15 GIFs Of Eugenie Bouchard Everyones Needs To See

Eugenie Bouchard, better known across the world as Genie Bouchard, in her short career, has taken the tennis world by the storm. Though her career on the court hasn't lived up to expectations so far, due to a rocky couple of years affected by injuries, she is truly flourishing off the court.

Genie has left the world in the awe of her beauty that the tennis fraternity finally believes that they have their successor to Maria Sharapova as the new pin-up girl of the sport. She endorses some of the biggest brands in the world such as Nike and has also graced the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine.

She has also become a darling due to her witty posts on various social media platforms and is never afraid to show off her hot body on her Instagram. At the age of 23, she has her entire career left ahead of her and if she can regain her form on the tennis court, which enabled her to reach the finals of the 2014 Wimbledon - the sky is well and truly the limit for her.

Meanwhile, here are a few GIFs of Bouchard, showing off her personality which oozes confidence and beauty, which has endeared her to the world of sports.

15 Genie Loves To Be Dorky

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Despite achieving global superstardom, Bouchard is still the same old sweetheart which made her the golden girl of tennis in the first place. She is often witty and charming in her interview and loves to interact with her fans off the court.

Becoming an international celebrity hasn't changed her one bit and she can be seen goofing around away from the game, being at her dorky best. She doesn't get the pressure of being a world-class athlete get to her and is charming and light-hearted whenever she isn't playing the game.

This had made her a breath of fresh air as most world-famous sportspersons often carry an air of seriousness around them.

14 She Has Become A Red Carpet Celebrity

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Her success of and off the court has made her a highly coveted presence at various sporting red carpet events. During the annual WTA and Wimbledon parties, all eyes are on Genie and what kind of outfit would she wear for the gala.

She is also very interactive with the media during these events, making her a favorite of one and all! Again her personality shines through at such events and she is given the kind of welcome, only reserved for A-listers. Genie has well and truly become a global phenomenon!

13 Comfortable At The Beach

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Bouchard loves to vacation on beaches which is amply clear through one peek at her Instagram account. She can be often seen chilling out near the calm and peace of the sea, wearing some sultry outfits.

She also loves to don daring new types of swimsuits which was crystal clear when she shot for the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine, for their swimsuit collection. The photoshoot was well received by everyone, her fans and critics alike.

With her debut for the media giants, she joined elite company in the tennis world with the likes of Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki having previously graced the magazine cover.

12 Maria Sharapova, From Idol To Rival

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Genie Bouchard idolized Maria Sharapova when she was growing up, learning her trade in the game of tennis. Sharapova is the one player she has been often compared with due to her skills on the court and her marketing potential off it.

But it all changed when Sharapova was handed a doping ban. When the Russian was set to make a comeback, Bouchard went as far as branding Sharapova a cheat, saying in an interview, "I don't think that's right. She is a cheater and so, to me, I don't think a cheater in any sport should be allowed to play that sport again. It's so unfair to all the other players who do it the right way."

Sharapova, not to take it lying down, hit back with a subtle dig, liking an image on Twitter, which mocked Bouchard with the caption, 'Insufferable: My Life So Far'.

11 Never Afraid To Be Bold On Social Media

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Bouchard has gained quite a following on social media and one of the reasons for that is her bold attitude. If you are a follower of the stunning blonde on any of her social media account, you are in for an absolute ride!

The blonde bombshell often posts revealing images of her self either in a bikini or in lingerie. She also posts many videos giving her followers an insight into her personal life.

A bold attitude combined with her natural sense of humor has made Bouchard quite a champion of the social media game as well. She is one of the most followed tennis stars on Twitter with 1.58 million followers to her name.

10 She Has A Gorgeous Twin Sister

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Not only are we lucky to have the presence of the sultry Genie Bouchard in this world, we are also graced by a hot twin sister of hers named Beatrice. The two are very close and Bouchard can also be seen posting various images on social media platforms with her.

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Beatrice is elder than Genie having been born six minutes before her. Both Eugenie and Beatrice were named after English princesses by their parents. They were named after daughters of Prince Andrew and granddaughters of the Queen.

9 Genie Takes Fashion Very Seriously

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For Genie, her fashion sense is very important to her. This is one of the reasons why she can be seen experimenting new looks all the time, be it on the court, on red-carpet events or the different kinds of swimsuits she tries on.

She has been lauded as being one of the boldest players on the court, when trying out different outfits for different tournaments and has been known to push the boundaries.

She said on her fashion sense in an interview with Flare magazine, "Fashion is important. the court is a stage to express personal style."

8 She's Got Some A-list Celebrity Friends

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Her success on the court has led her to make some big names in Hollywood her close friends. Her matches during Grand Slam tournaments have been often attended by 'The Big Bang Theory' actor and multiple-time awards winner Jim Parsons.

