Mr. Steal Yo Girl: 15 Athletes Who Took Another's Partner

Athletes can seduce some of the most beautiful women in the entire world. In fact, some athletes are so captivating that the woman they choose to swoon over might even belong on the arm of one of their teammates. Mickie James might have been pretty happy with Kenny Dykstra, but do you know the advantages that happened when she and John Cena engaged in a little 5-knuckle shuffle? Tony Parker was so enamoured with one of his teammates wives that it even played a role in the ending of his relationship with the gorgeous Eva Longoria.

There is also our entry on Paige where she elected that one WWE superstar wasn't enough to make for a fun evening. Though in that case, it might be hard to tell which one of the guys showed up first! Some players on our list like Jason Richardson also altered his career forever when he decided that Steve Nash's wife was a viable object of his affection. And that's just some of the entries.

Khloe Kardashian, Gisele Bundchen, Gabrielle Union and Jessica Simpson have all made their affection for athletes abundantly clear and earned a spot below. And don't think we could forget about Rihanna! We hope you enjoy our list on Mr. Steal Yo Girl: 15 Athletes Who Settled For Sloppy Seconds

15 Justin Verlander With Kate Upton (From Mark Sanchez)

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Mark Sanchez had plenty of moments on the field that we're sure he loves to remember, though he also has the butt fumble. But the biggest accomplishment of his life may have been the time he was able to pull up his phone and call his girlfriend who just happened to be Kate Upton!

But those days are long gone for Sanchez. Upton perhaps wisely went on to start a relationship with a man with a much stronger name in Justin Verlander. The only ramification of their relationship came when photos of Upton and Verlander leaked online that left nothing to the imagination. While Upton may do that on a regular basis with her modelling gigs, she was understandably infuriated with the situation.

14 Lucky Whitehead With Tiffany Thompson (From Ezekiel Elliot)

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Ezekiel Elliot has no shortage of amazing things that can be said about his talents on the field as a football player. His reputation off the field, however, isn't quite as stellar. One of the most riveting details may be the allegations that came out back in September. It was reported that Elliot's teammate, Lucky Whitehead had engaged in an intimate affair alongside Elliot's then-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson.

It was also reported by Elliot during an NFL testimony that Thompson sent him pictures of her name alongside Whitehead's at a hotel reservation in Cleveland, where the team had played the previous week. While it could never be confirmed, it wouldn't be shocking if this led to Whitehead's departure from the team.

13 John Cena With Mickie James (From Kenny Dykstra)

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Mickie James was engaging in a relationship alongside fellow wrestler Kenny Dykstra. Unfortunately for Kenny, John Cena was a much more appealing target for James and it wasn't long before she started hooking up with him. Dykstra realized the infidelity when he caught her googling things along the lines of Cena and James dating - as it became evident she was trying to see if the story had broke.

Dykstra was later moved to Smackdown while Cena and James continued their relationship. Dykstra also stated her title opportunities and an increased role was due to her relationship with Cena. Things went sour however when Cena rebuked her attempts at a relationship which led to some backstage drama and caused the end of her then-WWE career.

12 Tom Brady With Gisele Bundchen (From Kelly Slater)

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There might not be a stronger "power couple" in the entire world of sports than Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. Not only is he arguably the greatest quarterback (if not football player) to ever play the game, but Gisele is also a world-renowned supermodel.

In fact, with a net worth that clocks in at over $300 million she's worth even more than he is! She's also probably going to enjoy the latter stages of her life a heck of a lot more too. Prior to Brady being able to woo Bundchen, it was another athlete that caught her eye. It wasn't a football player though, but professional surfer Kelly Slater! The two called it off the same year that Brady and her started dating.

11 Marko Jaric With Adriana Lima (From Derek Jeter)

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If we wanted to start listing off all of the gorgeous women that Derek Jeter has been with, we could probably be here all day. But one of the most notable on his list may be famed model Adriana Lima who Jeter briefly dated in 2006.

It wasn't long after they called it quits that Lima started pursuing NBA player Marko Jaric whom she got engaged to in 2008 and married to in 2009. Perhaps part of why Lima and Jeter didn't make it work was the fact that Lima has since admitted that she was a virgin until her wedding day! The two have since divorced.

10 Pavel Bure With Anna Kournikova (From Sergei Fedorov)

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Pavel Bure, Sergei Fedorov, and Anna Kournikova are three of the most talented Russian athletes to ever play in their respective sports. So it's perhaps not all too shocking to hear that they all had plenty to bond over. But for Fedorov it may have been too much!

Bure and Kournikova engaged in a relationship in 1999 but it was also around the same time that she was also allegedly dating Fedorov - who she later secretly married (albeit briefly) in 2001. While we aren't too sure if there was any cheating overlap, as some say there is, there was definitely some close proximity to the two men getting intimate with Kournikova.

9 Tony Parker With Erin Barry (From Brent Barry)

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Tony Parker had arguably the most attractive woman in Hollywood by his side in Eva Longoria. The two were married for several years, at least until she found out that he was being unfaithful. It was reported by Longoria that she had found hundreds of explicit texts between Parker and the wife of teammate Brent Barry.

