans.

13 Wembley Stadium, England

via sportswembley.com

Perhaps one of the most renowned international venues, Wembley Stadium is home to some of the biggest UK events in soccer, rugby and music, not to mention the 2012 Summer Olympics. Available for either private meetings or boxes for watching a game, the staff at Wembley have the ability to flex their amenities, food and service to range from simple and casual to elegant and refined based on what their clients would like. Considering the legends who have played and performed at this venue before, it would certainly be quite a trip to experience some time in their most luxurious area. Combine this with comfortable soccer beds to lounge around in and you have one of the best days ever.

12 Prudential Center, Newark

via suiteexperiencegroup.com

Luxury does not mean the same thing to everyone – some people consider extravagance to be caviar and a smooth pinot noir, while others want to party baller style in a loud environment. While the Prudential Center is home to the New Jersey Devils, they are primarily known for holding concerts throughout the year, which means instead of their suites being used for game viewing, they are primarily used as after-party space.

With the leather décor providing a VIP-esque setting, this looks more like a club than a suite.

That is exactly how the guests treat it when they arrive either before or after a concert, as the music blares. Luxury is luxury, and a party is certainly a party no matter where you go, but this is how you do it in style.

11 Orlando City Stadium

via orlandocitysc.com

Sometimes you don't need all the bells and whistles for luxury boxes – sometimes you're just looking for a better view and a casual atmosphere to enjoy the game instead of being stuck in the stands with thousands of other screaming fans. Orlando City SC seems to understand this perfectly, as they have placed their effort of building their suites around comfort and making their guests feel relaxed instead of making the space look exclusive. When building their suites, they wanted to ensure that their guests would be able to relax and just enjoy the game instead of feeling the need to pamper them, and it certainly looks like they have accomplished their goal, as this seems to be the most approachable suite on this list for the average person.

10 Arthur Ashe Stadium, Emirates Airline Suite, New York City

via espn.com

When booking a luxury suite with a group, you're not always booking a private room which means you may get to rub elbows with some other people. Unfortunately, there are also some suites that remain extremely exclusive. Just like their world-class airlines, the Emirates Airline Suite located at Arthur Ashe Stadium is as exclusive as they come, with very few non-celebrities with access. With only a top-shelf bar and private chefs crafting cook-to-order food for their guests, they have built this place for the most elite tennis fans, including celebrities like Lupita Nyong'o and Shaquille O'Neal, who are known to frequent the suite each time they take in a tennis match in New York.

9 Avaya Stadium - San Jose, California

via sanjoseearthquakes.com

Avaya Stadium is one of the best soccer stadiums in the United States, and they have certainly given their suite guests something to brag about. While most private suites are located at the top of arenas, this one dedicated for soccer fans is located only meters from the pitch so that no one can miss a second of the action while laying back in your luxurious chairs. Feeling peckish while you’re there?

Instead of having to move to a crowded concession stand, this space is privately catered for every meal of the day.

That means you can either order eggs Benedict during a morning game, or a full-size steak dinner for an evening match.

8 Barclays Center, Brooklyn

via elitetravel.com

Instead of the other large and famous venues in NYC, this Brooklyn arena is a much more intimate venue, but it still certainly has the amenities of some of the larger spaces. Instead of being home to the Knicks or Globetrotters, this space is designed for concerts, professional wrestling and e-sports, but that doesn’t mean that the patrons don't like to have a good time. The luxury boxes here were designed by Jay-Z, which means you know they're classy and fit for a solid party, with private suites available for groups.

While having a private party before or after a concert is fun, each of these private rooms also connect to an exclusive champagne bar, so that private groups can inter-mingle if they choose. Jay-Z knew what he was doing when he designed this space in the concrete jungle.

7 Allianz Arena, Germany

via AS

Remember how I said that you can usually catch me watching a game relaxing on my couch enjoying a drink and some food? Well, our friends in Germany have taken the home-away-from-home type of comfort one step further and have not provided us a couch to enjoy a game, but have provided a private hotel room complete with a very comfortable bed to relax in.

