15 Photos Of Jewel That Would Drive Charlie Whitehurst Crazy

The story of Jewel Kilcher is one of a small town girl who dared to dream big. The singer went from being a resident of  Homer, Alaska, which has just over 5,000 residents, to becoming an award-winning recording artist who has sold over 30 million records.

Kilcher became a mainstream star in the mid-1990s with her now legendary album Pieces of You,which featured hit songs like “Who Will Save Your Soul” and “Foolish Games.” While other '90s acts have since faded into relative obscurity, the Alaskan native has managed to evolve musically and stay relevant. She has had success in several musical genres including folk, rock, and country.

Jewel Kilcher is not only a talented and versatile musician, she is also one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry. At 43-years-young, the artist known as Jewel looks virtually the same as she did when she first became a star over two decades ago. Her undeniable beauty has caught the attention of more than few celebrities over the years.

These days she is dating none other than football player and perennial backup quarterback, Charlie Whitehurst. However, just because she is off the market at the moment, doesn’t mean we can’t take a look back at some of her best photos over the years, even if her QB boyfriend might wish we didn’t.


15 Have A Seat

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In this photo we see the popular singer posing in a chair while wearing what looks like some sort of cabaret-style outfit. The 5-foot-6 blonde almost looks like she is getting ready to star in a Broadway musical here. Whatever the case may be, the outfit will certainly get folks' attention. This picture demonstrates that the signer isn’t afraid to get creative with her modeling endeavors.

Fun Fact: Jewel grew up in, and is often associated with, the state of Alaska. While she did in fact grow up in Alaska, she was actually born in Payson, Utah. However, her family relocated to Anchorage, Alaska shortly after she was born. Her parents divorced in 1981, at which time she moved with her father to Homer, Alaska where she spent most of her childhood.

14 Another Break In The Wall

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It’s amazing how a photo that features Jewel wearing so many layers of clothing, still manages to be somewhat revealing. The singer poses in a tank top and lingerie-like undergarments in front of a damaged wall that looks like it may have been hit with a sludge hammer. While the cracked wall could easily serve as a distraction, it will still likely be difficult for most people to take their eyes off the stunning singer.

Fun Fact: While fans have seen Jewel dabble in several styles of music over the years, they may not be aware that she also yodels. When she was a young girl, she would perform on stage with her father in various hotels in the Anchorage area. It was during this period that her father taught her how to yodel.


13 Welcome To Miami

Thalasso Therapy. #Miami

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Images like this one will likely earn the Alaskan folk star a few more followers on Instagram. One thing that has become abundantly clear from the photos we have seen thus far is that Jewel definitely knows how to rock a swimsuit. We have also learned that she likes to be photographed next to the water. This pic, which shows the popular celeb posing at the front of a boat in Miami, Florida is certainly among her best.

Fun Fact: Outside of being a world-famous musician, Jewel is also an author. She has published three books thus far. Her first book, A Night Without Armor is a collection of poems which were published in 1998. Her other titles, Chasing Down the Dawn and Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half The Story, are both biographies about her life.

12 Strike A Pose

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The curvy folk star looks simply dashing in this gorgeous outfit. This particular image has a nice mixture of class, elegance, and just a bit of sex appeal. The blonde musician shows that if her singing career hadn’t worked out, she most definitely would have had a great deal of a success as a model. Jewel is a natural beauty who knows how to make magic in front of the camera.

Fun Fact: Jewel released her most recent album Picking Up the Pieces in September of 2015. The idea for the self-produced album was for the singer to return to her folk roots which made her first album, Pieces of You so successful. The recording was met with mostly positive reviews with Marcus Floyd from Renowned for Sound claiming, “ Jewel has successfully returned to her roots, and her fans will thank her for it."


11 Candid Swimsuit Shot

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One of the few downsides to being a celebrity is having paparazzi around wherever you go. In this photo, Jewel appears to have caught a cameraperson taking a candid bikini pic. While candid photo don't always show stars in the best light, this is definitely one that does. The 43-year-old singer looks great in her bikini as she waves her finger at the photographer.

Fun Fact: “Who Will Save Your Soul” was Jewel’s first hit single from her popular album Pieces of You. She wrote the song while she was hitchhiking around Mexico when she as just 16 years of age. The radio version was of the song was slightly altered to add more of pop/folk sound so as to appeal to a mass audience. The track peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.

10 Hallmark Moment

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In this photo, we see Jewel posing on the red carpet (or the white carpet in this particular instance) in what appears to be Hallmark promotional event. The pop star likely turned some heads that day in her form-fitting, floral pattern dress as smiles for the many photographers on hand. The blonde singer definitely looks the part of a VIP in this high-quality image.

Fun Fact: Jewel's 2nd album, Spirit, was released in 1998. The record featured hit singles like “Down So Long” and “Hands.” It debuted at number 3 on the Billboard charts, having sold roughly 368,000 copies in the very first week alone. Spirit would go on to sell over 3.7 million copies in the United States. It also received generally favorable reviews from critics.


9 Running Hard

The Alaskan superstars wows her social media followers with this post that shows her standing on a boat in an amazing one-piece swimsuit. Apparently, based on the caption, the folk musician was taking a much-needed break at the time this photo was captured. Below the pic, she writes, “I don’t thing I realized how much I needed a break until I finally came here and slowed down. Is so nice to just “be”… and not “do”… I’ve been a human doing, and I crave to be a human just being.” Even her Instagram captions kind of sound like song lyrics.

