8 Photos Of Paige Spiranac And 8 Of Natalie Gulbis: Who Is The True Hole In One?

Two of the most attractive and successful women in the world of professional golf have 99 percent of the attention of fans when it comes to who is the true "hole in one". Is veteran babe Natalie Gulbis the true champion? After all, she's been wowing fans with her looks since the day she arrived on the LPGA scene. Or, does the title of best-looking female competitor go to Paige Spiranac? She's come on strong in the last couple years and looks so good that she's caused a stir when it comes to the dress code and the women's golf tour.

To argue both sides of the argument, we've put together a series of recent Instagram photos posted by both women. We'll give reasons to consider each woman as the most attractive golf has to offer and then, ultimately, it will be up to you to decide their fate. Of course, in this process, we can't forget names like Blair O'Neal, Elise Lobb, Belen Mozo, Anna Rawson,  Sandra Gal and others who have made the top-ten of many fan's lists of attractive golfers, but for women who offer a combination of on-the-course success, good looks, social media followers and attracting viewers to the game of golf, there really aren't two ladies any better than Gulbis and Spiranac.

Who is your favourite? There is no wrong answer, but the debate is sure to rage on for years to come.


16 Natalie Gulbis: Stunner

We'll cut right to the chase with this first category since we know a number of readers likely flocked here to see Natalie Gulbis looking gorgeous. So ladies and gentlemen, here you have it, this is Natalie Gulbis: The Stunner. You don't have to thank us, especially since you can find this post on her verified Instagram account.

Typically known more as a neighbor-next-door type calendar girl, Gulbis also has the ability to steam up the camera lens. She proves it here with a photo of her enjoying the first day of Spring in Southern California and catching some sun surrounded by beautiful scenery. She's considered one of the most attractive women in golf for a reason and this just proves why. You can even tell this wasn't just staged for a photo because she's got her yoga mat.

15 Paige Spiranac: Stunner

So excited for the US Open!? Who do you think is going to win?

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In much the same way most people flock to Spiranac's social media accounts to see what she's wearing next, we chose this photo for the "Stunner" category because it represents that when she wants to, she can get all dolled up and really wow with her choice of outfit.

Getting ready to rep the BMW golf team and give a behind the scenes look, she's gorgeous in a red top that she would have gotten in serious trouble for on the tour thanks to the new LPGA dress code. This photo proves that when it comes to super-steamy female golfers, Spirinac may be at the top of the list. How can you argue with someone who tries to argue that point and uses this photo as evidence? You really can't.

14 Natalie Gulbis: The Workout


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You can't look like these ladies do without working to maintain your figure and exercising to build core strength as a golf pro. Both women have talked about how much they enjoy the gym and we can see it when they post photos of them in either their workout gear or actually inside the gym ready to tackle cardio or lift the weights a little.

In this photo, Gulbis gives us a sneak peek at her stretching/warm-up routine in an Adidas outfit. Of course, considering she's a spokesperson for Adidas. The one thing that's very noticeable in this photo is the ring on her finger. Yes guys, she is married. Sorry to burst your bubble there. You can always photoshop that out though, if it helps you cope.

13 Paige Spiranac: The Workout


Paige Spiranac, on the other hand, is not married and she loves to take selfies of herself in gym and workout gear. Perhaps no one rocks a pair of Yoga pants better than Spiranac does. She too is often asked to help with fitness questions and she thought, as a result, she's put together a program for her fans.

She added that if her fans decided to follow her program to always listen to their body and work out at a pace that comfortable for them. Probably a smart idea on her part to have any program she offers come with a disclaimer. There's a good chance no matter how much her fans follow her routine, they'll never look like her.

12 Natalie Gulbis: The Sand

Gulbis likes the beach and us fans like the fact that Gulbis likes the beach. She's got a great figure and fans often ask her what she does on a daily basis to maintain it. She writes in her caption that on tourney days she eats about 3500 calories. While for most of us that would spell disaster, she just looks incredible.

She seems to be a big fan of paddle boarding and yoga/mediation in the sun. She's not the only one as many golfers tend to gravitate towards the beach when not playing golf or on holidays. Maybe that's one of the reasons these pros took up the game. It's a great excuse to spend time in nice, sunny weather.

11 Paige Spiranac: The Sand

#golftanlines #fitness

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Considering the sexy nature of the photos Paige Spiranac often posts on Instagram and her other social media accounts, we were surprised to learn that there aren't a whole lot of shots of her in a swimsuit or bikini. It doesn't seem to be her outfit of choice to share with her followers but every once and a while she graces fans with a shot of her at the beach or, at least, getting ready to hit the beach.

She writes under this photo,"Summer is almost over. I'm missing the beach and my best friends in San Diego." We're going to give the nod to Gulbis in this category because she seems to spend a lot more time at the beach and is happy to share photos of her doing so. Both are extremely attractive but there's just more Gulbis to go around.

10 Natalie Gulbis: The Swing

If we're talking about golf, we can't ignore the most important part of the golf game which is the swing. So, who's looks better? From the photo above Natalie Gulbis has a pretty typical swing plane, good positioning and a strong stance. More importantly, she looks great while she's swinging and that's really what we're judging here.

Gulbis doesn't quite rank on tour with an average length of 243 yards per drive but she's not far out and she's done well with the swing earning nearly $5 million in career winnings on the LPGA tour. Her accuracy isn't bad either hitting the fairways with about 80% regularity. But, like we said earlier, while she's a good but not awesome pro, she's figured out a way to make a living blending her golf swing and her looks to maintain a long career.


