Oh Canada! 15 Canadian Female Athletes That Will Make You Move North

There are certain countries that are renowned for churning out great athletes. Jamaica for example, are known for their sprinters. Russia used to have great athletes partaking in many different sports. And let's not forget the U.S. of course. They’re probably at the top of the tree when it comes to most sports. Those are countries we all know about. But for some reason, Canada, doesn’t really feature on a lot of people’s lists. It’s puzzling as to why that is. There are some great athletes that have come out of Canada. Many of them may not be great, as in world-renowned athletes, but they’re still decent competitors. But there’s one aspect in which they can match other countries, and even surpass a lot of them, and that’s the number of hot athletes they have that they can call their own. The Great White North is home to some seriously sultry athletes.

A few you probably know about, are from the more mainstream sports and are renowned as beauty symbols throughout the world. Others may come as unexpected surprises. One thing’s for sure, after setting eyes on these sporting beauties, you may just find yourself fantasizing about them, the two of you riding off into the sunset together and moving north. These are 15 Canadian female athletes that will make you do just that, want to pack your bags up sticks and move to the nation that these steamy athletes call home.

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17 Barbara Mervin

via sportsnet.ca

Rugby players aren’t usually regarded to be attractive. They’re rough guys, known for their physical attributes, not their looks. That holds true for the women’s game too. But Barbara Mervin differs from the stereotype. She’s injected some chic back into women’s rugby, back into the Canadian sporting scene. See Barbara on the rugby field, and the thought that she’s seriously hot wouldn’t really cross the mind. But since she’s started posing in sultry shoots, that’s all changed. Into her 30s, she began taking part in steamy shoots, and it’s meant we’ve seen Barbara in a different light. From not wanting to cross her due to her prowess on the rugby field, I reckon most wouldn’t mind bumping into her due to her hotness and the physique she possesses.

16 Kelsey Serwa

Wherever you go, go with all your heart ❤️

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This freestyle skier is a member of the national ski cross team. Here greatest achievement has been winning gold at the 2011 World Championships. Kelsey’s also won silver at the 2014 Winter Olympics. So, it’s fair to say that she’s pretty decent on the slopes. But that’s not the only reason Kelsey’s achieved fame. When she takes off her protective gear and her thick garment, Kelsey’s also incredibly beautiful. She’s a brunette bombshell alright, and it’s meant that she’s acquired quite a fan following. She’s a bombshell, but is also pretty cute. She’s got rosy red cheeks, an adorable smile, and a hot physique too. It’s a shame that most of the time, it’s all kept under wraps when she’s on the slopes doing her thing.

15 Emily Batty

via reddit.com

Here’s another hottie from what you’ve got to say is an unexpected sport. Look at some of Emily Batty’s pics, and you’d probably think that she’s a surfer or volleyball player, or some sport of that sort that involves being on the beach. She just has that figure, that gorgeous figure that looks as if it’s been made and toned and tanned to perfection on a sandy beach. But Emily is actually a cross-country mountain biker. She’s not just a cross-country mountain biker – she’s one of the best. Emily’s won a number of accolades throughout her career, and she’s certainly not done yet, there’s more to come. We hope there’s more to come in terms of her modeling career too, posing in sultry shoots in her spare time, because we’ll never tire of seeing Emily in that light.

14 Jonelle Filigno

Take me back ☀️🌊

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When it comes to women’s soccer, there’s one international team that stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of the sultry soccer players that take to the pitch. That team is the U.S. national side. Most of that side are drop-dead gorgeous. But there are some hotties dotted around the rest of the soccer world too. One of those hot soccer players, is Jonelle Filigno. She won bronze at the London Olympic Games, and played in the National Women’s Soccer League. But that’s not why she gained such a fan following. She’s one of the hottest women on the Canadian soccer team, and she is absolutely stunning. Check out her Instagram page and you’d think you’d inadvertently stumbled across the profile of a model. She’s a brunette bombshell alright, and her pics are sizzling hot.

