Off The Green: 15 Steamy Beach Photos Of Female Golf Stars You Need To See

Women’s golf is steadily growing, and starting to get a pretty decent fan following. No disrespect to those that earn their money with golf clubs in hand, out on tour, but it’s fair to say that some of those fans that follow women’s golf aren’t doing so because of their golfing prowess. A lot of people are fans of the golfers on show, not their golfing ability. And who can really blame such people? There’s a lot of eye candy on the professional golf tour nowadays, and it’s gotten people interested. The golfers themselves know it too, and quite a few actually play to it, just ooze sex appeal and take part in some seriously sultry shoots, all in an effort to get people watching, to get people ogling. And, if they’re going to do a sexy shoot, what better place is there to set up the cameras than the beach?

Beach pics are always the best; the lighting, soft white sand, beautiful clear blue sea, possibly palm trees in the background, and a seriously hot woman in the middle of all of it. It makes for one fantastic setting, one sizzling hot picture. These 15 golfing babes have done just that.

These are 15 pictures depicting occasions where they’ve taken some time off from the golf course and are enjoying some much-deserved rest and relaxation on some amazing beaches. Beautiful ladies of golf posing and strutting their stuff on some stunning beaches; if they took these pics to show off their sex appeal, they’ve done mightily fine jobs!

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15 Holly Sonders

via golf.com

Holly Sonders is someone who’s just jaw-droppingly hot. Forget golf for a sec; Holly’s one of the hottest women in sports, period. She’s just sizzling hot, and boy does she know it. Over the years she’s posed for the cameras in some seriously racy shoots, much to our delight of course. She’s also one person who’s made a very successful transition to TV, to reporting and hosting. Hers is a face that’s meant to be in front of the cameras, and luckily, we get to see a hell of a lot of her, on screen or in sultry spreads in magazines.

This has got to be one of her hottest pics, and there are plenty to choose from. It’s that swimsuit that does it, that shows off her amazing figure. She looks seductive wearing those shades, her hair’s done up in spectacular fashion, but that body, oh that body. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, and Holly’s certainly done just that.

14 Michelle Wie

via golfest.com

Michelle Wie isn’t one of these golfer for whom posing in sultry spreads is a common occurrence. She’s pretty conservative, isn’t someone who’s too comfortable stripping down to a bikini and bearing all for all to see. But that’s ok. Just because she’s not showing a load of skin, her assets aren’t in full view, it doesn’t make Michelle, or this picture any less stunning.

Here’s a pic of Michelle on a beautiful beach, a jaw dropping skyline in the background, enjoying some time away from the course. She’s showing off her flexibility in this pic, striking a yoga pose, something she practices regularly for a healthy body and mind. Look at Michelle’s body, and the mental side of things in relation to her golf game, and it’s certainly had a positive effect.

13 Kathleen Ekey

via pinterest.com

Here’s a candid pic of Kathleen Ekey enjoying some beach time, and despite not striking a sultry pose for the camera, she still manages to look super-hot. The beach in the background doesn’t look the best. It appears to be a pretty overcast day, and the sea looks pretty rough. But Kathleen certainly lights up the pic, is all smiles and looks to be having a splendid time, in among the dullness and the gloomy surrounding. She’s positively beaming, but it’s not really her smile that people are focussing on in this pic. Kathleen’s clearly got some amazing assets, a super-hot and voluptuous set of twins, and she’s showing them off in that sultry beach gear. She’s got an amazing body, and is flaunting it spectacularly in this candid shot.

12 Lexi Thompson

via golf.com

Ever since Lexi burst onto the scene, she became a favorite on the women’s tour. That’s because she’s rated to be one of the hottest women in golf. But one thing that’s great about Lexi, is that although she knows she’s something of a sex symbol, she doesn’t get dolled up and put on her glad rags every time she ventures outside the confines of her own house. She’s very relaxed, chilled out about her look, and that, in many people’s eyes, makes her even sexier. As you can see from this pic, Lexi Thompson pulls off effortless beauty. She’s naturally stunning, and isn’t shy about posing for the cameras. She looks amazing in that two-piece bikini, and posing in that beautiful beach setting just makes her look even more glamorous.