9 Paige Spiranac: The Swing


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To study Paige Spiranac's swing is an interesting exercise in understanding what's real and what's not. She appears to have an excellent swing but if you watch her videos or photos, one can never be too sure if that swing is legitimately her swing or if she's goofing for the camera. The biggest negative feedback Spiranac receives is that she's spending far too much time trying to be a model and not enough time actually practicing being a golfer but that's bound to come when you look like her and don't mind documenting pretty much everything for your fans.

She has one video she posted where she does a sexy but goofy pre-shot routine and she had thousands of comments of people who believed this is really what she did before her shots.

8 Natalie Gulbis: The Brand


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One of the things that make these golfers so successful isn't just their accolades on the course but their partnerships off of it. Gulbis has truly led the way for female golfers who know how to brand herself and make the most out of sponsorship deals. From day one she's been using her brand to make herself one of the most recognized names in the sport and she's a spokesperson for Adidas.

You can see from this photo here that she's not afraid to stock up on the products she promotes. She writes, "Only the best for the athlete... adidas". Needless to say, she's doing her job as a spokesperson and was probably a wise investment. She's also written columns for FHM, had her own show on the Golf Channel and appeared on shows like Celebrity Apprentice and CSI.

7 Paige Spiranac: The Brand

Growing the game, one selfie at a time😂🤗

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"Growing the game, one selfie at a time". That's probably the best way to describe the effect Spiranac has had on the game of golf. Most people know her as the wildly attractive female golfer but that's not all bad, even though it's a reputation that has its detractors. She takes so many selfies and has so many followers, it's no wonder people have flocked to tournaments and games, watching more women's golf on television than ever before.

Spiranac is a brand that is known. She is a brand that is followed and while male golfers are known to do the same, she gets more negative press for it than anyone. The LPGA should let her do her thing and just welcome the many fans she brings in.

6 Natalie Gulbis: The Semi-Formal

Let's be honest, there aren't a lot of things more attractive than a female golfer who is dressed to the nines in golf attire. But, the true measure of someone's physical beauty is what they look like not in their regular element. Natalie Gulbis seems to be doing just fine as she wears a regular outfit almost as well as she wears a golfing outfit.

What makes Gulbis so attractive to many is that she seems to be a pretty regular person considering his status as a famous golfer. She quotes motivational phrases from some of her favorite people and understands that she's a role model for a lot of people even when not on the golf course. We'll happily look at Gulbis golf attire or regular street and semi-formal wear any day.

5 Paige Spiranac: The Semi-Formal


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We like Gulbis a lot but Paige make take the prize here as she posts a lot of photos in her semi-formal and dressy wear. Seeing that Spiranac seems to be more set on making a name for herself as a model, there are a lot more photos of her in dresses, tight skirts and semi-formal tops and she's happy to let her fans know almost anytime she's going out on the town or dressing up for a quick trip to Top Golf.

Spiranac is almost too semi-formal. The idea of going to a place like Top Golf in a mini skirt and high heels seems ridiculous but she does and she gets a ton of attention (both good and bad) for it. Her desire to push the boundaries of her clothing choices is what got the LPGA looking at their dress code again.

4 Natalie Gulbis: Game Face

New Year. New Focus.

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Gulbis is much more accomplished on tour than Spiranac and part of winning is knowing when to turn the cameras off and the game face on. Gulbis seems to have found a way to do so as she's made a good chunk of money as a professional golfer.

She writes, "New Year. New Focus". It could be because 2017 wasn't her greatest year in terms of on-the-course results and she wants to come back in 2018 even stronger. If you look at this photo and how serious she seems to be about her game, we have no doubt she'll be able to make drastic improvements and start ranking on the LPGA tour in some of the categories she didn't in 2017. Our only advice for the rest of women's professionals is look out LPGA tour.

3 Paige Spiranac: Game Face

When he asks if you want to play another 18⛳️😍

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Again, we have no idea what to make of most of Paige Spiranac's photos. Are they serious photos? Is she just having fun with the camera and her fans? For example, in this shot, she writes, "When he asks if you want to play another 18"

It looks like a game face but we can't be sure if she's just trying to look cute and be a bit sassy. Because Spiranac hasn't had a ton of results on the tour so far, fans haven't really had a chance to see how she responds when up against it but she has had her share of detractors because of the way she's used golf and her looks to become famous. You have to have a decent game face to fight through all of that negativity.

2 Natalie Gulbis: The Role Model

#boysandgirlsclub #nataliegulbisgolfclassic 2017 in the books

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Perhaps more important than any other criteria we used to measure these two women is the way they give back to the game and become role models in today's society. From what we can see, both are strong character women and in this shot, Gulbis takes a photo with a number of the kids she works with from the Boys and Girls Club.

It's important for female golfer who use their attractiveness to give fans around the world the idea that it is important to draw fans to the game of golf. It is the increased popularity of the game that the LPGA truly cares about and they'll have no issues with a pro using calendars and social media to bring more players and grow the sport. That someone like Gulbis is doing a good deed at the same time is also a great thing.

1 Paige Spiranac: The Role Model


Paige Spiranac might not get much credit for it because people are too quick to either gawk at her photos or suggest she's too busy worrying about her looks to be a pro but she's famous in a major way and with that fame, she often uses it to interact with her many fans and grow the game of golf in a major way.

She's worked with a number of different groups and in this photo, she's taking the time to thank her new buddy who got in a game at Top Golf with her. The little future superstar has only one arm and yet takes up the game of golf anyway. Spiranac may post a lot of needless selfies, but she's also doing a lot of good things for kids and women around the world but in terms of their self-worth and in taking up the sport.


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