Normal Guy Attempts The Rock's 10-Pound a Day Meal Plan... And Fails

Ladies and gentlemen, let's put this idea to bed right now. NONE of us can eat 10 pounds of food a day like The Rock. Recently Muscle & Fitness published a story on Dwayne Johnson's meal plan, which includes 10 pounds of food a day, including two pounds of cod. Seven meals over the course of a day.

Needless to say, when a regular guy like this Sean Evans of Complex decided to try The Rock's meal plan, he couldn't keep up with it. Allow me to address Mr. Evans in The Rock's on-screen persona, circa 1999:

Jabroni, you think a piece of trailer park trash like you could keep up with what The Rock eats? Just the pie that The Rock gets every day is more than you get in lifetime! 

Okay, back to me now. It's impressive this guy did get to 2:20 before refunding the food, but the moral of the story here is The Rock is no regular guy. He is a freak of nature.

No one can eat the amount he's cooking. Don't try this at home kids.

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