NHL Agent Discusses Consequences Of Nylander/Leafs Contract Issue

Anton Thun, an NHL (National Hockey League) player agent recently decided to take a look at the contract issues regarding the Swedish player known as William Nylander, who's supposed to be playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs but isn't at the moment.

Both parties have mere days to get their acts together. December 1st is the day that a contract deal needs to be reached. If nothing is reached by 5 p.m on that day, then Nylander can't play in the 2018-2019 season.

This is a dangerous thing for not only Nylander but also the team. According to Luke Fox at Sportsnet, Thun said that it would result in "mutually assured destruction". This is scary, it means that it's a lose-lose situation for both parties but it could affect more than just those parties, as the team loses a member for the time being by them not having another reliable guy on their side.

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Now, despite this possibility, it does not by any means seem like the Leafs don't mind if Nylander sits out the entire season. Sportsnet also reported that tensions could get higher as the deadline approaches, which means nothing might be signed as a result of agitation and loss of patience.

What this means for Wiliam is two things, he either gets traded or simply falls out of the game until his contract is closed or he submits to the power of upper-management. Either of which probably won't be too good for his record with them and could probably result in no new deal being signed once his current contract is up. However, if he does hope to be traded he'll need to accept the amount of $7 million annually. That amount of money is also something that the Leafs just don't feel is worth it at the moment. However some teams, possibly the Los Angeles Kings and Carolina Hurricanes are willing to pay since they've supposedly expressed some interest in him.  That money is also something that the Leafs just don't feel is worth it at the moment.

Someone essentially needs to be the bigger man and just agree to a deal that isn't as good as they want. The best person for this at the moment would probably be Nylander since he could probably get more money than he's on contract for and maybe even get the chance to renegotiate in the future. However, if he doesn't want to budge, the team might be able to, given, it may require the accountants to move around some money, just for one guy.

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