Olympic Gold Medalists: 15 Hot Photos Of McKayla Maroney And Aly Raisman That Will Blow Your Mind

It was at the 2012 Summer Olympics, when teammates Aly Raisman and McKayla Maroney were first introduced to mainstream sports fans as members of the US women’s gymnastics team, dubbed the "Fierce Five."

Since in 2012, Raisman hase gone on to find success in the 2016 Olympic Games, while McKayla Maroney would become something of an internet sensation. While the two athletes have gone down very different paths, they have also both become very beautiful women as the years have progressed.

21-year-old McKayla Maroney became an internet sensation following her iconic, “McKayla is not impressed” facial expression, which she debuted following her silver medal win in the 2012 games. The 5-foot-3, recently retired gymnast, has become very popular on social media recently - despite periodically deleting her accounts. The native of Long Beach, California has expressed interest in pursuing a career in music now that she no longer competes in Gymnastics.

The 115-pound Aly Raisman has won three gold medals throughout the course of her illustrious career. The 5-foot-3 star who originally hails from Needham, Massachusetts is one of the most recognized female gymnasts in the world today. Her popularity has even led to appearances on hit television shows such as Dancing with the Stars.

The 15 photos that you are about to see show these two gorgeous young ladies at their very best.

15 Aly: Yoga Pants


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The three-time gold medalist shows of her stylish yoga pants in this fun Instagram post. Athleisurewear has become a popular style in recent years, and Aly Raisman appears to be the type of girl who knows how to look good wearing it. This black and white photo, with the exposed brick in the background, is an artistic shot that any Aly Raisman fans are sure to love.

Fun Fact: Finding time to focus on education when you are training to be a world class athlete can be difficult. However, despite what was no doubt a rigorous practice schedule, Raisman managed to earn her diploma from Needham High back in 2012. It’s always good to see an athlete get an education while also being able to follow their dreams.

14 McKayla: Rear Selfie


Maroney is known to generate controversy from time to time when she posts pictures such as this on social media. The cheeky pic would seem to indicate that the silver medalist has a bit of a wild side. Despite the fact that McKayla Maroney has retired from active competition, she still looks to be in excellent physical condition. The curvy 21-year-old (for better or worse) certainly knows how to get people talking, with photos such as this one.

Fun Fact: While Maroney is probably best remembered for winning a silver medal in the vault completion in 2012, she also captured an all-around team gold, that very same year. Besides Maroney, the team also featured Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, Kyla Ross, and Jordyn Wieber. The girls were collectively known as the "Fierce Five."

13 Aly: Abs


Aly Raisman has defiantly been doing her fair share of crunches, and it shows in this stunning shoreline photo. The star gymnast displays abs that most fitness models would kill for in this flattering bikini image. The 5-foot-3 brunette flashes a playful smile as she appears to be enjoying a relaxing day at the beach. One would be hard pressed to find an athlete in any sport who is in better shape than Aly Raisman.

Fun Fact: The Massachusetts native has proven to be an effective leader when it comes to the sport of gymnastics. Raisman was named team captain of 2012 Olympic team know as the “Fierce Five,” a role she would once again revisit in 2016 when she also led the team of known as the “Final Five.” Both teams were able to capture gold medals under Raisman’s guidance.

12 McKayla: Blue Bikini


McKayla Maroney looks nothing short of amazing while sporting her stylish blue bikini. The Olympic gold medalist shows a figure that many bikini models would no doubt envy, as she lounges about poolside. The Olympian proudly displays the type of figure that one might expect from a world class athlete. Photos such as this one, show us why some folks considered Maroney to be one the best looking female gymnasts of all-time.

Fun Fact: Maroney recalls being involved in gymnastics since the age of 2. She was quoted in a 2012 Orange County Register article as saying, “When I was younger, I would be watching ‘Tarzan’ and running around on all fours. My mom was like ‘I need to put this child in gymnastics. She’s crazy.'”

11 Aly: The Dress

Aly Raisman looks incredibly stylish in this “stunning dress” as she poses for Vanity Fair. The 5-foot-3 star appears to be quite the versatile model, as she shows that she doesn’t need to be wearing a bikini in order to turn heads. This post suggests that the young brunette may be a fashion icon in the making and it would appear over 120,000 of her Instagram followers agree.

Fun Fact: The Olympic standout was certainly able to accomplish a great deal between the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games. A list of her best performances during that period include; winning team gold at the 2015 World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland and capturing medals (gold and bronze to be exact ) at the 2015 National Championships, which were held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

10 McKayla: Jeans


McKayla Maroney looks like she jumped straight out of a merchandise catalog in this unique photo. The fit retired gymnast looks ready to take the fashion world by storm in her blue jeans, revealing top, and stylish jacket. The former Olympian looks more than ready for a fashion show in this dazzling outfit. Maroney shows with this photo that she doesn’t need to take risqué selfies in order to get folks attention.

Fun Fact: McKayla Maroney comes from a family of athletes. Her father was a former football player who played quarterback for the Purdue Boilermakers. Moreover, her mother was also a figure skater who dabbled in other high school sports. It’s fair to say that being an athlete runs in the family when it comes to McKayla Maroney.

9 Aly: Sports Illustrated


The star Olympian looks like she is breaking open a dam in this breathtaking photo and judging by the muscles on display, it would appear that Aly Raisman has the power to do it. The brunette is clearly taking her workout regimen very seriously, which allows her to be a part of memorable images such as this one. This photo proves the saying that “strong is the new sexy.”

