NXT Superstars To Get Better-Paying Contracts For Move To USA Network

A recent report suggests with NXT moving to USA Network and running live shows, the roster will see new contracts offered that provide better pay and more incentives similar to those on the main roster.

It seems only fair that if NXT is going to be broadcast and aired like other WWE programming, the stars of NXT should be paid like they are stars on shows like RAW and SmackDown Live. Apparently, that’s the plan.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there’s no word yet on details of the contracts but NXT talents should receive new offers and pay raises similar to what main roster stars are receiving. If nothing else, top stars like Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole and the main event roster will get serious bumps.

Further to the report, word going around is that all developmental deals will be changed over to main roster deals soon. No word on whether or not this will present changes for recently signed talent still working their way through the WWE Performance Center.

NXT and WWE may also try going out and signing bigger-name talent the NXT brand can highlight and not immediately moving them to Raw or SmackDown but finding a spot for them on Wednesday nights.

What This Means

This is great news for NXT talent who have been making significantly less than some of the talent on the Raw and SmackDown rosters. While some talent were paid well to join NXT, most are not on par with guy and girls called up to Monday or Tuesday nights.

What will be interesting to watch is if any of the main roster talents who don’t feel appreciated on the red or blue brands decide they want to move to the black and gold brands knowing they won’t lose much, if anything in terms of pay. Money may have been one of the factors keeping stars from considering NXT as an option because it might have been seen as a demotion.

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