Muay Thai Fighter Suspended For Titanium Shin Implants

via fightstate.com

Credit to Fight State

The World Muay Thai Council has suspended fighter Bandasak Chaiyasan after X-Ray images emerged that showed he had fought with a titanium shin implant (I know his aren't titanium, but there's a good Wolverine joke here somewhere).

The fight in question took place on May 16th in Chiang Mai, Thailand where Chaiyasan won his fight against Noppadon Chalor with a KO kick to the head! "I have never felt anything like that" said Chalor after the fight. "I have been fighting for 7 years and I have never felt anything like that kick.

According to Fight State, an unnamed contact said that the implant had been implanted when Bandasak Chaiyasan had snapped his leg in training camp fighting his sparring partner. However, he kept the implant in after the leg had healed which is a NO NO and a violation of Int’l Muay Thai Federation Rules and Guidelines.

Also, the Chalor camp isn't so sure there was even an injury to begin with, since supposedly such an injury takes around a year to fully heal while Chaiyasan fought only 2 months ago.

To quote a Chalor trainer, "There are no signs of pre-existing injury, nobody saw him get hurt, and how did he recover so fast if he snapped his shin? Ask yourself these questions."

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