Nice Bass: 15 Photos Of The Steamiest Women In Sport Fishing

Fishing has played a major role in human society since the beginning of our recorded history. Historians believe that fishing has been around since as far back as 40,000 years ago. In fact, the act of catching fish can be seen depicted in cave paintings, which date back to very beginning of man’s known existence.

While it’s clear that fishing has been around for quite some time, it still plays a major role in modern society. Today there are millions of commercial fishermen throughout various parts of the world. Moreover, fish remains a popular and important source of food in many (if not most) cultures.

That being said, fishing is more than simply a means of survival; for many folks, it’s also a very popular leisure activity. For some, sitting next to a body of water with a fishing rod in hand is the most relaxing thing in the world. There are even folks who treat the act of catching fish as a sport, similar to that of football or baseball. It has become so popular that there are even people who enjoy watching others fish. This is especially true when the fisherman (or fisherwoman in this case) happens to be a beautiful lady.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at 15 women that guys love to watch fish.


15 Darcie Arahill

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Darcie Arahill is another angler who has used the internet (most notably YouTube) to become something of a minor celebrity. The stunning 27-year-old blonde was an accomplished track and field athlete in high school and appears to have managed to stay in shape since. She likely needed some of the strength she developed during her days as an athlete, when she caught an 8-foot bull shark, which is her biggest catch (as of 2015). While the shark may have been her biggest, Arahill’s favorite fish to catch is mahi-mahi.

Fishing Fact: Fishing has been around so long that it's actually referenced in the Christian bible. The portion is known as Job 41:7 asks, “Canst thou fill his skin with barbed irons? or his head with fish spears?”

14 Michelle Clavette

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South Florida’s Michelle Clavette (aka Michelle Dalton) began fishing when she just 6 years of age. The blonde stunner, like many of the anglers on the list, has also used Instagram to make herself something of an internet star. Her steamy bikini pics have helped her gain an impressive 137,000 followers on the popular social media site. While she is differently a looker, Clavette also has some solid fishing credentials, having taken first place in a 2014 fishing tournament held in Saint Croix. When she isn’t posting bikini pics with fish, she works as a hair colorist.

Fishing Fact: The earliest written work dedicated to non-sport fishing is called the Halieutika which was written by an ancient Greek by the name of Oppian of Corycus sometime around 177.

13 Brooke Thomas

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With over 211,000 Instagram followers, one could make a strong case that Orlando, Florida’s Brooke Thomas might just be the queen of internet fishing models. The Florida State University grad has used her flowing blonde lock and impressive bikini bod to build her own brand and makes various appearances at fishing trade shows all over the United States and Canada. When the fishing cover girl isn’t out to sea, she works for in the insurance industry. Thomas is a fine example of how to use social media to become a celebrity.

Fishing Fact: Sport fishing, which is also known as recreational fishing, is when one fishes for competition or pleasure. Conversely, commercial fishing is one fishes in order to make a living. The act of fishing for survival is known as subsistence fishing.

12 Cheyenne Lee

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Cheyenne Lee was born in Stuart, Florida where she fell in love with outdoor activities at a very young age. Besides being an excellent fisherwoman, the stunning blonde is also an outstanding diver, who can go as deep as 65 feet and spearfish. In fact, spearfishing is Lee’s specialty. The Floridian has placed first in contests like the King of the Keys Spearfishing tournament. She also holds the women’s world record for largest Kingfish and Red Grouper.

Fishing Fact: While spearfishing has been around for over a thousand years, today’s spearfishermen (and women) use things like compressed gas pneumatic spearguns and elastic powered spearguns. Spearfishing, while scuba diving, is actually illegal in certain countries, as is the use of mechanically powered spearguns. It is also one of the few methods that doesn’t require bait.

11 Nicole Spenc

Nicole Spenc is a fishing model out of Florida who has her own website known as Nicole’s Fishing Adventure. According to her site, “Her father used to take her mother flounder gigging while she was pregnant with Nicole. Fishing and being on the water runs through Nicole's veins. Nicole says it just feels natural. Fishing is a great way to get away and allow her to travel doing what she loves.” The stunning brunette, who loves to pose in her bikini with fish, has a solid following on social media sites like Instagram.

Fishing Fact: Based on the numbers provided by the United Nations, there are roughly 38 million people who work on fish farm or as commercial fishermen. This means that fishing is still a vital part of the world’s economy.

10 Luiza Barros

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Luiza Barros is a native Brazilian who currently resides in Florida. She first fell in love with fishing when her grandparents used to take her as a child. The gorgeous brunette angler also enjoys scuba diving, spearfishing, and competing in tournaments. Barros has appeared on the cover of a number of popular fishing magazines such as GAFF magazine and Big Game Fishing Journal. She has her own website where you can follow her exploits on YouTube and even join her on fishing trips to exotic locations.

Fishing Fact: Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth an Angle was an essay published by a nun named Juliana Berners in 1496. The essay is believed to be the first published work devoted to fishing as a recreational activity. The essay included info on things like baits, artificial flies, and constructing rods.

9 Tina Cerrone

Christina “Tina” Cerrone is yet another gorgeous Floridian with a passion for sport fishing. The popular fishing model has become something of an Instagram sensation with over 38,000 followers on the social media site, do in no small part to photos like this one. Hillsboro Inlet, which is located in Pompano Beach, Florida is among her favorite spots to fish. The bikini-clad fisherwoman especially enjoys catching Swordfish.

Fishing Fact: The term tackle generally refers to any equipment used by a fisherman (or fisherwoman) while fishing. Lures, traps, floats, and even hooks all fall under the category and can thus be referred to as tackle. For those looking to get more specific, things attached to the end of fishing lines, such as swivels and sinkers, are sometimes called terminal tackle.