Parker had previously physically cheated on Eva but swore that in this instance it was only the texting. It's definitely understandable that it didn't smooth things over for Parker. Erin and Brent's relationship also ended shortly after. Regardless of if you do believe her or not, we do need to report that Erin Barry has since come out and denied the allegations.

8 Dwayne Wade With Gabrielle Union (From Chris Howard)

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Gabrielle Union recently admitted that she should have known her marriage to former NFL player Chris Howard was going to be a mistake. In fact, she admitted that he proposed while eating KFC! You can imagine things are much better for Union now, especially because she's with NBA Hall of Famer Dwayne Wade who she has been married to since 2014. We're sure Wade is going to be having a blast this year playing alongside Lebron in Cleveland, which should make Union's life all the better.

A talented actress, Union is currently filming a movie titled Breaking In where she plays a woman who is forced to defend her family during a break-in. Which means that perhaps she was hitting up the gym with Wade!

7 John Terry With Vanessa Perroncel (From Wayne Bridges)

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John Terry is one of the most accomplished English football players of all-time. His leadership on the field was without question and a hallmark of his game, but he might not have made as many smart decisions off the field. Rumours ran rampant in 2010 that John Terry was having an affair (he married his wife Toni in 2006) with Vanessa Perroncel, the former lover of his teammate Wayne Bridges.

Terry attempted to get the rumours shut down, but was unsuccessful in his efforts. While Perroncel also denied the allegations, the incident still damaged Terry's image. Something tells us that Wayne Bridges was also probably not the biggest fan of Terry after the incident either.

6 Eric Johnson With Jessica Simpson (From Tony Romo)

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Cowboys fans should have considered themselves lucky for the incredible service that they got out of Tony Romo. But back in 2007, one of the biggest storylines was his relationship alongside Jessica Simpson. And when Romo struggled, fans definitely weren't shy to blame her distracting good looks for the reason why! After all, if you were given the opportunity to get all up on Jessica, you too may find it pretty hard to focus on the defence for the upcoming week.

Their relationship lasted until 2009. In 2010, Simpson started dating Eric Johnson, who spent several years as a tight end in the league and they were engaged within a year. They later got married in 2014 and have two children together.

5 Jason Richardson With Alejandra Nash (From Steve Nash)

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Steve Nash definitely has the image of being an incredibly wholesome guy. Especially when you learn that your writer here is from B.C where he's essentially a hero. So you might be glad to know that in this story, it's not Steve that's the one doing the cheating. Instead, the alleged story goes that his ex-wife Alejandra was digging his then-teammate Jason Richardson just a little too much if you know what we mean!

Richardson was traded once the rumours started and the marriage between Nash and Alejandra fell apart. Though knowing Nash, he probably still would have passed him the ball. Steve and Alejandra had also announced the birth of their most recent child the day prior to announcing their separation.

4 Tristan Thompson With Khloe Kardashian (From Lamar Odom)

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Regardless of if you love the Kardashians or not, you can't deny that their names are always being thrown into the news. Khloe's name, in particular, is being thrown around even more with the rumours that she is pregnant alongside boyfriend Tristan Thompson. It has also been announced that Thompson will be on the upcoming season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (Oh goody!).

At least you can bet that whenever Khloe steps out in an outfit that highlights her body that someone will be around to take a picture of it. Khloe must love NBA players as she married Lamar Odom after only a month of dating back in 2009. She has also allegedly been in a relationship with James Harden in the past.

3 Paige (With Xavier Woods And Brad Maddox)

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A large majority of the entries on our list are centred around teammates who slept with their teammate's partner or famous women who seemed to have an affinity for loving athletes. For Paige however, she elected that not one WWE superstar was enough to bring her to the top of her game in the bedroom and instead took two to bed.

To make matters all the more "embarrassing" for Paige, her private exploits became public knowledge when they were leaked earlier this year featuring Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox. Paige also infamously had a relationship with Alberto Del Rio, including getting engaged. We suppose all that time on the road can make for some lonely nights if you have nobody to get close too!

2 Dion Phaneuf With Elisha Cuthbert (From Sean Avery)

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Elisha Cuthbert is one of the most recognizable and beautiful women to ever hit up Hollywood. In fact, in 2013 she was even called the most beautiful woman on TV by Maxim; partially due to her role on Happy Endings that ran from 2011 to 2013.

But in her personal life, Cuthbert also got to spend part of 2013 getting married to Dion Phaneuf. The two were engaged since 2012. Prior to Phaneuf putting his stick on the ice, Cuthbert also engaged in a relationship with perhaps the most aggravating NHLer of all-time: Sean Avery. Let's hope he was a lot less irritating off the ice!

1 Rihanna With Several Athletes

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Rihanna definitely has had her dating life get thrust into the public spotlight on a variety of occasions. Sometimes, such as the case with Chris Brown's abuse of her, the moments are not the best. But Rihanna has also shared plenty of headlines centred around her cozying up to a professional athlete.

Rihanna has been linked to (in order) Andrew Bynum, Rashard Lewis, Matt Kemp and J.R. Smith. At least we know what her type of ideal man must be! Though judging from the list, it seems like basketball is her preferred sport. Let's just hope whatever athlete in question she woos in the future is into her music.

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