Oh Canada! Top 15 Steamiest Canadian Sportscasters (That'll Make You See Red)

These ladies, not only do they talk sports, but they're beautiful as well, what more can we ask? Someone at the head office was on to something when the transition started taking place and women in the sports industry began to rise, particularly in journalism.

Chicks and sports highlights on a nightly basis. Yes please! Now these ladies weren't your prototypical bikini clad ring girls, cheerleaders or scantily clad valets. Nope, these women were classy and yet the type that you could probably see at your local sports bar with a pint, a plate of wings and an order of nachos on game night talking as much smack and being up to date as any of the fellas...only with lovely lady lumps and far better smelling.  Now you are most likely familiar with names like Kristen Ledlow, Charissa Thompson and Erin Andrews, but there is a crew of female sportscasters up in the Great White North that are keeping all the Canadian sports fans dreams warm at night.

Now some of you might scoff at Canadian sports and sure the fact that they copied ESPN by recently adding numerous TSN and Sportsnet channels may not be original, but honestly, considering that the bacon tastes better and the beer has at least 2% more alcohol, maybe they might be on to something on the other side of the border.

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15 Leah Hextall - Freelance

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Her last name should be familiar to hockey fans on both sides of the border, as Leah's cousin Ron is a former Conn Smythe and Vezina award winning goalie for the Philadelphia Flyers and her grandfather Bryan, a former New York Ranger is in the Hall of Fame.

Starting her career off at CTV in 2005, Hextall has seen her journey take her all around North America. As a freelance sports broadcaster, Hextall's career has seen her work on display as part of the NHL coverage for major networks such as CBC (Hockey Night In Canada), ESPN and NESN. Add in guest appearances for the Sportsnet online network and Hextall has spent over a decade covering the sport that she seems born into.

14 Hazel Mae - Sportsnet

It may have been ten years ago, but the honor is still hers. If you don't think that Mae belongs on this list, you should have a word with the people over at Playboy as they felt the now 47 year old Filipino sportscaster was worthy of a place on top of their sexiest sportscasters in 2007.

Fast forward a decade and Mae draws her fair share of attention from male fans. Who knows, maybe it is her eye catching set of personalities that captivates her audience (which were apparently enhanced during her time away from Canadian broadcasting). Either way, Mae was one of the morning hosts for Sportsnet News (before it changed to Sportsnet Central) and had a big role with reporting on the MLB and Toronto Blue Jays before heading south to NESN and the Boston Red Sox.

In keeping with her baseball theme, Mae then joined up with the MLB Network before eventually returning back to Sportsnet in 2011. Thing is, who really cares about that when there are pics floating out in cyberspace of Mae (along with two other Sportsnet staff) posing in scantily clad lingerie. That's really why we are all here, isn't it?

13 Tessa Bonhomme - TSN

Commercial break stretches.... #Hammies #ToeTouch

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If you are going to be a sports reporter, especially a female sports reporter, having a background in the game goes a long way into helping you get over with the critical and narrow minded armchair know it all fan. A few gold medals should be enough to shut them up.

As a member of the Canadian Women's Hockey team, Bonhomme's defensive talents helped the team to an Olympic Gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver games and a pair of first place podium placements at the Women's World Championships in 2007 and 2012. After impressing the bosses at Leafs TV (coverage of the Toronto Maple Leafs), TSN jumped in and added Bonhomme to their SportsCentre crew and as a fill in on their award winning TSN Hockey program. And despite being their competition, credit has to be given to Sportsnet Magazine who listed Bonhomme as one of their sexiest athletes back in 2012.

12 Chantal Desjardins - Sportsnet

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Desjardins is a do it all television personality and one of the newest members of the Sportsnet staff. When she isn't reporting on the Montreal Canadians regional broadcasts, whether it be pre, during or post games, the blonde knockout can be seen or heard dabbling in other areas of television and radio.

As a voice-over actress, you may have heard her voice on some of your favorite radio or animated television commercials and if that isn't the case, maybe you have seen her at your local comedy club. Yes, in addition to radio, television and sports highlights, the Montreal, Quebec native can also win your heart with humor. Need more? How about an extra at your weekly guys night out card game? Yes, Desjardins is an avid poker player and was recently brought on to join the PokerVision Network crew. Sports, comedy and gambling, chances are she isn't going to be one to ask you to spend the weekend sorting linen.

