North America Vs The World: Whose Female Tennis Players Are More Attractive?

North America has long been a frontrunner in many categories of competition across the world from innovation all the way to sports. The Cold War saw Western Culture and more specifically American culture and Democracy toil against forces that dared to deny that freedom and choice were the right way to live our lives. From Chess to Hockey, The U.S. and Canada tried to beat back the tide of rising enemies off the literal battlefield and engaged in ideological warfare at the table, on the court, the ice, and at the Olympic games. With the Cold War long over, one might wonder if the thaw was caused by potentially one of the most visually stimulating sports out there, women’s tennis.

It’s no wonder everyone took a step back from the fight and turned their attention to strong, attractive ladies. There is 1 net, 1 ball, and only one goal - to win. On the court and off the court, the ladies of the WTA and the ITF are undoubtedly some of the most stunning female athletes on the planet. Their beauty and talent keep us tuning in from the Majors to the smaller tournaments held around the globe. As such an international sport, long has the question been asked ‘Which country produces the best looking women’s tennis players?’. Well we’ve paired up the North American ladies against the rest of the World to see who would win in a head to head contest. I know where my allegiances fall, so where do yours?

15 North America: Serena Williams (USA)

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Serena Williams is one of the most accomplished tennis players of all time (Male or Female). For the past 15-years has been the Queen of the women’s game. She is currently ranked #22 in the world but has long held and battled for the #1 rank throughout her career. Serena has 23 Majors wins and is planning a return to the court after her recent pregnancy at this years Australian Open. Williams is as attractive for her body as she is for her drive on the court and in life. She was recently featured in Sports Illustrated’s illustrious Swim Suit Issue. An ageless beauty, an amazing body, and aggressive in all the right places. Williams has always been attractive on and off the court.

14 World: Maria Kirilenko (Russia)

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Maria Kirilenko has been dropping jaws on the WTA since 2001. Although she is currently on an indefinite hiatus from the game she is just too enchanting to leave off a list like this. The Moscow native has never had a hard time capturing our attention and our hearts. Having a more successful doubles career than singles (which is fine, because sometimes two ladies are better than one), Maria racked up 12 WTA titles with a partner. She also made it to 2 Major finals at the Australian Open in 2011 and the French Open in 2012. All this before adding a Bronze medal in doubles at the 2012 London Olympics. It’s been a pleasure watching Maria play and we hope she finds it in her heart to come back to us.

13 North America: Eugenie Bouchard (Canada)

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Eugenie Bouchard has stormed onto the world stage as the reigning tennis beauty in the last couple years and has captured our attention. She looks great in all situations and I personally think she looks better in her tennis whites than she does in some provocative off court photos. A true natural beauty with an amazing smile and twinkle in her eye, it’s pretty tough to turn your attention away from her. She’s also no lady-in-need and bit back after being asked to twirl in an on-court interview by a male reporter. Eugenie first proclaimed that Serena’s outfit was better than hers and said she didn’t mind being asked to twirl if the guys were also asked to twirl. Humble, strong, and sharp, Bouchard is a great role-model for young ladies and a proud Canadian and North American at that.

12 World: Maria Sharapova (Russia)

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Maria Sharapova is the reigning tennis champion in looks for most fans. She has taken over the job from fellow Russian Anna Kournikova years back. The difference is that Sharapova is much better at the sport than Anna ever was. At one point Sharapova occupied the #1 world rank in singles competition back in 2005. Maria is currently ranked #60 on the world stage as she is slowly coming to the end of a long and exciting career on the courts. In recent years her stunning looks have been more in the foreground than her play over the net, but we don’t mind too much. In the long line of attractive players from the nation of Russia, Sharapova has held our attention for all the right reasons. Not only with her play but a playful smile as well.

11 North America: Sloane Stephens (USA)

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Sloane Stephens has recently captured the heart (and eyes) of the tennis world with her win at this years US Open. The big win thrust into the public eye. She reached her highest ranking on the WTA ladder in 2013 at #11 but currently sits at #13 and has momentum on her side. During the media blitz after the US Open the world was introduced to a stunning beauty. She was almost as stunned as the rest of the world that she came away with the title. She handled the situation with maturity and grace and captured the hearts of tennis fans everywhere. The 24-year-old Stephens is bound to stay on our radar as much for her looks as she is for her great play on the court.

10 World: Dominika Cibulkova (Slovakia)

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Dominika likes to dominate on the court. She also looks nothing but stunning when she’s out on the town out of her tennis whites. The 28-year-old Slovakian has been having a great run of tennis in her later 20’s and has climbed as high as #4 in the world recently. Currently Dominika sits on the #26 position and has her eye on a fews Majors this upcoming year if her game stays on track. Off the court Cibulkova has started a clothing line as she clearly has an eye for fashion. I must say it is always a pleasure to watch this beauty from Bratislava smash it on the court and then step out in her evening wear to light up the night.

9 North America: Cici Bellis (USA)

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At 18-years-old Cici Bellis has made quite a splash as a young star in women’s tennis. Currently ranked #61 in the world, the young American from San Francisco, California has nowhere to go but up. After a very accomplished junior career she has already captured one singles title on the WTA and she shows no signs of slowing down. In 2014 Cici was ranked as the #1 junior women’s tennis player in the world which is a position that only a few young tennis players get to hold. As her game has progressed Cici has grown into a beautiful young women as has nothing but the brightest future ahead of her as she works hard and commits to the professional game. We look forward to seeing Cici Bellis for years to come.

