Off The Court: 15 Steamy Beach Pictures Of Female Tennis Players

While we love watching them on the court, we'd rather have the beach... Beach Pictures Of Female Tennis Players You Need To See

Female tennis players have a cockiness and swagger about them that is hard to go unnoticed. They have killer serves that can make any normal person cringe when the ball is coming in over 80 miles per hour. They have vicious backhands and forehands that help these athletic ladies have a complete game. Some of them also have movie star good looks that could give them a second career after time catches up with them and they put down their rackets for good. Players such as Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova have given the sport of women's tennis some visual appeal that was missing before. There are plenty of beautiful tennis players that are in the game today and some fans might not know it because they are usually seen only in athletic gear. But fans, have you ever wondered what they look like in beautiful swimsuit photos?

That's right, swimsuit photos are the key theme in this list. A lot of times, female athletes are overlooked because of their visual appeal. These women are some of the best athletes in the world with a given skill-set that a lot of former non-professional athletes wish they had. They have the size, speed, and instinct to win that is delightful to see. For now, we will look at some of the best looking female tennis players that made a scene when they stepped onto the beaches. Here are 15 steamy beach pictures of professional female tennis players that you need to see that will make your eyes pop out.

15 Maria Kirilenko


The number 15 beauty on this list makes people who live in the Northeast wish it was still summer and could join her on the beach. Maria Kirilenko is a Russian born professional tennis player that has been playing professionally since 2001. She has not made a name for herself as a winning tennis player as she has placed on in the Quarterfinals as her best performance in the major Gran Slam tournaments. She was a bronze medalist in the 2012 London Olympics, competing in a doubles event. She certainly knows how to show off her beach body off of the screen.

She was even rumored to have dated hockey star Alex Ovechkin. Safe to say, Ovechkin is probably regretting ending things with a picture like this.

14 Venus Williams


Every so often, there are siblings that come in and revolutionize a sport. That is exactly this set of twins is doing. The first twin that will be profiled is Venus Williams. Venus has had quite the career for herself. She won a Grand Slam title in 1998. She also has won four career gold medals and has won Grand Slam individual tournaments 14 times. That is quite an impressive number of tournament victories no matter what sport. She also is doing all of this while looking incredibly amazing in her swimsuit.

She shows off her long legs well and toned stomach. That is a combination that is tough to beat. It is hard to say whether or not Venus will ever win another tournament or return to the level of dominance she once had. But if she doesn't, she will at least have her visual appeal on the beach. Now that we've touched upon the older Williams, we have to include the younger Williams.

13 Serena Williams


Venus had her time to shine in her career. Now it is safe to say that the torch has been passed to younger sister Serena. Serena Williams has had just as successful career as Venus, if not more. Serena won the Grand Slam Cup in 1999, one year after Venus. She also has won five Tour Finals. She has dominated the individual Grand Slam tournaments as she has won 23 of those tournaments. She also has won four gold medals just like older sister Venus. The other thing Serena got from Venus is her dashingly good looks. Here it seems as though Serena is soaking in the sun for a SI shoot.

She is just as hot as her sister, and maybe even hotter. The world may never see a dominant duo of sister like Venus and Serena ever again. With that in mind, we must admire photos like this of Serena as long as possible before they put the racket down for good.

12 Eugenie Bouchard


Eugenie Bouchard was so beautiful and had so many good pictures on the beach that she (spoiler alert) is going to get more than one on this list. The one part of doubles that Bouchard would probably like to forget is her career doubles record. She is 45-51 lifetime with her best finish being a third round exit in both the Wimbledon Open as well as the Australian Open. Was it her partner that let her down? It very well could have been. But this picture certainly didn't let her down. Here is a picture of her in a blue bikini walking along the sand. Her long legs definitely are a sight to be seen along with her hair effortlessly flowing in the wind. Bouchard is young, so if the whole winning thing in tennis doesn't work out; she definitely has a future in modeling with pictures like these.