Does it really get more comfortable than this?

Instead of looking up from a pillow at a television to watch a game of soccer, these hotel rooms are situated with a perfect view of the pitch, so someone shelling out for these private rooms doesn't have to move if they want to see a fantastic play. Not only are the rooms comfortable, but there is room service available throughout the game so you truly do not have to lift a finger.

6 Cardinal Stadium, Louisville

via lousvillecardinals.com

The folks at Cardinal Stadium must have been reading my mind when they built their private suites, as they incorporated a full service Papa John’s restaurant directly inside for their guests to enjoy during the game. This way, guests can enjoy a wide variety of food options at any point during the game without having to leave their private suite. Despite all of the recent bad press coverage surrounding Papa John’s you have to agree that having a restaurant available directly beside a perfect view of a game would be the best way to enjoy a game.

5 Chandelier Room, Santa Anita Park

via sawmut.com

When I first saw the movie Titanic, I was floored at how the stylish and classy the 1930s-era décor of all the dining and lounge spaces were. I had always hoped I would be able to see a modern version of this at some point. Now that I have seen the Chandelier Room at the Santa Anita Park horse racing club, I know that these classy type of environments still exist. With a throwback style to the roaring-20s and 30s, this space combines the class of the sport of horse racing with this beautiful era, providing racing fans with a great environment to enjoy themselves. Can’t you just picture small glasses of champagne being served alongside caviar while a string quartet plays in the background?

4 Yankee Stadium, New York City

via foodlovergirl.com

Yankee Stadium is rich in baseball history with legends like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio gracing the halls, walkways and dugouts of this famous ballpark, and the folks that run this space will not let you forget it.

If you are knowledgeable about baseball history and are lucky enough to travel to one of Yankee Stadium’s private suites, you will see a space which is as full of baseball history and memorabilia as the Hall of Fame itself.

Once you make it through some of the greatest memories in sports history, you are still subject to a very comfortable service experience for the rest of your game, in addition to one very important feature that is only available in this suite – all you can eat hotdogs! The management team here sure knows their audience, as there is not a Yankee fan out there who doesn’t enjoy a ballpark hotdog.

3 Gillette Stadium, New England

via GilletteStadium.com

Being able to watch a game and have it service experience complete with dedicated attendants for you and your group may be the best way to enjoy a game, and certainly would be difficult to go back to any other way of watching a game. While the in-game experience is certainly top-notch, members of the Gillette Stadium suites also get additional amenities, such as priority access to ticket sales and various special events to cheer on their team, as well as post-game field visits to rub elbows with Patriot players and access to press conferences with Patriots players and coaches. These types of things are not usually available to the public, however Patriot management sees it as a way of giving back to their very high paying customers.

2 Tottenham Spurs FC, England

via TottenhamHotSpurSC.com

Going above and beyond the call of duty is what some people consider to be absolute hospitality, and while most of these suites offer a private dining experience, the new Tottenham Spurs football club arena not only offers dedicated service, but a private chef and bartender for your private suite. Not only is the chef dedicated to your group, but he also puts on a traditional teppanyaki show during down-time of the game. Soccer fans would certainly enjoy getting to experience a game in this beautiful setting with such great seats, but being able to have world-class food prepared in front of you while also enjoying a great game is about as good as it gets. Couple that with a private bartender making drinks for your entire group, and you’ve got it made here in England!

1 Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta

via Imgur.com

It seems that we’ve seen it all while travelling the world looking at these luxurious private suites, so it must be difficult for these stadium management teams to set themselves apart from the rest of the experiences out there, but the Mercedes-Benz Stadium has certainly done that through their experiences. Personalized attention and ordering for your group? Check. Private dining and bar area inside of your suite? Check. Excellent view of the Falcons game from the comfort of your suite? Certainly a check.

Now, how do they set themselves apart? By turning their private suites into an exclusive nightclub after the football game is over.

Not only does it give fans a place to party with other fans, but the players are also known to frequent the club themselves after games are over, giving fans the chance to mingle with some of the team's stars.

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