Over Par: Ranking The 15 Women In Tiger's Life

Tiger Woods has had his fair share of controversy. He's also had his fair share of women. One is clearly related to the other and once Woods was ousted as having had affairs with a number of ladies (not his wife), it was pretty much downhill for his professional career ever since. Until he got caught, Tiger found a way to have relationships with a ton of different women (as many as 120). He didn't seem to prefer a particular type and if you had two legs and a heartbeat Tiger gave you the time of day. From a cocktail waitress to a professional athlete, Woods didn't discriminate.

With that in mind, it only made sense to round up a good collection of the ladies Tiger was connected to and see where they rank. This is all fun and games, but someone should warn Tiger's new girlfriend Erica Herman. She appears to be the newest squeeze of the legendary golfer and was seen arm-in-arm with Woods at the Presidents' Cup this past weekend. He's 41 and she's 33 and she was given 'player spouse' credential which basically means she's his new girlfriend in the eyes of the PGA. If she knows what's good for her, she'll proceed with caution.

Here are 15 of the women from Tiger's past and where they rank.

15 Cori Rist

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We're giving some credit to Cori Rist for a couple of reasons. One, she's actually very attractive. Two, she knew exactly what she was getting into when she started fooling around with Tiger Woods. She had a two-and-a-half year affair with Woods after they met in a nightclub.

She too would witness Tiger texting other women when she'd wake in the night and he'd be typing away on his phone. She did later conduct interviews where she felt guilty for what she had done and how she thought back about the pain this might have caused his wife. This was right around the time Elin was planning to leave Tiger. For her understanding of the situation, her looks and her later guilt, she's a birdie on the scorecard. This still doesn't excuse her actions, but better than nothing.

14 Laci Kay Somers

She's an actress, singer, model, and cosmetic nurse. She loves to post selfies of herself in almost nothing and she's easily one of the more attractive women Tiger Woods has ever dated. She's trying to launch a music career through her YouTube channel and for a while, she was considered the thing that would either catapult Woods back into golfing success or completely throw him off the track of ever being a great golfer again. It appears, based on his lack of PGA wins, she didn't help his game much.

When Woods got arrested it was Somers who was rumoured to be partying with him but she denied ever being connected to Woods in any way. She claimed to not even know him and people believed he was dating Kristin Smith at the time. For pure visual appeal alone, Somers is an eagle.

13 Jamie Jungers

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After she was outed for having an affair with Tiger, Jamie Ungers went off the deep end, falling into a habit of substance abuse and needing rehab when her life hit rock-bottom. Woods refused to give the former lingerie model any money during their affairs, but she did manage to blow through $125,000 in funds she was paid to tell her story.

To this day, Ungers still has feelings for Woods and doesn't feel regret for any harm she may have caused his then wife. At one point she claimed not to have even received a birthday card. Clearly, she had a different idea of what this relationship was than Tiger did. He couldn't have cared less for her and she fell for it. Easily a triple bogey.

12 Julie Postle

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A former nightclub waitress Julie Postle was the 11th woman revealed as one of Tiger's mistresses. When Tiger and her hooked up, he called himself Mr. Brightside (ironic because that's the title of a song about a jealous lover). She fell for Tiger's story because he claimed his marriage to Elin was a fraud and just for show. The two understood that he was free to do what he wanted.

Interestingly enough, Postle also had a boyfriend and was cool with Tiger sending text messages to other women while lying beside her. At least she seemed to understand what this was, but wasn't ready for the backlash when it all came out publicly. She's a bogey on the scorecard.

11 Devon James

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This one is a real winner. During the scandal that was the Tiger Woods affairs, Devon James was busted for solicitation of prostitution and had a drug problem while she was dating Tiger. She blamed her poor adult choices on her difficult childhood and claimed to have a two-and-a-half-year affair with the former golf superstar.

She claims that Tiger was actually paying her for sex and described their encounters as rough and raunchy. For a combination of her choice of career and her dependency on drugs and other bad habits, she's a bogie.

10 Loredana Jolie

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One of the first women to really cash in on the Tiger Woods scandal was Loredana Jolie, and she is extremely attractive but not terribly bright. She actually believes that if not for her changing her phone number, Tiger would still have wanted to stay close (she seems to believe that a guy like Tiger can't figure out how to reach her with a different number).

She claims they had "guests" often and that he was great behind closed doors. A hilarious part about her is that she claimed in her tell-all book that she had secrets that could potentially save the world. Since she has been with some of the wealthiest people on the planet, she had information that was purposely being kept secret. Yeah, that makes sense. Bogey.

9 Kalika Moquin

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Kalika Moquin was a marketing manager at the Bank Nightclub inside the Bellagio in Las Vegas. She was and is very attractive and Tiger must have been smitten with her because she was one of the few people Tiger actually told he'd leave his wife for her. Perhaps it was her impressive background in dealing with celebs that meant he had to step up his cheating game.