11 Sandra Gal

via golf.com

Sandra Gal is without doubt, one of the hottest women, not only in golf, but in sports. Just feast your eyes on this German golfing beauty and you’ll have a hard time disagreeing. She’s known for her looks, known for sizzling on the golf course. Sandra also sizzles off it too. Over the years, she’s taken part in some truly spectacular photoshoots. Due to these sexy spreads, we’ve been able to ogle at some of the best pins in sport, and her other assets too, but it’s always those legs that steal the show. Those legs are on show again in this beach pic. Lean, muscular, being caressed by the soft white sand under them – it truly is a jaw-droppingly gorgeous pic, undoubtedly one of Sandra’s best and most memorable.

10 McKenna Pautsch

A perfect day🌴

A post shared by McKenna Pautsch (@mckennapautsch72) on

McKenna Pautsch might not be the most well-known golfer on this list, but I’m sure she will be to a fair few of you now that you’ve seen this pic. This is a pic that McKenna posted herself on Instagram, a pic captioned, “The Perfect Day.” It certainly looks to be a perfect day alright. Although we can only see a back profile of McKenna in this pic, you can tell she’s pretty peaceful, at ease, is just soaking in the sunlight and the beautiful setting she’s in. Something else that you can tell from this kind of pic is that she’s incredibly hot. That behind is what people’s eyes are drawn too, but she’s just someone who’s got a stunning body from head to toe, and thankfully, she’s not shy about showing it off.

9 Alisa Diomin

via golfpunkhq.com

Any golfer worth her soul has got to strike a pose like this at some point. Get stripped down to your sultry beach attire, pick up a golf club, and strike a golfing pose – it’s just a must, and thankfully, Alisa thinks so too. She’s a rookie in terms of her golfing experience, is still relatively young, but she’s already made great strides, particularly when it comes to building a fan following. She may be young, but she’s not naïve, and knows what gets people watching, people following her, and it’s pics like these that has that effect. Alisa isn’t a supermodel by any means, but she’s willing to show off what she’s got, and what she’s got isn’t that bad. If she poses for more sultry pics in the future, we’re in for a treat.

8 Stephanie Smith

via golfpunkhq.com

Wow! Who wouldn’t want to watch women’s golf if there’s sultry women like Stephanie Smith out on the course? Here’s a pic of one of the lesser-known golfers, but undoubtedly one of the hottest. Stephanie knows how to work it and keeps a very active social media presence. Her Instagram profile is constantly being updated with super-hot pics, in which she’s posing for the cameras in racy outfits, and so although her golf game might not yet be up to scratch, she’s certainly getting noticed. Pics like this one is the reason for that. From the front and behind, Stephanie looks like a million bucks. She’s got the body, got some very noticeable assets, and that beaming smile shows she’s certainly enjoying herself, as are we setting eye on this pic.

7 Natalie Gulbis

via maxim.com

Pro golfer Natalie Gulbis has become a bit of a celebrity figure over the years. That’s not just down to her golfing prowess. The fact that she’s hot certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed, and it’s meant that plenty of doors have been opened for her, opportunities to pose for magazines, become a TV personality have fallen into her lap, and she’s certainly made the most of them. It’s little wonder TV shows want her on board, photographers want to shoot her pics. If the outcome of such shoots is pictures like this one, carry on shooting! In this pic Natalie’s donning her beach attire, and is striking a sultry pose on some rocks. It’s one hot pic, not only because of Natalie’s body on show, the setting, but that alluring gaze which just increases her sex appeal.