11 Caroline Cameron - Sportsnet

While TSN has pair of ladies hosting their nightly highlight show, so to does Sportsnet Central as Cameron and her co-host Carly Agro (seen later in this list) bring fans the best clips of the days sports action and stories each night.

After growing up on the East Coast, Cameron recently spent two years on the West Coast living in Vancouver, taking on the role of the Sportsnet Central morning host. As an avid tennis fan and player, Cameron's bucket list dream of covering a Grand Slam final came true as she covered the reporting of the 2016 Wimbledon championship. A big advocate of sports and youth, Cameron is a huge supporter of the Kidsport Program which helps underprivileged youth engage in sports programs. Beauty, brains and a heart of gold, what more could you ask for?

10 Andi Petrillo - CBC

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If you want to talk about ground breakers, look no further than Petrillo who became the country's first female member of the iconic Hockey Night in Canada broadcast team (that would be the equivalent of a female member of the Monday Night Football crew). When you consider how incredible that feat may be, you have to consider where Petrillo came from.

Like many others, the Ontario native worked her way from the bottom up, grinding through various different roles in the industry before latching onto one of the biggest organizations in Canada, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. Over the years with MLSE, Petrillo was a jack of all trades handling reporting duties for hockey, basketball and soccer games.

In 2011, Petrillo was given the role of a lifetime as the first ever full time female reporter with HNIC as she took over the IDesk role, offering insight online and interactive with fans during broadcasts. Considering that CBC has also given Petrillo multiple opportunities to be part of their Olympic Games coverage, it's not hard to believe that she knows what she is talking about.

9 Jennifer Hedger - TSN

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She may be one of the "elder states women" on this list, but come on, who doesn't like an experienced woman? For those of you who don't have your head in the gutter, we are talking about the fact that Hedger has been a key component in TSN's lineup since 2002 and a mainstay on their SportsCentre crew.

We know she's good at what she does. But what most fans either forget or don't know is that Hedger first started out as a member of the cast of U8TV: The Lofters (think a low budget Canadian version of Big Brother, just worse). Now for all those that tend to enjoy this sort of stuff and have the time to YouTube it, there is a lovely NSFW scene with Hedger and a friend engaging in a game of tonsil hockey. She shoots, we score!

8 Kara Wagland - TSN

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What is it with TSN and blondes? Who cares!?!? As part of the group of lovely ladies who rotate through the SportsCentre broadcast, Wagland has been with the crew since joining TSN in 2011 as a story editor in the newsroom and quickly worked her way up to on screen personality.

After starting her career off as a volunteer for one channel and then as a CTV affiliate in Ontario, Wagland has helped her self and fellow female broadcasters break down the barriers that had been previously set up against women and their roles reporting on a male dominant sports world. Although she grew up playing hoops and volleyball, Wagland is a diehard Blue Jays fan. Hey, it's not her fault that the team has fallen into the dreaded rebuilding process.

7 Jackie Redmond - Sportsnet

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Redmond is a jack of all trades on-air talent for the Sportsnet channel. Whether it is hoops, hockey, wrestling (WWE) or a Plays of the Month recap, the 31 year old Toronto native has been around sports all her life. As the winner of the company's broadcaster talent show Drafted, Redmond beat out nine other competitors for a one year contract. Turning that opportunity into a full time gig, Redmond eat, sleeps and breaths sports, knowing that is what it took not only to get the contract, but to more importantly remain relevant in a male dominant business.

Currently juggling three gigs including Sportsnet Central, Misplays/Plays of the Month and WWE Aftermath, Redmond has gone on record stating that an armchair quarterback isn't really the object of her affection, but come to her with some musical or artistic talent and maybe you will have a chance. That is if you can slow her down.