For a long time, she committed to not revealing any of the details about their affair but it was learned that he often told her he wanted to badly leave Elin but couldn't for the kids and that their encounters were far more frequent and interesting than Elin who he rarely spent time with. She's an easy par on this list that up until now has been bogeys or worse.

8 Holly Sampson

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The first of many on our list of "film" stars, Holly Sampson is but one of the few who actually had some other roles in television series like The Wonder Years and films like Pump up the Volume starring Christian Slater.

Part of the reason she gets a par on our list is that she did not actually have an affair with Tiger Woods. She admitted only to encountering him at his bachelor party before he was married to Elin, but never after. You would think if she wanted people not to lump her into the group or women who Tiger cheated with, she would have just kept the whole thing to herself.

7 Jaimee Grubbs

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A cocktail waitress, Jamie Grubbs immediately tried to cash in on the publicity from the Tiger Woods scandal. She claimed they were together for more than two-and-a-half years and that she had text and naughty messages that could prove a lot of what Tiger didn't want getting out.

Before the news really got out about Tiger's behaviour, he had asked her to keep things quiet. It was this incriminating voice mail that really helped shatter Wood's image as a good guy. Grubbs was extremely attractive but got arrested in 2010 for driving with a suspended license. This one is a par because despite what he said to her, Tiger just wanted to move on.

6 Mindy Lawton

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Mindy Lawton was the $8-per hour waitress Tiger picked up from a Perkins diner and ending up having a 14-month affair with. Naively, she assumed Tiger was being faithful (even though he was still married) and he played her for a fool. Tiger clearly saw something in her, but it probably wasn't her looks or her intellect.

She believed the two were in love. Mistake number one. She also believed there were no other women. Mistake number two. She would go over to Tiger's house a couple of times a month to be together and the whole time her family warned her about what Mr. Woods was doing. She chose not to listen and was heartbroken when it all came crashing down.

5 Joslyn James

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As Tiger started to get more adventurous and nasty in his affairs, it only made sense that he would choose to hook up with someone like "film" star Joslyn James. The records of some of the things Tiger sent her are beyond raunchy and it could be because he felt the need to live up to her very "busy" and experienced standards.

She released a whole myriad of text messages that he sent to her and for that pure entertainment value, plus the fact that she was one of the few people who probably was running the show with Tiger Woods instead of the other way around, she gets a par. We won't move her into the birdie category because while she's not unattractive, she doesn't rank next to some of the ladies who scored better.

4 Rachel Uchitel

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We didn't necessarily put Rachel Uchitel on the list because of her looks. She's not unattractive, but she gets a birdie in this situation because she was one of the few women to try and take advantage of the situation. She had such incriminating evidence on Woods that she was able to demand a hefty sum of money to keep her quiet. There were reports she had received as much as $5 million.

She actually denied the affair. She said in a New York Post article on December 1, 2009, "I live alone, I don't have a boyfriend, and I have my gay best friend staying over most nights. I'm a recluse. I don't go out, I stay home with my dogs and friends ... and I have not had an affair with Tiger Woods."

3 Tyra Banks

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There's no confirmation this relationship actually happened, but it was rumoured that Tyra Banks had a relationship with Tiger in the 1990's. If so, she ranks among the most attractive women Tiger ever hooked up with.

Banks has been a fashion model and tv host for years and is currently the host of one of tv's most popular reality shows America's Got Talent.  We would have moved this one all the way up to eagle or albatross status if we believed that it was true she dated Woods. If she did, it would have to have been before everything got messy in Tiger's life. Banks seems to have too much self-respect to be just another one of Tiger's mistresses. She's still one of the most attractive women in Hollywood and if Tiger was with her, he deserves a pat on the back.

2 Lindsey Vonn

The former Olympic skier was one of Wood's most public relationships after the breakup and media struggles that stemmed from his divorce with ex-wife Elin. Vonn and Woods were seen together at PGA events and for a long time, and they were considered to be a pretty serious item.

Unfortunately for Vonn, nude photos of her and Tiger were leaked and it became a media nightmare. She was one of many celebs caught in the leaked photos and if she had to do it all again, she probably would have avoided Woods if she had any idea something like this might happen. She's extremely attractive and seems like a real catch. Easy albatross on the scorecard.

1 Elin Nordegren

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Still the cream of the crop on this list is the woman who Tiger first had a chance to do right by but didn't. Instead of being faithful to his wife, he chose to cheat on one of the most beautiful women on this entire list more than 120 times. Even if their marriage wasn't pretty or a sham, he should have known better and tried to make it work since she seems like the catch of the group.

She gets a hole in one because of her looks, her personality, having to still have a relationship with Tiger (since they have a child) and walking away from this entire dramatic disaster with more than $750 million. Not to mention, the minute she was out of the picture, Tiger's golf game went into the toilet.

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