11 Maria Sharapova


The number 11 candidate for this illustrious list has been making headlines since the early 2000s. Maria Sharapova has been in the public light since she announced she would turn professional at the young age of 14. Based on her results, it was a pretty good decision. She has an 80% winning percentage in singles matches throughout her career. She also won five Grand Slam individual tournaments which included two French Open wins in 2012 and 2014. But not only has her singles career been fairly impressive, but her beach pictures show off what she is working with without any doubt.

Here we see Sharapova in a polka dot swimsuit smiling for the camera. This is one that is bone-chilling when it is looked at carefully. Her smile showing off her shiny, white teeth make the picture complete. Fans liking what they see from Sharapova? Well, be forewarned because she will be making another appearance on this list very soon.

10 Eugenie Bouchard (x2)


While the Williams sisters have dominated with a large amount of victories in their respective careers, this beauty is still trying to figure out the winning formula. Eugenie Bouchard is a Canadian born player who became professional in 2009 at the age of 16. She has not won a Grand Slam single tournament yet. Her best result came in 2014 when she reached the Finals of the Wimbledon Open that year. In the Olympic games, she made it to the 2nd round as well. So as can be seen, Bouchard is still trying to figure out how to get to the final step which is winning a tournament. While she may not be winning on the court, she sure is off of the court.

Her photos are so good, that one simply does not do the justice of showing how good looking Eugenie Bouchard really is.

9 Karolina Pliskova


The Williams sisters were the first dominant pair of twin sisters that dominated the game of tennis. Well now, there could be a new pair of twins that could be taking over. Let's start with the younger one, Karolina Pliskova. Pliskova is a Czech professional tennis player who is one of the best young tennis players in the world right now. She hasn't won any Grand Slam individual tournaments yet but is certainly heading in the right direction. She reached the final of the U.S. Open in 2016 and reached the semifinals of the French Open in 2017. So the progression is heading upward and the championships are sure to come. For now, she is a champion at taking beach photos. She is gorgeous from head to toe, especially with her couple of tattoos shown on display. Her curvy body and flat stomach are also shown very well in this photo. Now that fans have a sense who Karolina is, it is time to meet one of her toughest competitors yet: her sister.

8 Kristyna Pliskova


A post shared by Kristyna Pliskova (@kristynapliskova) on

Like her sister Karolina, she is also a young tennis player that is looking to be part of a dynamic duo of sisters to dominate the game of tennis. Kristyna Pliskova is a Czech professional tennis player as well with not quite as high of potential as her sister. She is definitely a very good player, do not let that go unnoticed. She has reached the second round of the U.S. Open as well as the third round of the Australian Open, both in 2017. She may not have the tournament success that her sister is having, but Kristyna may just have her beat in hotness on the beach.

She has a smile that says, "I look good and I know it!" Maybe she is also thinking about her first big tournament win in the near future. Kristyna is a ravishing woman with a great future. Do not be surprised if both sisters take the tennis world by storm sooner rather than later.

7 Anna Kournikova


The number seven candidate for the beautiful beach pictures list might have been the biggest flop in women's tennis history skill wise. But her modeling skills were better than anybody could have guessed. Anna Kournikova was a Russian tennis player that had a lot of hype when she turned pro. She was supposed to be similar to the dominance of Billie Jean King when she played. But her career fell a bit short. She never won a Grand Slam individual single tournament. She did has two Tour Final wins in 1999 and 2000. She did win an Australian Open as part of a doubles pair twice, in 1999 and 2002. But it was a shame Kournikova could never get the big win by herself.

Where she did win was off of the court. This picture of her in an orange swimsuit on the beach just proves she may be getting older, but her body is still as incredible now as it was in her mid 20s. She is definitely proving age is just a number and it is how you take care of the body that matters the most.

6 Caroline Wozniacki (Practice Always)

Fore!! 😎🏌⛳️👙

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The number six candidate on this list is going to be on this list several times, so this is a warning for fans who may not like her. Caroline Wozniacki is a Danish professional tennis player who turned pro at the age of 15. It is crazy to think that this lovely lady started her career so young, before she could even legally drive a car! Wozniacki has a 71% winning percentage throughout her singles career. She is 100% showing off how just incredible she is with this photo. First of all, the red bikini is a nice touch for her. Second, she is practicing her drive while at the beach. When athletes will do whatever possible to make their game better, it is certainly due to be respected. Why is she practicing golf and not tennis? Who knows. Do we care? No.

