15 Women These NBA Stars Totally Regret Dating

Being a professional basketball player in the NBA has a lot of perks. You get a very large salary, get to travel all over the country, play a game you love, get a lot of attention and you have tons of women throwing themselves your way. However, with all greatness comes some major downfalls. Sure, you have loads of money, but that doesn’t last forever; traveling can get lonely, and not all women who seek NBA stars are great or genuine people.

Pro-athletes have gained quite a terrible reputation when it comes to relationships. They are notorious cheaters and players. Sometimes the player gets too caught up in the game and forgets what really matters. On the other hand, sometimes women/groupies play the player at his own game. It’s hard to maintain a private life or relationship when a major detail of your career involves being in the spotlight. It’s even harder to remain secretive when your partner is also already in the spotlight. In many instances, NBA stars hook up with other famous people, and every detail of their fling laid out for the public.

As anyone can imagine, it has the potential to get pretty dirty and awfully embarrassing. Every fight, every kiss, every mistake, every “I love you,” and every “I hate you” is shared with over seven billion people. And many basketball players still haven’t quite learned that cheating usually always gets exposed. Here are 15 women these NBA stars absolutely regret dating for many reasons.

15 Khloe Kardashian (James Harden)

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The current Houston Rockets point guard dated the youngest Kardashian sister for eight months in 2015, a year he’s described as “the worst year” of his life. Harden claims Khloe Kardashian was a huge distraction for his game, and he didn’t want or like all the attention that came with dating a Kardashian. His final straw was reportedly being swarmed by paparazzi while heading to a major game.

Many fans say Harden may be the only professional athlete so far to survive the “Kardashian Kurse.” His game is said to have improved massively after “eliminating the circus atmosphere.” Harden was accused of cheating on Kardashian during their romance, and she blasted him all over TV. He was extremely mad at how she aired their dirty laundry out for the world but has since “moved on.”

14 Hencha Voigt (LeBron James)

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LeBron James is married to Savannah Brinson-James and they have been since 2013. But it’s common knowledge that pro-athletes tend to cheat on their wives. James has been linked to Hencha Voigt, and that’s not such a great person to be linked to. Voigt stars on E! Network’s WAGS Miami, but before that she was just a self-proclaimed fitness model. She lives a very public and classless lifestyle.

Voigt has been involved in many fights during the filming of WAGS Miami; one included her getting cozy with a cast-mate's man. She was arrested in 2016 for trying to extort money through blackmail from famous Snapchat model, YesJulz. She didn’t face any jail time though, because they basically couldn’t prove the case a year later. Since James is married, it’s safe to say he doesn’t need any of this drama following him around.

13 Keonna Green (Nick Young)

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Nick Young’s split with Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea was a very public break up that kind of started with his former L.A. Laker teammate recording him bragging about how he was cheating on his then fiancé, Azalea. The “prank” video got released to the media and Azalea caught wind of the rumors. She also then caught Young on camera with other women in their house. But this isn’t about his relationship with Azalea.

While with the pop sensation, Young ended up getting his former baby momma, Keonna Green, pregnant again. Young and Green have had an on-and-off-relationship for years. Green got a reputation for being Young’s other woman, but she insists she is most definitely not. While Young adores his children with Green, this is probably a relationship he wishes happened a different way.

12 Kim Kardashian (Kris Humphries)

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Seventy-two days … that’s how long NBA player Kris Humphries was married to famous reality TV star Kim Kardashian. The pair began dating in October 2010 and were engaged less than a year later. Many people questioned the validity of their relationship, since neither of them seemed to get along very well and both expressed doubts leading up to the big day. In August 2011, they were married in one huge extravagant, expensive televised wedding.

Almost immediately after the wedding, Kardashian admitted she didn’t think the marriage would last very long, making the whole thing seem like one big publicity stunt. Now it’s not entirely clear if Humphries was on the same page as Kardashian, but now one of the biggest things he’s known for is marrying Kim K. To add insult to injury, after this relationship his basketball career went on a downward spiral just like his marriage.

