10 NBA Players (And 5 MLB Players) Who Broke The Code

Just like "normal" people, athletes make mistakes, too. Big, morally incorrect mistakes, at that. Despite the fact of these athletes knowing all the cameras that they have on them and rumors swirling around them 24/7, these "brave" athletes thought that they could possibly go behind a teammate's back and sleep with their wife. Granted, they at least make multi-millions of dollars a year, but that doesn't change the scrutiny they faced. These same athletes are role models for kids and young adults alike. Unfortunately for them, social media starts churning the minute any rumor of a teammate allegedly sleeping with another teammate's wife emerges.

In most of these cases, the perpetrator was caught red-handed and traded or let off the team in some fashion, however some of these teammates stayed on the team, and didn't face the consequences until later. On this list, you'll find NBA and MLB players, with the NBA players taking up more of the list. Whether it be the longer offseason or more traveling, NBA players seem to sleep around more than MLB players.

This list also includes some superstar surprises, such as Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Shaq. Some of these stars had their wife being slept with, and for some of them, they were the one's pursuing the wife. Either way, these players were caught guilty by the media and their teammates. Here are 10 NBA players and 5 MLB players who slept with a teammate's wife.

15 Paul George (NBA)

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Back in his Pacers days, when the Pacers competed with the Heat for the East, Paul George was rumored to have slept with Roy Hibbert's wife. The rumor started to circulate around the time the Pacers had a seven-game series with the sub-.500 #8 seed Atlanta Hawks. Roy Hibbert was playing absolutely atrociously, and was receiving hate from fans on social media. Naturally, the rumor of Hibbert having his wife being with PG13 started to gain steam. The rumor began on balleralert.com, a reliable source, so fans and media truly believed the rumor. George denied the claims, though the truth has never come out.

14 Andrew Bynum (NBA)

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Andrew Bynum, in his very short stint with the Cavaliers, was accused of sleeping with assistant coach Jamahl Mosley's wife, and shortly after the accusations, was put on paid leave for having relations with a coach's wife. That season, the Cleveland Cavaliers were an absolute dumpster fire, and this was just a year before LeBron came back. Bynum was traded a few weeks following his leave, and is hard to see reason why this incident did not take place, as Mosley's wife never commentated on the issue. Due to his injury history, Bynum may not have had the career fans expected, but he was sure to go out with a bang.

13 Dave Martinez (MLB)

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Dave Martinez played for the Cubs in the '80s, and was accused of sleeping with star Ryne Sandberg's wife, Cindy. Shortly after the accusations came out, Martinez was traded in order to keep their star second baseman from wanting to leave the Cubs. The incident took place in the 1980s and since then, Cindy has commentated on it. Speaking to the Chicago Times, Cindy Sandberg said, "These people don't know me, don't know what I am doing and never have." Cindy and Ryne Sandberg got divorced, and the rumor was most certainly proven to be true.

12 Tony Parker (NBA)

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Tony Parker, longtime guard for the Spurs and former teammates with Brent Barry, was accused of sleeping with Barry's wife, Erin. Parker was caught by his then-wife Eva Longoria texting Erin Barry. Longoria then accused him of cheating, and filed for a divorce. Barry was devastated to hear the news of Parker sleeping with his wife, and he and Erin got divorced as well. Parker's business with Barry and his wife is pretty well known throughout the media, and has been proven as well. Casual NBA fans will remember Parker for his outstanding play, but they also won't forget the scandals he was involved in.

11 Karl Malone (NBA)

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Towards the end of his career, Malone tried to join up with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal in order to form a superteam with the Lakers. During Malone's stint, he was alleged to be flirting with Kobe's wife, Vanessa, and obviously, this upset Kobe. Kobe called out Malone for his actions and said he would not hesitate to fight Malone. The Mailman disagreed with Kobe's comments, saying that he came in peace but is "ready for war." Malone doubled down on his comments nearly a decade later, saying that where he is from, you settle problems by going "out to the back." He said that Kobe could easily track him down if needed, and would be ready for him if so.

10 Avisail Garcia (MLB)

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Back in 2013, the Detroit Tigers had a solid team with Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, and Avisail Garcia, and the three all had great chemistry, but that all changed when the news came out that Garcia was allegedly sleeping with Fielder's wife. Fielder was told by Cabrera of the news, and proceeded to have an altercation with Garcia shortly after. Avisail was traded from the team, and Fielder left the team not too long after that. Of the entries on this list, this one is surprising because the Tigers were a team that were World Series contenders, and teams of that caliber typically form a bond which cannot be broken, but evidently, Garcia didn't get the memo.