6 Lauren Olaya

via golfpunkhq.com

Oo lala! Lauren Olaya is all about golf. She plays, but she’s used her looks, and hot physique to become a successful businesswoman, catering to the needs of those who play the beautiful game and want to look amazing doing it. She’s founded her own company that sells fashionable women’s golf apparel; see Lauren modeling those sexy outfits, and it’s fair to say there’d be plenty of women placing orders. Business would be booming! Lauren’s also seen on TV, and co-hosts Fox Sports Swing Clinic. It’s images like this one that makes people want to tune in and soak in some more of this golfing beauty. It’s a pic any professional model would be proud of, a really hot pic of Lauren with golf club in hand, showing off her hot body and sizzling in the sun.

5 Katrina Brodsky

via bikiniluxe.com

Katrina Brodsky has become known as something of an Instagram goddess. With her keeping followers and fans interested with pics like this one, it’s clear to understand why, why people can’t get enough of Katrina. Forget golfing; Katrina looks like a glamor model, and pics like this one would look perfect on the cover of any of the top established lads’ mags out there. It really is one of the hottest pics of golfing babes around, one of the sultriest beach pics. Katrina’s tanned skin, those very noticeable assets, but also the stunning beach, the entire setting, makes this one memorable pic. Would you rather see Katrina on the green in her golfing attire, or on a sandy sun-drenched beach striking such poses? I reckon I know the answer.

4 Elise Lobb

via golfbabes.club

Elise Lobb might not be the biggest name in golf, but hers is certainly a big name on the beauty pageant circuit. She was winning beauty pageants for fun, and her success in this field has meant her face began to get picked up, meant she could explore plenty of other ventures. She dabbles in modeling, is a YouTube earner, a fashionista, and oh yeah, plays golf. It’s a pretty unusual set of pastimes right there, but Elise has made it work. That’s because she knows what people want to see, knows how to market herself, and does so superbly. It’s pics like this one that get her follower count right up there. In terms of beach selfies, there aren’t many better than this one.

3 Belén Mozo

via twitter.com

Here’s another sizzling beach pic from one of women’s golf’s finest. Belén Mozo, ever since she burst onto the women’s tour in 2010, has been a woman golf fans look out for. She’s not bad on the golf course in terms of her golfing ability, but it’s the fact she’s so incredibly beautiful that has meant she’s one of the more popular golfers out there in the women’s game. From being a teenager, we’ve seen her blossom into a fine young woman, looks-wise, and physique-wise too. This pic tells it all. Her beauty’s radiating in the sizzling sun, which is also kissing her hot body. The eyes are instantly drawn to those sets of twins, but Belén’s someone who’s just sizzling hot from top to toe, and just has one amazing all-round physique.

2 Blair O'Neal

via pinterest.com

Life’s a beach, or it certainly is when Blair O'Neal’s in town. The 36-year-old blonde bombshell has been involved in women’s golf in more capacities than one, for quite some time. Some may say she’s a veteran, but as she’s gotten older, she’s only got hotter and hotter, as is evident from this pic. As golfing beauties go, they really don’t get much better than Blair. Thankfully, we’ve gotten to see a hell of a lot of Blair over the years. She’s someone who’s not shy of posing in racy outfit for some super-hot shoots; we’ve grown accustomed to seeing Blair in such pics. But this beach pic is one of those that stick out, for obvious reasons. Blair soaking herself under the hot sun on a white sandy beach, the sun’s rays kissing that delightfully toned physique – it’s certainly one of her more memorable pics.

1 Anna Rawson

via thoughtco.com

Anna Rawson is an extremely talented golfer, and from the looks of things, fancies herself as a bit of a model too. Who can argue with her when setting eyes on pics like this? She’s got a model swing, model looks, and a physique to match too. From the looks of things, she’s also got a decent cameraman on board too, because such pics really do show her off in spectacular fashion, in a great light. She’s chosen an opportune moment, when the sun’s setting, to step out into that glorious light and strike such a pose. I’m sure everyone would agree, it’s certainly worked. Of course, she had to pose with golf club in hand, just so people know she’s a golfer, but it’s all good, people aren’t really looking at that golf club.

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