11 Mia Angel Burks (Carmelo Anthony)

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Carmelo Anthony, Oklahoma City Thunder baller, is married to La La Anthony. The pair have been married since 2010 and dating since 2004, but Anthony was known to be seeing women on the side. “La La is married. I’m not,” was reportedly his catch phrase while out on the road. Anthony made a common mistake, though, when he got his mistress pregnant sometime in 2017, ultimately leading to a split with La La.

Anthony and Mia Angel Burks, a Northwestern Grad student, had been seeing each other for months before she got pregnant. It was first rumoured the NBA star got an exotic dancer pregnant, but an “ex-friend” of hers came forward with her name and background information. Anthony has accepted the baby as his and is there to support Burks and baby Melo.

10 Monica Wright (Kevin Durant)

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NBA’s Kevin Durant and WNBA’s Monica Wright were everyone’s fairytale sports couple… while it lasted, that is. The public believed they were destined to be together, just like the couple from the movie, “Love and Basketball.” The pair were engaged for about a year before Wright called it all off. She has since stated she didn’t agree with his “un-Christian” ways and admitted he cheated on her.

Durant was understandably heartbroken over the broken engagement. He was excited when he proposed, but after the split he understand he didn’t love her the right way and wondered if he was going to be alone forever or if he’ll ever have kids. Clearly, he won’t be alone forever. Let’s just hope he treats the woman he loves right the next time.

9 Michelle Game (Charlie Villanueva)

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In 2014, former NBA baller Charlie Villanueva proposed to his longtime girlfriend and infamous video vixen, Michelle Game. Game has been described numerous times as super thirsty. Game is known for displaying her body out for the whole world to see over social media. Villanueva proposed to her with a huge, 6-figure, diamond ring and the engagement did not turn into a marriage, despite sharing a child together and taking care of Game’s child with another man.

It’s not clear why the two didn’t last, but it probably has something to do with Game’s need to seek attention. Villanueva is rumoured to have a new “older-looking” woman but remains a strong figure in his children’s lives. There is a clear difference between “wife material” and Game; maybe Villanueva was ready to settle down for reals.

8 Erin Barry (Tony Parker)

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San Antonio Spurs player, Tony Parker lost one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses because of his small fling with Erin Barry, who also happened to be the wife of his former teammate, Brent Barry. Parker was married to Eva Longoria from 2007 to 2011, but due to his infidelity she filed for divorce. Longoria found hundreds of romantic text messages between Barry and Parker. Brent and Erin Barry were already going through their own divorce when Parker apparently made available his shoulder for her to cry on.

Although both Parker and Barry claim nothing physical ever occurred and they did not have an affair, the lewd texts were enough to end what could have been a great marriage for Parker. During the divorce hearings, Longoria stated the text messages were only a small portion of Parker's infidelity, though.

7 Siohvaughn Funches (Dwyane Wade)

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Siohvaughn Funches is Cleveland Cavaliers’ Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife. The pair were high school sweethearts married for eight years who also share two children together. After Wade filed for divorce in 2007, Funches went crazy. During the divorce hearings, she claimed Wade was abusive during the marriage and gave her an STD. It is suspected Wade cheated on Funches with his current wife, Gabrielle Union, but he denies all abuse claims.

After nearly a decade of fighting, they finally settled the divorce with Funches receiving $5.125 MILLION. During the divorce hearings, Funches was accused of kidnapping the children they share together, and Wade now has sole custody of the kids. A couple of years ago, Funches wrote an autobiography where she describes herself as becoming “an arrogant diva” and pretty much blames Wade for all her problems.

6 Brittany Renner (Ben Simmons)

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Brittany Renner is a fitness model and social media personality. She is best known for her big booty photos and having quite the dating resume, including having dated former San Francisco 49er, Colin Kaepernick. In 2016, Philadelphia 76ers’ Ben Simmons found his place on her list of men. After apparently, “meeting’ on social media, they started dating.