6 Evanka Osmak - Sportsnet

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She's a wife, a mom and most relevant to this list, a gorgeous blonde sportscaster for Sportsnet Central. At 37 years old, Osmak makes up part of the crew for the early edition of the daily highlight show. While openly admitting that her first interest wasn't necessarily the field of sports reporting, the Civil Engineering and Radio & Broadcasting degrees that Osmak holds shows that she is certainly intelligent enough to know that in order to keep her head above water in a male dominant sports world, she better know exactly what she is talking about...and she does!

A fitness and travel enthusiast, Osmak is one of those natural beauties who doesn't seem to be too high maintenance. With an upbeat and humorous outlook on the sports world, leave it to Osmak to show viewers that while sports is something that many of us live, eat and breath, there is a fun and light side to it.

5 Carly Agro - Sportsnet

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Apparently broadcasting is a gig that runs in the Agro family, or at least among the Agro twin sisters. The former soccer star from the University of Maryland Baltimore County has been one of the main attractions on nightly episodes of Sportsnet Central.

After kicking off her career as a host for the CFL's Hamilton Tiger Cats "Ticats TV, Agro then bounced around western Canada, including spending two years in Edmonton covering the NHL Oilers and the CFL Eskimos (considering that those are the only major sports in Alberta). She definitely appears to be a sports guy dream as when she isn't talking about sports, she is participating in them, with a passion for soccer, golf, fitness training and yoga to name but a few. Jock talk and a body...yes please!

4 Nikki Reyes - Sportsnet

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She has been around the sports world for over a decade, but she hasn't really appeared as much on Canadian television as much recently. Then all of a sudden, like a shining light, her beautiful self appeared on a recent episode of Sportsnet Central reporting about who really knows what, as her beauty was distracting from what she was talking about.

Intertwined with two years as part of the crew on The Score, Reyes would also hold down a gig with NBA TV Canada, followed by a stint with Top Rank Boxing. Since September, Reyes has once again joined the team at Sportsnet, a place she once was employed, before cost cutting measures sent her on future endeavors. Hey, who says you can't come back home. Certainly glad no bridges were burnt in that relationship!

3 Kate Beirness - TSN

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She may be a small town (try finding Port Perry, Ontario on a map), girl next door type and you can totally picture her just hanging out looking good in a pair of sweats and a ball cap, but for the SportsCentre anchor, Beirness just continues to bring the warmth on a nightly basis.

Maybe if it the infectious smile and the humor that she brings to every broadcast. Mainly a fan of hockey or basketball, Beirness has been with TSN for nearly a decade. As part of the channel's first ever all-female anchor team, Beirness continues to be an avid sports fan and enthusiast away from work, with a passion for the hardwood and fitness training. Yes, the great Jay and Dan are the top of the line broadcasters, but you would argue Kate is a close second on the network.

2 Natasha Staniszewski - TSN

via avenueedmonton.com

Most of the time the beautiful lady sitting to the right of Beirness is Staniszewski, giving fans a choice between blonde or brunette. Kinda like picking between Betty and Veronica. While Kate brings the college like humor, Natasha brings the more formal approach. Flavors for everyone. Once voted one of the sexiest female sports broadcasters in the world, the 38 year old from Edmonton can not only captivate audiences with her knowledge of the game but combine that with her piercing blue eyes and fans are hooked.

Since joining the network in 2011, Staniszewski has been on of the most popular sports anchors on the team. While she makes her home in Toronto because of her work, her heart remains with her hometown Edmonton Oilers.

1 Renee Young - WWE

via wwe.com

Some can say it's a stretch to include Paquette on this list, but to us, WWE is still a sport and considering where she came from before her prime role backstage with the biggest wrestling organization in the world and the fact that Dean Ambrose will drop you with Dirty Deeds, there is no arguing.

As the original host to Aftermath, Paquette spent three years with The Score, before it turned into Sportsnet and before she was hired on by Vince McMahon to appear backstage and ringside as an interviewer for the WWE. From there sky has been the limit for Paquette who has spent time as a color commentator for NXT and a co-host for Tough Enough. Throw in cameos on Total Divas, a head role on the popular yet no longer Talking Smack and now part of the crew of RAW Talk and fans just can't seem to get enough of the 32 year old persona known as Renee Young.

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