13 Brittany Waters

via canadianolympians.wordpress.com

What is it with these Canadian rugby players? It really isn’t a sport where you’d expect to see beautiful women. Not many people would want to put their bodies through the rigors of the sport in the first place. Getting all muddy, bloodied and bruised isn’t most women’s idea of a great career choice. But for Brittany Waters, it is just that. She’s made a career out of playing ruby, and has enjoyed a pretty decent one at that. She’s also enjoyed being labelled as one of the sport's, and the nations’ hottest athletes. We can assume she enjoys that label because of the number of sizzling photoshoots she’s partaken in. Brittany’s not shy about showing off that lean, muscular physique, and we’re so glad she’s not.

12 Eugenie Bouchard


A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

Tennis is a sport that’s filled with sultry female athletes. The women’s side of the draw is just ridiculous. Eugenie Bouchard is one of these steamy athletes. When she came on the scene, she was young, but her beauty was already evident. As she’s gotten older, she’s blossomed into one of the hottest women on tour, and one of the hottest women in sport full stop. Genie balances tennis with modeling, and her various other activities. She takes delight in sharing everything with her fans, posting hot pics – it’s little wonder she has over a million Instagram followers. Her game may not be all that at the moment, but she remains one of the more popular players in the women’s game. She'll have a career lined up long after she retires from the game.

11 Melissa Bishop

Claus Andersen/manifestosport.com

29-year-old Melissa Bishop is an accomplished 800m runner. She holds the Canadian national record for 800m, and is always there or there abouts on the world scene, without having achieved any major success. But I reckon very few of those who follow her are interested in her running achievements. In terms of track athletes, Melissa’s gained a reputation for being one of the hottest. She’s also a pretty emotional character. The nation took her into their hearts when she broke down during an interview after she’d been pipped to the post by 0.13s, taking her out of a medal position at Rio. Her Instagram account’s also a hive of activity, which keeps people entertained, ogling, and keeping up to date with the latest goings on in Melissa’s life.

10 Adriana Leon

via thechive.com

Here’s another soccer player on this list. Seeing their pics, a few of you might disagree that the U.S. has the hottest female soccer players in the world. Adriana Leon was born in Mississauga, Ontario. Her childhood was all about sports, mainly hockey and of course, soccer. She chose to pursue soccer, was accepted to college on a scholarship, and the rest’s history. She currently plays in the U.S. for the Boston Breakers and for the Canadian national team. Adriana’s acquired quite a substantial fan following. Her beauty’s evident on the pitch, where she’s a fiery character, a force to be reckoned with, but off it on social media, she’s a real darling, is cute and adorable. At 25, her fan following’s only going to grow, as is her status as one of Canada’s hottest athletes.

9 Sydney Leroux

via thehottestwomeninsport.blogspot.co.uk

And here’s another soccer player. A lot of Canadians may not like the fact that she’s on this list though. Sydney doesn’t play for the Canadian soccer team. She plays for the U.S. team, and that’s something that’s riled a lot of people. Sydney has always been open about the fact that she never wanted to play for Canada. She was born in Surrey, British Columbia, but from a young age, she aspired to play for the U.S. national team. She moved across the border and put things in place to make it happen, and today she’s one of the most successful stars in terms of endorsement deals and fan following.

Sydney isn’t just popular because of her soccer career. Just look at her, her numerous sultry pics – some of which are nude by the way – and it doesn’t take a genius to work out why she’s one of the most beloved players in the world.

8 Brianne Theisen-Eaton

This Canadian track and field athlete began competing around a decade ago. After some strong college performances, Brianne joined the pro ranks, and from that moment on, her popularity just took off. She’s won national competitions, has got gold medals from world events, and, arguably the thing she’s most thankful for, she met her now-hubby, Ashton Eaton on the track. Plenty of people have commented on how Ashton’s a very lucky man, how he’s batting way out of his league. Kudos to Ashton I say. He’s done mightily well for himself, because his spouse is undoubtedly one of the hottest heptathletes around. She’s fit, beautiful, is all smiles, and is enjoying life immensely due to her athletic exploits and the way she enamors herself to her adoring fans.