9 Jim Jackson (NBA)

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This entry doesn't have a wife involved, however it does involve a teammate of Jason Kidd taking the lady he was chasing away from him. Kidd and his teammate Jim Jackson, who at the time, were the future of the Dallas Mavericks, both were attempting to hook up with the well-known R&B singer Toni Braxton. In the '95-96 season, Kidd had a date planned with Braxton, but she dipped out on the plans for his teammate, Jim Jackson. The rumors began to gain steam in the NBA community and Kidd and Jackson were traded. Kidd and Jackson have said multiple times that the rumors were not true, but if that were the case, why would the Dallas Mavericks look to trade two of their youngest and most talented players at the time?

8 Shaquille O'Neal (NBA)

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While Shaq was never NBA teammates with Gilbert Arenas, they were All-Star teammates. O'Neal allegedely slept with Arenas' wife, Laura Govan, which led to a divorce from his wife, Shaunie. O'Neal emailed Govan, asking for her room number at the hotel she was at, and she returned with some explicit messages. These were claimed to have been fake, however it's hard to believe that when Arenas made an outrageous Instagram post with a paragraph in the caption calling out Shaq. The whole situation is a mess, and lucky for Shaq, it did not harm his public image too much, as he still has a spot on TNT.

7 Rafael Palmeiro (MLB)

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Out of everyone on this list, Ryne Sandberg's wife was caught sleeping with one of his teammates twice. After Dave Martinez was done with Sandberg's first wife Cindy, Sandberg divorced her and got a new wife. The new wife also got into a sexual relationship with one of Sandberg's teammates, and it turned out to be star slugger Rafael Palmeiro. The man affectionately known as "Ryno" had an unfortunate life off the field during his MLB career, and during his Hall-Of-Fame induction speech, began to cry when the topic of his wife came up.

6 Derek Fisher (NBA)

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Of guys in the NBA you most likely do not want to mess with, Matt Barnes is probably on that list. When Derek Fisher decided to meet up with Barnes' wife while her husband was at practice, Barnes went crazy and drove over 80 miles to confront Fisher. Barnes proceeded to get into a fight with Fisher, where sources say that Barnes "kicked his butt." Fisher left the area shortly after, and Fisher did not press charges on Barnes. Barnes had every right to be mad, and it shows the limits that he will go to if you decide to mess with him - especially by going after his wife. Lesson learned for Derek Fisher.

5 Jason Richardson (NBA)

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Former NBA slam dunk contest champion Jason Richardson was accused of sleeping with Steve Nash's wife. Richardson and Nash were teammates back during the "7 Seconds or less" Suns era, and when Nash's wife at the time, had a baby, he divorced her shortly after, believing that it was in fact Jason Richardson's. Jason Richardson ended up being traded to the Orlando Magic in order to keep Steve Nash happy, and Nash ended up with no wife or kid from the whole situation. Even the league's superstar MVP players can face the same problems that "normal" people tend to face.

4 Fritz Peterson And Mike Kekich (MLB)

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Of the entries on this list, this is definitely the strangest, and the only mutually consensual entry on the list. Peterson and Kekich, who both pitched for the New York Yankees, decided in the 1972 season to swap wives. For Peterson, the swap was an absolute hit out the park. He ended up marrying the wife he got from Kekich and are still happily married. Unfortunately for Kekich, he did not hit it off with Peterson's wife, and they split up a few years. The craziest trade in MLB history is one that does not even involve two opposing players or front offices and general managers, but rather, two teammates and their willing wives.

3 Shannon Brown (NBA)

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Shannon Brown, a role player and backup during the Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol-era Lakers, was accused of sleeping with Gasol's girlfriend, Silvia Lopez Castro. Gasol was struggling on the Lakers, and fans looked to blame off the court with problems with the lower tier players on the Lakers for his play. Gasol denied the claims, and Brown sent out an all-caps tweet, enraged about the situation. Whatever actually happened, Gasol's girlfriend never commented on the issue and Brown was off the Lakers shortly after the allegations began to gain steam online.

2 Delonte West (NBA)

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Of all the NBA entries on this list, the top one doesn't involve an NBA player's wife, but rather, his mother. This has been one of the most infamous rumors in the history of the NBA, and when you are dealing with the mother of arguably one of the greatest players to ever play, the rumor is likely to gain attention on all types of social media. LeBron James has never commented on the matter, and West hasn't exactly denied it, either. This easily takes the cake as the juiciest NBA rumor, and since LeBron will definitely be on the NBA Mount Rushmore, this rumor will always follow him as well.

1  1. Rick Manning (MLB)

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Rick Manning took his best friend's girl. After his friend Dennis Eckersley's wife, Denice, said that she did not love him anymore and was done with their relationship, Manning took his shot and took her for himself. Eckersley said that her not loving him anymore didn't hurt him too bad, but rather, not being able to be with his daughter anymore. The craziest part is that Eckersley still viewed Manning as his friend, despite the fact that Manning took his wife from him. If there's anything to learn, it's that not even your best friends will always follow the "bro code."

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