Simmons and his family were known to be very close, but toward the end of 2016, his sister, Olivia Simmons, completely ripped into the baller over Twitter. One of her tweets hit out at Renner, calling her some nasty names. It’s safe to say Simmons’ relationship with Renner didn’t last very long, because she’s usually jumping from man to man. Now, she’s linked to rapper, Lil Uzi Vert.

5 Brandi Maxiell (Jason Maxiell)

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Brandi Maxiell and former NBA player Jason Maxiell have been married since 2009 and have had quite the rollercoaster of a relationship. Brandi starred on VH1’s Basketball Wives LA and was one of the more controversial cast members. She is usually in a fight with someone and loves blasting her husband’s bad behaviour all over the internet and television.

The couple stayed strong while Brandi battled Ovarian Cancer, but Jason’s cheating habits became too much for Brandi. One of her main storylines on Basketball Wives was discussing how she caught Jason cheating on her. Again in 2017, she went public accusing her husband of cheating on her. In more than one Instagram post, Brandi raged over her cheating, lying husband exclaiming she was done with him now.

4 Hannah Stocking (Klay Thompson)

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Hannah Stocking, famous YouTuber and model, dated Golden State Warriors player, Klay Thompson were dating for about a year when she publicly fumed all over Twitter in 2015. Stocking allegedly caught Thompson cheating on her with a groupie and was not going to take that lightly. She shared that news with all of her Twitter followers and tagged him in the post so all of his followers would see, too.

After posting the accusatory posts, Stocking took to Instagram, not long after the public break-up, to post tons of images of her hanging out and having fun with handsome men. Thompson responded by posting images of his dog at the beach. He probably wasn’t too torn up over the split, but I’m sure he was quite embarrassed over the public shaming.

3 Toni Braxton (Jason Kidd & Jim Jackson)

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In the 1990’s, the Dallas Mavericks had quite the line-up and a powerful trio dubbed the “Three J’s” – Jim Jackson, Jason Kidd and Jamal Mashburn. They were unstoppable when playing together. But a season after their rise, things began to crumble. In 1996, Kidd was expecting to go out with the beautiful singer, Toni Braxton. However, it was rumoured she stood Kidd up and went out with his teammate, Jackson instead.

The young rising stars’ egos got in the way and they began having troubles on and off the court. Eventually the “Three J’s” had to be split up and were all traded off the Mavericks. Two decades later, people still talk about the Kidd/Braxton/Jackson love triangle, and wonder what really happened. Jackson has spoke out on the matter and claims there is no truth behind the old rumours, but something obviously went down.

2 Chantel Jeffries (Kyrie Irving)

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Beautiful, young Chantel Jeffries linked up with Boston Celtics’ Kyrie Irving for a short period of time in 2016. Jeffries has gotten a rep for dating big name stars and when she hooked up with Irving, people called him “her next victim.” Before Irving, Jeffries dated Justin Bieber (also her claim to fame) and football player, DeSean Jackson. Irving and Jeffries’ relationship appeared to be going smooth as they made many public appearances together.

It’s not clear why they split after only dating for a few months, but one can suspect Jeffries wanted to move on to her next star. Irving isn’t suffering and remains a big NBA playboy, but it is never fun being just another notch on a bedpost.

1 Amy Duncan (Tim Duncan)

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Retired NBA star, Tim Duncan was married to his ex-wife Amy Duncan for 12 long years before one very messy divorce. The marriage became rocky when Tim began having doubts over Amy’s faithfulness. Tim hired a private investigator to watch over her, but at the same time Amy thought Tim was cheating on her and even suspected he swung both ways. Amy was the first to file for divorce, catching Tim by surprise. He wanted to wait until after the end of the current basketball season.

A month after filing for divorce, Amy moved out of the couple’s house. Years later, Tim revealed he felt completely betrayed by Amy’s actions during their marriage and hard divorce. Many of Tim’s fans came to his defence believing Amy made up the claims just to distract from her own wrongdoings.

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