7 Mellisa Hollingsworth

via sportsnet.ca

Mellisa Hollingsworth is one steamy athlete. She participates in the sport of skeleton, so she’s someone who’s got to have pretty big balls – figuratively speaking of course. She’s been around since 1995, and has numerous accolades to her name. She enamored herself to her home nation when in 2010, she finished fifth at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and delivered a heartfelt apology. But right throughout her career, Melissa’s been more than just a skeleton athlete. Due to the number of sultry photoshoots she’s done throughout her career, you’d have to say that she’s a model too. She really has taken part in some steamy shoots; no wonder her home nation didn’t bat an eyelid when she came fifth at the Vancouver Winter Olympics – she’s given more than enough to keep us all entertained over the years.

6 Myriam Capes

Bodybuilding isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. A lot of people looks at professional male bodybuilders and scoff. Women’s bodybuilding gets even more of a bad rap. Most people wouldn’t exactly look at the female competitors on stage and deem them to be hot. But occasionally, a real stunner comes along. Yet still, Myriam Capes may divide opinion. Some may find her to be too intimidating, look too manly with all of that muscle mass. But she’s got one amazing physique, and is beautiful too, so the fact that she’s got more muscle than most men can be overlooked. She’s a fitness champion, but has gained a ton of fans, not just because she competes, but because she’s also fitness model and has taken part in some seriously sultry shoots.

5 Tessa Virtue

via bellyinc.com

As an ice dancer, you’ve got to be graceful, glide around the ice and look good doing it. Tessa Virtue certainly looks good alright. She’s a three-time World Champion, and has won a ton of other stuff, has numerous other accolades to her name. Her name’s synonymous with that of Scott Moir. They’ve been partners on the ice for over two decades. But it’s Tessa that most people look at. Her dances are spellbinding, mesmerize the audiences. Due to all she’s achieved, it’s amazing to think that Tessa’s still in her 20s. She’s released a book, has appeared on TV numerous times, and is a more than decent model. Her steamy pics have resulted in her gaining worldwide attention, mostly from those who aren’t even fans of ice dancing. Her career’s only going from strength to strength, and it will no doubt continue to do so in the coming years.

4 Lauren Sesselmann

via allowhertoplay.wordpress.com

Okay, so by now you’re probably thinking, what has the U.S. soccer team got that the Canadian one doesn’t? The U.S. team is renowned for its hotties on the pitch, but it’s ludicrous that the Canadian team isn’t really deemed to be on par. A lot of your perceptions might change upon going through this article.

Lauren Sesselmann is yet another hot soccer player who plays for the Canadian national side. Although having said all of that, she doesn’t exactly look dashing on the pitch. But it’s her extracurricular activities that warrant plenty of attention. She's also a fitness trainer and a model, and it’s because of her modeling exploits that she’s earned superstar status in the world of soccer, and those interested in seeing the female form in all its glory.

3 Kaitlyn Weaver

This American-Canadian ice dancer has split allegiances, but Canadians are glad to be able to call her their own. She was born in Texas but resides in Ontario, Canada, and it’s a place that’s been pretty good to her in terms of her fan following and her career to date. Kaitlyn has had a vast amount of success on the ice. She’s one of the best ice dancers going around, all grace and beauty, swan-like as she wows audiences with her spectacular moves. She’s not just beautiful and graceful on the ice. Off it, she’s a real stunner. Kaitlyn keeps fans entertained by regularly posting sultry pics, and she’s a very bubbly character, has a vibrant personality and is all smiles, which has also helped endear her to her numerous fans.



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