The form, the legs, the body, everything here is flawless. The fans will be lucky enough to view this gorgeous creature a few more times before this list is complete.

5 Ana Ivanovic


The international stars are everywhere. Whether it is baseball, basketball, etc, there are international athletes that come play in the states and make an immediate impact in stardom. That was the similar case for the number nine candidate on the list. Ana Ivanoic is a Serbian born professional tennis player that has played professionally since 2003. She was only 16 when she decided to go pro. So these girls are coming in so young and making that big of an impact. She has one Grand Slam individual tournament win, winning the French Open in 2008. Her best finish besides that has been a finals appearance in the Australian Open in 2008.

The thing that is amazing is her beach pictures are as good as her game. She is so fun, goofy, and beautiful all in one package that she needs to be seen more immediately.

4 Ana Ivanovic (x2)


It was said that Ana Ivanovic needed to be seen immediately for another picture. Well how about with another spot urgently at number eight? That is where this picture of Ivanovic is going to stay. Once again, double trouble seems to have appeared. Much like Bouchard, Ana Ivanovic's doubles record was one of forgettable stature. She is 30-35 all time in doubles matches. So as can be seen based on her track record, she has not won the big tournaments much. However, she continues to win the hearts of fans looking up her pictures.

We see one picture of Ivanovic in the water trying to put her hair up. It is nice to see a professional athlete not be afraid to get in the water. Her toned stomach shows greatly in this picture and shows just how in shape these athletes really are, male or female. Ivanovic will continue to win hearts of fans with her hits on the court and her beauty off of it.

3 Maria Sharapova (x2)


We promised that Maria Sharapova would make another appearance on this list before completion. We were not going to let fans down under any circumstances. Sharapova definitely has not had as much success in doubles matches as singles. She does display a winning record of 23-17, but does not have any significant tournament wins to display. What she can display is a picture of her lying on her side and looking beautifully at the camera. She also has a look on her face with this photo saying, "I am just envisioning my next championship while you all stare at me on the beach!" Maria definitely knows how to win on her own, that is established. But if she can find a way to win some doubles tournaments, she can go down as one of the best female tennis players of all time.

While she figures that out, fans can figure out how they might not have seen amazing pictures like these before and be googling more pictures of her after this.

2 Caroline Wozniacki - Those Eyes...


For the second time, Caroline Wozniacki finds herself sizzling up the screen. Wozniacki has had some success on the tennis court with regards to her singles career. She has not won any Grand Slam individual tournaments, but has posted some good results. She made the semifinals of the Australian Open in 2011 and has reached the finals of the U.S. Open in 2009 and 2014. She reached the number one ranking in the world in 2010 and currently sits pretty within the top 10 players of the world. She also certainly knows how to make Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues a must read article.

She sizzles as she lays in the water in her yellow bikini and lets the water settle all around her. Wozniacki has looks no doubt about it as we see the front of her. But the next photo we display of Wozniacki shows the side of her that a lot of fans are anxious to see.

1 Caroline Wozniacki (Back)


Here it is, everyone! The absolute number one can't miss photo has finally arrived. Fans will probably be able to guess who it is: Caroline Wozniacki. Her doubles record is another case of an under 50% winning percentage, as she is 36-54. She definitely is missing something when she plays doubles. But this Sports Illustrated photo gives us a sense of what Wozniacki is not missing in her everyday life: a firm, tanned backside. Here she is in her red bikini, looking fiercely into the camera while showing off her butt. For Wozniacki to show off her backside in this photo really shows she is willing to do anything it takes the be the best in any field. She certainly has the best beach picture for female tennis players that one has ever seen. Some people might have different opinions about Wozniacki's beauty. But for now, she is going to sit a top the list with the steamiest beach picture of a female tennis player that you need to see.

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Off The Court: 15 Steamy Beach Pictures Of Female Tennis Players