8 Brie Gabrielle

Taco bout #MahiMonday 🤓💙🎣 #letemgoletemgrow

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West Palm Beach, Florida’s Brie Gabrielle might just be the most famous person on our list. She is a former Miss Florida USA (in 2016) and was also in the Miss USA 2016 competition. The 5-foot-9 pageant queen loves fishing. In fact, Gabrielle even co-hosts a local fishing show, the Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report, which airs on Fox Sports Sun. The 27-year-old has also landed small parts in several films including the horror film, Forget Me Not and the comedy, Spring Breakdown.

Fishing Fact: Thousand of years ago, Native American tribes off the coast of California are believed to have used plant toxins in order to make fish lethargic and thus much easier to catch. In those days, they also used line tackle and gorge hooks.

7 Emily Riemer

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With over 91,000 Instagram followers, Miami’s Emily Riemer is one of the most popular bikini fishing models on the social media scene. In truth, there isn’t a lot of information available in regards to the stunning blonde's fishing credentials. That being said, based on her Instagram photos, she appears to be able to catch some pretty big fish off of the Florida coast. Moreover, one could make a strong case that Riemer has one of the hottest Instagram pages, out of all the girls on our list.

Fishing Fact: Codfish, or the codfish trade to be exact, has been around since the age of the Vikings (roughly 800 AD). The cod remains one of the most popular and widely consumed fish in the world. It is served at popular fast food restaurants like Long John Silvers.

6 Sara Maria

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Originally born in Panama, angler Sara Maria now lives in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. She specializes in saltwater fishing and has battled everything from sharks to 200-plus pound groupers. Maria is known for fishing in her kayak and also enjoys paddle boarding. Like many of the other bikini-clad ladies on our list, she also has a strong following on social media. Fans who enjoy fishing and/or attractive women in bathing suits will likely appreciate her Instagram page.

Fishing Fact: The ancient Egyptians used the fish they caught from the Nile river to feed a significant portion of their population. The methods they used to catch the fish can be seen in drawings on ancient tombs, and papyrus documents which they used to record history.

5 Krista Tucker

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Captain Kristina Tucker is Tampa, Florida resident who graduated from Sea School. She especially enjoys catching redfish. She told Reelerz.com,“[Redfish] are my target species. I don’t know what it is about ‘em, but I think they’re the coolest thing,” When she isn’t out catching her favorite fish, Tucker works for a court-reporting firm. In one of her YouTube videos, the captain even used chicken nuggets to snag a redfish.

Fishing Fact: A famous type of Roman Gladiator known as a retiarius, which means net-man or net-fighter, was modeled after a fisherman. They fought with tridents and casting nest in the arena. The retiarius often faced off against a type of gladiator known as the murmillo. Murmillos fought with short swords and often had a fish on their gear.

4 Maddie Brenneman


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Unlike many of her list mates, who live in Florida, Colorado’s Maddie Brenneman doesn’t have the luxury of being able to prance around in a bikini most of the year. While she may not be the queen of the Instagram bikini pics, she is a very knowledgeable fisherwoman and an attracitve women in her own right. She is a fly fishing guide who has a great deal of knowledge about, not only fishing, but the outdoors in general. Despite a lack of revealing photos, Brenneman still has over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Fishing Fact: The majority of fishers, both commercial and recreational, use what is known as a fishing rod. A standard fishing rod features a fishing line with a hook attached to the end of it.

3 Exotica Swimwear Bikini Ice Fishing Team

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In this photo, we see Exotica Swimwear’s bikini ice fishing team. While this looks like one of the more physically uncomfortable gigs a girl can land, in terms of bikini modeling, they sure look good in the photo. Despite the smiles on most of their faces, one has to think the ladies in this pic are freezing. While these gals certainly know how to rock a bikini, it seems unlikely that there will be enough women out there who are willing to wear swimwear in the cold, for this sport to take off.

Fishing Fact: The earliest fishing poem, "The Secrets of Angling," was written by an Englishman named John Denny back in 1613. Denny was said to a fishing companion of William Shakespeare. The poem is said to the first use of the phrase “cast a fly.”

2 Kayla Nevius


Kayla Nevius is a California girl who loves fish. She grew up in a tiny town surrounded by mountains with a nearby river. The outdoor enthusiast started fishing as soon as she was physically able. As a child, Nevius enjoyed catching crappie, trout, and bass. As an adult, she has become an avid bass fisherwoman and has competed in several bass fishing tournaments. The California native is also an avid hunter who enjoys using a bow.

Fishing Fact: The term “fishing” doesn’t apply exclusively to catching fish. It is often used when catching various other forms of aquatic life such as crustaceans (like shrimp and lobster), cephalopods (squid and octopus) and echinoderms (which include sea cucumbers and starfish). However, the word is not used when catching things like whales, which is referred to as whaling.

1 Jessica Jae

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Jessica Jae is one of many Florida based anglers who was built a strong social media fan base using the always successful combination of pictures that feature her in a bikini, holding large fish. In a 2014 interview with Ireland Fishing Diaries, Jae said, “My first introduction to fishing was when I was only a few years old my mom took me out fishing on the pier where I held my first rod! Growing up my step-dad had two boats and would take me inshore and offshore fishing on his free time. Basically, growing up I fished here and there, but after I graduated high school, I had a lot more spare time, and that’s when I started to pick up fishing more.”

Fishing Fact: DHA is a fatty acid in fish that is said to be good for the eyes.


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