Exclusive Interview: Omar Miller Talks Controversy In Ballers Season 3

Ballers is one of the most popular shows on the planet right now. Starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the HBO series has spawned three seasons of behind the scenes football action. With the third season available to download, fans will have a lot of hot-button issues to sink their teeth into.

For those that follow the show, Ballers season three will continue to be an accurate portrayal of the world of football, and to Omar Miller, who plays Charles Greane, the writing is almost prophetic.

“I don’t know how the writers knew what was going to happen in certain scenarios,” says Miller, “because we shot it months before it airs, but a lot of the stuff is lined up with stuff that is happening in the NFL and the world today.”


Though he wouldn’t delve too deep into spoiler territory, fans can expect a conversation about topics like the use of marijuana as a painkiller instead of man-made anti-inflammatories, along with other topical issues in the NFL.


Interestingly enough, as Miller mentioned, marijuana use in the NFL actually became a hot topic this year. Though there is a stigma from some of the population, regarding the use of marijuana, the NFL actually revealed they are open to studying the effects of weed as a painkiller. The topic created quite a bit of controversy late this summer, but it’s still an important topic in the world of sport, with some thinking it could save lives.


It’s actually a topic that isn’t limited to football. In fact, former WWE Superstar Rob Van Dam has spoken out on this topic numerous times in support of the use of Marijuana for pain relief purposes. In a recent interview with The Washington Post, Van Dam revealed he goes through “50 car crashes in 10 minutes,” and using marijuana helps him deal with the pain associated with it.


Don’t expect season three to lean too heavily on controversy, however, as Miller was sure to reassure fans the show is still meant to be an escape. The show still is a comedy, and that’s what fans signed up for.


“We offer our perspective in a light way,” says Miller. “We have a way of dealing with topics that will make you think, but won’t hurt our brain.”

For the character Charles Greane, his own journey will have him questioning who is friend or foe as he continues his life outside of football. As one of the more relatable characters on the show, his journey has caught the attention of fans and former athletes alike.

Season three of Ballers is available to download today.

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