Parsons speaking on Bouchard, said, "She played her first professional Wimbledon last year, and her manager contacted my manager, and apparently she watches Big Bang, and he knew I was a fan of tennis and he said, ‘Is there any chance Jim could come to Wimbledon? He could sit in the players’ box with us."

Bouchard has also been spotted with Justin Bieber many times, sparking some rumors that the pair were dating, which she later vehemently denied. She also counts on comedian Kevin Hart as a good friend.

7 Genie Has A Smile That Would Melt Your Heart

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Genie Bouchard truly has a smile to die for! She has been regularly voted as one of the sexiest and most beautiful players on the women's circuit and it is easy to see why.

Bouchard now with her performances on the court has started to make her name not only in tennis but across the wide spectrum of global sports. She is slowly making her way up on the list of the highest paid female athletes in the world.

Her charm personality and sunshine-like smile are only a few of the reasons why she is such a marketable presence in the world of sport. Be it any situation, that infectious smile could make your day!

6 Wealth Runs In The Family

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Bouchard was born in quite a rich family in the plush Westmount neighborhood of Montreal in Canada. Her dad Mike is an investment banker and her mother is named Julie. She along with her twin sister have two other young siblings named Charlotte and William.

She attended an all-girls private school named The Study till the age of 12, before moving to Florida to pursue a career in tennis. It certainly turned out to be the right choice. She has already earned over 5 million dollars in prize money.

She also endorses some biggies like Coca-Cola and Nike which brings in additional income to her bank account. Not that she needs more!

5 A Lot Of Accomplishments In Her Short Career

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Even though Bouchard has witnessed a stark decline in her form which has led to a major decline in rankings, it is easy to forget that she is still on 23 years old and is yet to enter the prime of her career.

She has already accomplished a lot in the game of tennis, reaching a Grand Slam final and two other semi-finals. She has also won a WTA title along with 6 ITF titles. She was also ranked a career-high World No.5.

Such big was her achievement at the 2014 edition of the Wimbledon Championship, that she became the first Canadian-born athlete representing Canada to reach the final of a Grand Slam tournament. Now that is an impressive accomplishment.

4 Genie Is Secretive About Her Personal Life

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With her beauty and her success in the sport, Bouchard is undoubtedly a highly courted woman in the world. Men would without any hesitation have such a beautiful woman in their lives. But when it comes to the men she is in a relationship with, Bouchard is not the one to openly profess her love to the world.

She has been linked with many men, including Justin Bieber. Most signs though point to the fact that she has been in a relationship with hockey player Jordan Caron. In January 2017, she posted an image of her holding hands with him, which is the most open sign that she has been in a committed relationship.

Recently, rumors are also circulating that there is something brewing between her and her Twitter date John Goehrke, against whom she lost a Superbowl bet, though there hasn't been any confirmation from either of them.

3 There Have Been Some Minor Hiccups In Her Journey

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Despite her rapid rise, Bouchard's journey also has had its fair share of controversies. The biggest one of them all was when she decided to sue the USTA.

At the US Open in 2015, Bouchard slipped on the court and had a concussion from the incident. She then had to withdraw before her fourth-round match and missed the rest of the season. Her career has never since then reached the same heights.

But such is the popularity of Bouchard, that despite her lawsuit, the US Open organizers decided to schedule a match of hers at the Arthur Ashe Stadium, the biggest tennis court in the world. Even Bouchard was left surprised by this call, saying, "I was surprised, yeah. But it's always an amazing opportunity to play on the biggest tennis court in the world."

2 Bouchard Idolizes Roger Federer

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Does it even come as a surprise? There are few people in the world who love the game of tennis who do not admire the Swiss legend. Genie Bouchard is no different.

The Swiss maestro, regarded by many as the greatest tennis player of all-time and who has a record 19-Grand Slam titles to his name can count on Genie Bouchard as one of his biggest fans. Bouchard first met Federer at the Wimbledon ball in 2012 and called the experience as  the highlight of her life.

She also said in a later interview that she could learn much from Federer, quoting, "It’s so impressive to watch him play. His patience is a good lesson for everyone.

1 A Canadian Darling

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Bouchard is a Queen in the hearts of the Canadians and a very popular figure back in the country. She has never shied away from her Canadian roots and is a big fan of sports which are popular there like Hockey. She can be often seen attending various live hockey matches and also posts images on Instagram with her wearing shirts with Canadian flags or with the flag painted on her face.

This has endeared her back home to the Canadians who are proud of her for representing the country in a competitive game like tennis, which has a worldwide following. She was also voted the Canadian Female Athlete of the Year in 2013.

She said on winning the award, "It’s special. It just shows how much hard work I’ve put in this year that I’ve had good results. It makes me more proud of my year."

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