Muscle And Beauty: 15 Stunning Professional Female Bodybuilders

The fitness industry has always been male dominated in competitions, but a new era of fitness is quickly approaching us. Companies are sponsoring females in droves to help sell their products. Let’s be honest; good looks sell easily, and most of these women prance around in the skimpiest fitness attire with a company’s product in hopes of selling it. Girls such as Somer Ray and Ana Cheri are undoubtedly some of the hottest babes on the planet. There are some women who are much more fit than some of these girls who are sponsored by companies, and they compete in many competitions across the globe.

The world of fitness has many professional female bodybuilders who not only have had success as a competitor, but also are drop dead gorgeous. These women in order to compete need to drop their body fat to lower percentages than even the average man. This takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and they spend tons of hours in the gym preparing for their next competition. Despite practicing a male dominated sports these women are some of the most beautiful in shape girls in the world.

Here are 15 Professional Female Bodybuilders That You Need to See:

15 Ana Delia

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Ana Delia has a variety of talents in athletics competing as a swimmer, inline skater, ballet dancer, and gymnast, and she used all of her past experiences in these sports and translated them into a career in bodybuilding. Tragedy struck Delia when she began to lose family members including her father, brother, and cousin. This motivated her to get back into the gym because in the past it made her feel better, and now she is a gorgeous women that can mesmerize anyone who puts their eyes on her. Delia’s body is toned up. Her stomach is incredibly lean, and you can see striations in her shoulders. Her curves are well put together thanks to two of her favorite exercises which are: stiff legged deadlifts and lunges.

14 Dia Salamon


Dia Salamon is fairly new to being a world class athlete in the IFBB, and she began her journey as a bodybuilder in 2012. Since 2012 she has been able to make a lot of improvements to her physique. The gym is her sanctuary, and the Hungarian beauty is always learning new ways to impress the judges even more. She has eyes that many guys would get lost in despite her various other assets. Further down she has a well sculpted stomach with abs that are visible from far away, and this is due to the hours of cardio that she puts in prior to competition. Look out for Dia Salamon as see she looks to perhaps compete in the Olympia down the line.

13 Bojana Vasilijevick

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Bojana Vasilijevic may have a very difficult name to pronounce, but it is not hard to see why she has been so successful as a IFBB pro. At a young age Vasilijevic was a gymnast and a track and field athlete. Her love for the gym came at the young age of 12 years old, and she immediately was hooked with spending hours at the gym. Due to her inexperience she often times would overtrain which caused her to burnout at times. The figure competitions concentrate most on a girls butt, shoulders, and back, and Vasilijevic has a big firm derriere, massive shoulders, and a beautifully sculpted back. Since Vasilijevic is still only in her early 30s she still has years ahead of her to grow and achieve more success in the sport of bodybuilding.

12 Denise Rodrigues

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Denise Rodrigues is from the beautiful country of Brazil, and she is one of the hottest females in the country which has a large amount of beauties. At the age of 17 she began her fitness journey. Envisioning a career as a bodybuilder was never a thought to Rodrigues until very recently, but her success with getting her body looking great has made it obvious that this is the career she belongs in. Her stomach is shredded and stands out in competition. Rodrigues dedicates two days a week to her upper body and two days a week to her lower body, and her glutes are arguably her most impressive body part. Her quads are also enormous. Rodrigues also helps others achieve their fitness goals, and even though she is 35 she still has a lot left to show off on stage.

11 Viktoria Sima


Viktoria Sima is the second beautiful Hungarian bodybuilder that has cracked this list, and there is no denying that she is a pleasure to watch on stage when the lights are on. The bodybuilding lifestyle requires intense dieting and supplementation. Sima eats about five meals a day that are high in protein, and uses a collage of supplements including whey, casein, and BCAAs. All these supplements and good food help the blonde bombshell achieve the looks that have given her success in the IFBB FitBalance Cup and the IFBB Hungarian Bodybuilding and Fitness Cup. Unlike a majority of female bodybuilders her arms might be her best muscle group to show off, but she still does have a nice flat mid-section, tight rear end, and a set of stunning eyes.

10 Eva Andressa


One of the most ripped up stomachs in all of fitness belongs to the bodybuilding beauty Eva Andressa, and she is one of the most popular bodybuilders in the world male or female. She began her fitness journey as a skinny 17 year old from Brazil. 16 years later she has been featured on numerous magazines, and has over a million followers on Instagram even though she no longer competes. Genetically she was meant to compete because of her body’s ability to improve quickly. She won her first competition in her home country of Brazil after just a year of training. Her success can be attributed to her husband, and with his guidance Andressa was able to win competitions all around her country of Brazil.

9 Lauren Simpson

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Lauren Simpson is a WBFF Bikini competitor, and she is one of the most gorgeous women in all of fitness. 2015 marked the start of her competition career. One of her most sexy habits is her love for lifting heavy weights, and this is not always common in women because they falsely believe that lifting heavy will make them look like a man. Simpson while lifting heavy still looks very feminine even though she can squat and deadlift twice her body weight. She is very charming to stare at, and she is always giving advice on workouts, nutrition, etc. on her website and on social media. Not only has fitness improved her body physically but it has also put her in a better mental state.