Fun Fact: Jewel studied operatic voice at Interlochen Arts Academy located in Interlochen, Michigan. Local businesses in her hometown of Homer, Alaska helped raise funds for her tuition.

8 A Girl And Her Guitar

This pic proves that Jewel doesn’t need to be wearing revealing outfits or wondering about in a bikini in order to create a great photo. Here he sees that sometimes all it takes is a girl and her guitar to get over 2,600 likes on the social media site, Instagram. This artistic image will definitely maker her fans want to see the new photos she is promoting in the caption.

Fun Fact: In 2003 she released her 5th album, 0304. Jewel’s final single from her previous album, a song called “Serve the Ego” reached number 1 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart. The song's success prompted her to create an entire dance-pop album. The record sold around 771,000 copies in the US and received slightly above average reviews from critics.


7 From Cannes

Hello from Cannes!

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This stunning Instagram post shows the guitarist posing by the pool, wearing a bikini in Cannes. For those unfamiliar, Cannes is a resort town on the French Riviera. It is best known for the international film fest which is held there on an annual basis. The blonde superstar is certainly doing her part to help make the French Riviera sizzle in this smoking hot photograph.

Fun Fact: In 2008, Jewel decided to change things up, yet again, by releasing her very first country music album, Perfectly Clear. The release was her seventh album and featured the singles “Stronger Woman” and “I Do.” The album sold 370,000 copies, significantly fewer than many of her earlier releases. The record, which was produced by John Rich (from the band Big & Rich), received above average reviews from critics.

6 Sparkling Dress

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Jewel looks ready to perform in this dazzling dress as she strikes a fierce pose for the camera. The flattering attire helps to highlight the award-winning musician's hourglass figure in a photo her fans are sure to love. While her musical tastes (at least regarding what she creates) have changed over the years, she has proven to always be able to make outstanding wardrobe choices.

Fun Fact: In 1999, Jewel made her big screen debut in the western, Ride With the Devil. While the film bombed, bringing in just over $635,000 USD on a $38 million budget, Jewel received praise for her work in the film. Her performance prompted critic Roger Ebert to write, “She is an actress here, not a pop star trying out a new hobby.”


5 Throwback

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This fun, throwback photo shows a young Jewel Kilcher posing for a picture while standing underneath a dock. Even at a relatively young age, it was very clear that the best selling recording artist was a natural in front of the camera. This pic also shows how little her appearance has changed over the years, leading one to believe Jewel might still look amazing if she lives to be 100.

Fun Fact: Jewel was at the center of controversy following her rendition of the US national anthem at Super Bowl XXII. Due to a mishap early in the song where she failed to mouth the first words, it became clear that she was lip-syncing. This prompted Super Bowl producers to admit that they prefer to have performers pre-record their vocals before their performances.

4 In Yellow

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This fun, retro photo shows the singer sporting a yellows top and partially slicked back hair. The recording artist almost looks like a cast member in one of the Grease films in this particular shot. That being said, the flattering attire certainly helps to showcase the starlet's remarkable figure in yet another impressive picture from the Alaskan performer's collection of pics.

Fun Fact. Quarterback Charlie Whitehurst isn’t the only celebrity that Jewel has been romantically involved with. In the mid-'90s she’s dated actor Sean Penn. After dating for roughly a decade, she married professional rodeo cowboy Ty Murray. The marriage lasted for around six years from 2008 until 2014. Jewel and Murray have a son together who was born back in July of 2011.


3 Doing What She Does Best

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Jewel has a lot of great photos out there which show her modeling in a variety of outfits. However, this particular shot shows the folk singer looking good while doing what she does best, which is singing. The 5-foot-6 star looks phenomenal in her short shorts and stylish jacket while performing at a basketball game. The singer shows us her unique fashion sense as well as her dapper shoes in this shot.

Fun Fact: Jewel’s mother Nedra served as her business manager until 2003. The two had a falling out and are no longer close. The singer accused her mother of stealing millions from her while serving as her manager. Her father, Atz Kilcher is featured in the Discovery Channel’s reality show, Alaska: The Last Frontier. Jewel has also made guest appearances on the show.

2 Breeders Cup

About to sing at the Breeders Cup- wish me luck!

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In this Instagram post, we see Jewel posing in a long floral dress while preparing to sing at the Breeders Cup. The Breeders Cup World Championship is series of Grade 1 Thoroughbred horse races that are held annually. With her large hat and dapper dress, Jewel will most definitely fit in at the prestigious event. Hopefully, she won’t sing too loudly, or she might end up being a little horse, er, hoarse.

Fun Fact: Jewel’s 10th album, The Merry Goes ‘Round was the first to feature music geared towards children. The albums was released a few months after the singer gave birth to her first child. The website Allmusic gave the album 3 ½ our 5 stars. The reviewer, James Christopher Morgan said the album was “sweet and silly enough to hold the attention of a roomful of little ones, and breezy and folksy enough to keep their parents from launching a sippy cup into the speakers."


1 Nature Girl

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This is one of the more unique photos of the 90s icon that folks will ever come across. In this photo, we see Jewel wearing what appears to be a peacock inspired outfit while posing in front of a large plant (or bush). While this might not be a popular outfit choice for most women, the Alaskan stunner shows that she is more than capable of pulling it off. Those who enjoy beautiful musicians and plants (and who doesn’t?) will most certainly appreciate this image.

Fun Fact: Jewel has won numerous awards over the course of her illustrious career. She won an American Music Award for Favorite New Artist in 1997, an MTV Music Award for Best Female Video (for "Foolish Games"), and has also been nominated for four Grammy Awards.


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