Fun Fact: The 5-foot-3 star began her junior career all the way back in 2009. Raisman participated in events like the American Classic in San Diego and the National Championship, the latter of which was held in Dallas, Texas. However, her junior career was short lived; as the talented competitor would go on to begin her senior career in 2010.

8 McKayla: In White


Anyone who has followed McKayla Maroney on any of her social media outlets knows that she is one athlete who loves sharing selfies. The 21-year-old starlet poses in front of her phone in a figure-flattering white one piece. Maroney is someone who doesn’t appear to be shy about being in front of a camera (or more accurately her phone in this case) as she produces another great image for her adoring fan base.

Fun Fact: When Maroney competed in the 2012 Olympics, which were held in London, she had aggravated a previous bone break in the big toe of her right foot. However, even with the injury, she was still able to capture silver on the vault, which in turn, helped the “Fierce Five” take home the all-around team gold medal.

7 Aly: Wear Whatever

Aly Raisman shines in this gorgeous Instagram post while wearing attire that could be considered somewhat proactive. However, Raisman uses the caption to send a powerful message to all of her female fans stating, "Wear whatever makes you feel happy and confident. Don’t EVER let anyone tell you how you should or shouldn’t dress. We are entitled to wear what we want. Females do not have to dress modestly to be respected. Be proud of your body.” It’s good to see the Olympic star is trying to help other young women feel good about themselves.

Fun Fact: Aly Raisman, along with her teammate Gabby Douglas, are the only two American gymnasts who have been able to capture all-around team gold in consecutive Olympic Games. They accomplished this feat in 2012 and 2016 respectively.

6 McKayla: Balance Beam


McKayla Maroney Flashes a sly grin as she lays on the balance beam in a photo that shows the young woman in more modest attire. The retired gymnast looks simply marvelous while posing for this promotional photo. Maroney is clearly one former Olympian that knows how to shine in front of a camera. This is an image that fans of all ages are sure to enjoy.

Fun Fact: McKayla Maroney has been quite busy since competing in the 2012 Olympic Games. Since returning from London, she has served as a judge for the Miss America pageant, been featured in a video for “Up in the Air” (a song by Jared Leto's band Thirty Seconds to Mars), and even signed a major endorsement deal with the apparel company, Adidas.

5 Aly: Performing


Aly Raisman shows off her extremely fit frame while competing in her standard uniform. The image demonstrates the level of fitness one needs to obtain if they hope to compete at the highest level in women’s gymnastics. The brunette looks poised and ready to perform a piece that will no doubt impress the judges. Raisman shows that she looks like a 10 even in the middle of a competition.

Fun Fact: Raisman fell in love with gymnastics at a very young age while watching tapes of the “Magnificent Seven” as a child. The “Magnificent Seven” was the team that competed at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. The team featured names like Kerri Strug, Dominique Moceanu, and Shannon Miller. Fans may recall that this was the year which Strug made her famous vault landing while injured.

4 McKayla: Costume


McKayla Maroney looks pretty doggone cute, while dressed as a canine for Halloween. The former Olympian appears to be taking another selfie which highlights her curves in a multi-colored top. The costume manages to be both fun and slightly flirtatious. Folks who don’t thing Maroney looks great in this costume would appear to be “barking up the wrong tree.”

Fun Fact: The 21-year-old has appeared in numerous television shows over the years. She was featured in the Fox television series Bones in 2013, portraying a female gymnast named Ellie. She also appeared as herself on the NBC sitcom Superstore. Moreover, she has had a recurring role on the CW’s Hart of Dixie. She plays the role of Tonya on Hart of Dixie, and has appeared on 6 episodes.

3 Aly: Instagram Sensation

The gold medalist shows why she is so popular on social media with yet another amazing Instagram post. Raisman does a nice just summarizing this photo. In the caption below she writes, “I’m very proud of my body and how hard I have worked to look like this. I, of course, like everyone else have my days where I feel insecure and not at my best. BUT I think that it is much more important we love our bodies and support each other. It is 2017, and there is NO perfect or ideal body type.”

Fun Fact: The 5-foot-3 star made history at the 2012 Olympic Games in London when she became the first American to win a gold medal in the floor event.

2 McKayla: Peace


McKayla Maroney flashes a peace sign as she takes yet another selfie. This time the Olympic standout poses in a tiger print bikini. The former medalist once again looks stunning. Moreover, her arm must get quite the workout from holding up the phone to take all these selfies. The 21-year-old shows off a physique that even a bikini model would envy in this stunning selfie.

Fun Fact: In truth, McKayla Maroney is probably better remembered for iconic, “McKayla is not impressed” facial expression than she is for her performance at the Olympic Games. The expression became an internet sensation seemingly overnight and was the subject of numerous online memes. In fact, she even posed for a photo-op with (then) US President Barack Obama, while making the famous face.

1 Aly: Dancing With The Stars


Aly Raisman looks ready to declare herself the Queen of the ballroom in this Dancing with the Stars promo picture. The Olympic sensation looks both classy and elegant in her sparkling dress. Raisman is one athlete who definitely has a face made for television, and she proves it in this lovely image. Appearing on Dancing with the Stars indicates that Raisman is indeed a popular athlete.

Fun Fact: The gold medalist appeared on the 16th season of the television show Dancing With the Stars. She was paired with her professional partner, Mark Ballas. Raisman did quite well on the show and came in 4th place overall. In fact, she just missed being included in the finals. Moreover, Raisman even made a cameo appearance on season 15 of the show, during a freestyle dance with her Olympic teammates.

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