8 Zsuzsanna Toldi

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Zsuzsanna Toldi is Hungary’s first IFBB Pro Figure competitor, and she has been able to achieve a lot of success in the sport of bodybuilding. At 18 she knew she wanted to be a bodybuilder. Even though she trained really hard her diet was not as great as it could have been, and Toldi knew that she had to make her diet stricter in order to compete in bigger competitions. In 2012 she finally got her chance in her first big competition at the the 2012 Arnold Classic Amateur. Toldi did not place in the competition, but just one year later she had received her pro card after having success in the 2013 IFBB World Amateur Championships and winning the 2013 Arnold Classic Europe Amateur trophy.

7 Julie Germaine


Julie Germaine is Canada’s most recognizable bodybuilder today, and she has been extremely successful in the sport of bodybuilding since she started competing in 2006. She started working out at the age of 17. Success did not come right away as she had developed a type of body with no muscle definition. She finally ramped up her training and started eating clean which resulted in seeing more results, and although things were not going so well in her personal life the gym was a place she could cope with the stress that had been put on her. She won her first competition in 2006 and is still training hard for future contest as well as helping others through her online fitness programs for men and women.

6 Juliana Daniell

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Juliana Daniell competes in the IFBB bikini division, and has been around athletes for much of her adult life. Before becoming a professional bodybuilder Daniell was a great swimmer and even swam competitively in college. After her swimming career was over she stayed involved in athletics, only this time she was competing she was cheering on the sidelines. Daniell has been a cheerleader for three professional sports teams before making the jump to bodybuilding. In the many competitions she has competed in she has only won once in her debut contest, but she has accomplished so much and has competed in two of the most acknowledged bodybuilding competitions in the world at “The Arnold Classic” and “The Olympia.” Daniell has a slim figure with muscles in all the areas that guys like.

5 Tawna Eubanks

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Tawna Eubanks went from the pageant stage showing off her gracefulness to the stage at bodybuilding competitions showing off her muscles, and she has the beauty of a pageant queen combined with the fierce muscle development of a bodybuilder. The fitness lifestyle requires a lot of hard work in and out of the gym. Eubanks has embraced this hard work, and she absolutely loves pushing her body to the limit. Many scoff at the idea of dieting being fun but a good diet helps Eubanks look and feel better. Egg whites, chicken, and steak are staples in producing a competition body. Cardio also helps with keeping her body nice and lean, but since her body is naturally thin she opts to do regular cardio over HIIT cardio.

4 Taylor Chamberlain


Taylor Chamberlain is a bikini competitor in the NPC Sports League, and she has blown up on social media. She has many followers that subscribe to her for fitness and nutrition advice. Eating was neglected by Chamberlain early on causing her to develop an eating disorder, but the thought of competing in bodybuilding contests got her excited to try different healthy options The 2016 NPC Junior Nationals was Chamberlain’s first appearance as a bikini competitor. Her degree in dietetics and her personal training certification through ACE make her more qualified than most competitors to ask for fitness advice from. Her parents were both bodybuilders as well, and this gave Chamberlain an idea of what she wanted to be when she grew up from an early age.

3 Andreia Brazier


Andreia Brazier like most people used to eat only three meals a day, but realized in order to become a world class bodybuilder she needed to increase the amount of meals she ate to speed up her metabolism. Cutting carbohydrates out of her diet was also a necessary step for her to get her body toned up and ready for competitions. This fitness guru is no slouch in the gym either, and she will often times train six days a week. The hard work in the kitchen and gym has noticeably been paying off. Brazier has finely sculpted abdominals, and has little to no body fat to her name. Being crowned the WBFF World Champion is no easy feat and just because she’s a little older than most of her competition doesn’t make her any less driven to get results.

2 Christina Strom Fjaere


It may be cold in Norway, but one of the hottest girls in the country has to be bodybuilder Christina Strom Fjaere, whose smile and assets separate her from most girls. Her career in the sport of bodybuilding began at a fairly young age. In 2012, Fjaere competed in her first competition “The Norway Open,” and her figure was so jaw dropping that the judges gave her high remarks which resulted in her winning her first contest. Her first four competitions all resulted in a first place finish. First prize at her fourth contest the 2013 IFBB World Championships led to her getting her pro card, and now she was ready to get even more serious into the sport than even previously where she had been flawless early on in her career.

1 Orban Betti

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Orban Betti is perhaps the most beautiful bodybuilder on the entire planet, and not only is she out of this world beautiful in the sense of a model but she’s also been a IFBB Junior Champion early in her career. Fitness has not only become popular in the United States. Orban was born in Budapest, Hungary, and at a young age it was apparent that bodybuilding could be a career that would be very rewarding. She was named the IBFF Junior Champion at only 23 years of age, and this helped her get recognized by sponsors. Presently she is sponsored by the nutrition company “SCITEC.” Outside of her sponsorship she has been on the cover of Presztízs Sport magazine, and has also been a brand ambassador for Trainsane Gym.

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