8 World: Caroline Wozniacki (Denmark)

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Caroline Wozniacki is a Danish dame with a million dollar smile, but this damsel is anything but in distress. Caroline is a dominant force in tennis at the moment and is currently ranked #3 in the world. At times she has even held the #1 distinction. The 27-year-old has made it to the US Open finals twice and has had many respectable finishes at the other major tournaments on the WTA tour. She has a total of 27 singles titles and is showing no signs of slowing down. Wozniacki has posed in the nude for ESPN’s The Body Issue and we must say that she looks as stunning out of clothes as she does on the court. I’m looking forward to watching Caroline fight her way towards that first Major title in the future. We’re Cheering for you Woz!

7 North America: Charlotte Robillard-Millette (Canada)

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Charlotte Robillard-Millette is a young Canadian tennis player who is bursting onto the scene as we speak. While currently ranked #590, Charlotte has no where to go but up as she grows into a professional tennis player. The 18-year-old started playing tennis at the age 4 and eventually went on to train at Tennis Canada’s National Training Centre in Montreal, Quebec. Charlotte played all over the world as a junior and reached the rank of #4 on the junior circuit. She had some success during some junior Majors and hopes to go deeper at those same tournaments at the professional level. Another young Canadian talent from Montreal, we’re looking forward to Robillard-Millette growing into a successful tennis player through hard work and determination.

6 World: Mandy Minella (Luxembourg)

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Mandy Minella is an absolutely gorgeous beauty from the mysterious land of Luxembourg. Luxembourg is essentially a small landlocked country with half a million inhabitants. It is a mixed French and German culture whose capital, Luxembourg City, is one of three capitals of the European Union. Apparently this little country produces big beauties. Minella stands tall (5'11") and plays big on the WTA. Mandy cracked the top 50 back in 2013 and stills sits ranked in the world 100 at #95. She has won 2 doubles titles on the WTA but has had a more productive ITF career with 9 singles and 5 doubles titles. Mandy is exotic and intriguing just like the country she hails from and they are both worth checking out.

5 North America: Nicole Gibbs (USA)

Nicole Gibbs is a feisty little American tennis player from Cincinnati, Ohio. More well known for her play with the ITF with 4 singles wings and 3 doubles titles, Gibbs has had a respectable tennis career thus far with the WTA and has been ranked as high as #68 in the world. Currently ranked #121, Nicole is hoping that everything goes right on the court this season and she reclaims her rightful place within the top 100 female players on the planet. With no career WTA titles to her name as of yet we’re all hoping that 2018 can be the year that Nicole makes a name for herself so we can all see a little more of her in the limelight. We’re cheering for you Nicole!

4 World: Ana Ivanovic (Serbia)

Ana Ivanovic is undeniably one of the most attractive women in sports and has been heaped with praise and accolades with her natural beauty and magnificent body, but let’s not forget that she is first and foremost an awesome tennis player and role model for young ladies. Ivanovic was ranked #1 in the world in 2008 and crushed out a Major victory at the French Open in 2008 and has 15 WTA titles on her record and although she technically retired last year there is no way we were not going to include this incredible lady and stunning beauty to this list. So hats off to this smoking Serbian on an incredible career and breaking hearts all over the world by stepping down from the WTA stage.

3 North America: Francoise Abanda (Canada)

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Canadian born Francoise Abanda is another young tennis talent on her way up the ladder. Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Abanda is coming off a great junior career where she started playing tennis at the age of 7 and trained at Tennis Canada’s National Training Centre in her hometown. She advanced well in the Junior Us Open, the Junior French Open, and Junior Wimbledon as an up-and-comer which put her on the map. As a professional she has found some success in the big leagues winning her first WTA singles title in 2014 and her game has been improving steadily since then. Currently ranked #124 in the world it’s likely we’ll be seeing a lot more of the 20-year-old Canadian on and off the court in the coming years.

2 World: Katie Boulter (Britain)

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Katie Boulter is a British blonde bombshell from jolly ole’ England and represents her country very well with long legs and a powerful stroke. She was born in Leicester in the United Kingdom and has been wowing the tennis world since the age of 11 when she won the Lemon Bowl in Rome and caused a lot of buzz in her early teens reaching the finals in some top tier juniors tournaments. Katie won her first senior singles event in 2014 and has had a good track record as a doubles player on the professional circuit. If we’re lucky we’ll be seeing a lot more of this 21-year-old on the world stage for years to come as she keeps progressing and growing into a formidable tennis player.

1 North America: Madison Brengle (USA)

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Madison Brengle is a powerful American tennis player with a couple of impressive assets. Madison was born in Dover, Delaware where she started tennis at an early age coached by her mom. Her tennis game has been described as well-rounded and spunky as she often out lasts opponents with hard work, building up a sweat, and outlasting he adversaries. Although that style hasn’t culminated in much success on the professional tour, she did win her first Major match at the US Open in 2014. She is currently ranked #85 in the world and she did recently have a win against Serena Williams while the legend held the #2 world ranking. Madison is definitely no slouch on the court and we’ll definitely be tuning in as she works hard to rise in the rankings.

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