Paige Spiranac VS Holly Sonders: Who Is The True Hole In One

Golf has many great rivalries in its history. Ben Hogan vs. Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer vs. Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson are just a few that have provided some of the best play on the PGA tour, and captivated fans around the world. Think of how many times these pairings have walked up the 18th fairway to the green with a major championship on the line.

But now you can add Holly Sonders and Paige Spiranac to that list. Ok, they may not have won majors, and in Holly’s case, not even be on the tour, but Sonders and Spiranac are making waves in the female golf world, and plenty of that has to do with their looks and the attention they get.

Sonders has graced the pages of Golf Digest multiple times, and is constantly a feature in their Most Beautiful Women in Golf issue every year. Meanwhile, Spiranac isn’t too bad herself, and has been questioned on the LPGA tour for being the “beautiful blonde golfer” and wearing what some may consider, the wrong attire for the game of golf.

But these two ladies are clearly turning heads in the female golf world, and rightfully so. So who would you have walking down the fairway to the 18th green in what could be the most glamorous rivalry in golf history, as Sonders and Spiranac face off in this edition of our list for the top woman in golf honors. Who is truly the hole in one on the women’s game?

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16 Holly Sonders: All Black Everything

#si #golfmagazine

A post shared by Holly Sonders (@holly.sonders) on

Holly Sonders may be more comfortable in active wear, but she definitely knows how to class up her look and turn every head in the room with this leather skirt and black top. The 29-year-old is one of the most beautiful women around the game for a reason, and there aren’t many sideline reporters in any sport that could touch Sonders if she decided to go all out in her look and step her game up. She’s done such a good job at promoting herself, it’s no wonder she is able to pull off any look she wants with pure confidence in herself. That’s what has made her the mega star in golf, even without stepping up to the tee box and putting a drive down the centre of the fairway.

15 Paige Spiranac: Being Who She Wants To Be


Paige Spiranac has got a lot of slack from many people for her plunging necklines while playing golf, so much so that rules have been put in place because of her to stop women from dressing a certain way on the LPGA tour. Paige, however, doesn’t care what people think of her and doesn’t apologize for her appearance. In this photos caption, Paige writes “I realized that I shouldn’t change myself to please other people! My whole message is about love, kindness, compassion, and being the person YOU want to be. I believe I can celebrate my body as a woman and be respected for my mind and heart.” We totally agree with her, as she has proven she can reach the top tour in women’s golf and will not be held down by anyone on her way to become the best female golfer.

14 Holly Sonders: Hour Glass


Holly Sonders shows off her hair glass figure in this white dress that she says, is similar to the one she wore at the US Open. Imagine trying to play a major tournament, with millions of dollars on the line, at one of the hardest golf courses in America, with millions of fans watching, against the best golfers in the world, and Holly Sonders shows up to the course looking like this. We’re not saying there needs to be a rule here to keep her away from the course, as we would gladly tune in to get updates from her looking like this. We’re just saying, the professionals will have plenty of distractions on the course as it is, without the beautiful Holly Sonders adding to it.

13 Paige Spiranac: Golf Makes Her Smile

Golf makes me smile...sometimes😂 #golf #18birdies

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Golf is just a game. At the end of the day, that is all it is. It makes players like Paige happy, and in the end, that is all that matters. Her fight with the LPGA and to be taken seriously as a golfer will continue, as Paige would never be allowed to wear this top (that shows of plenty of her shoulders and is very tight fitting) or that short skirt out on tour. She isn’t distracting other players, unless she crosses over to the PGA, so we don’t see the big problem the LPGA would have with a beautiful woman like Paige wanting to wear what makes her happy. It’s just a game, and too many rules can ruin any game.

12 Holly Sonders: Eyes On The Prize


You need good legs in order to golf, as plenty of power in your swing comes from your legs. Holly Sonders clearly has a great pair of legs, but she also has beautiful eyes. In this Sports Illustrated photo, the golf reporter shows us a soft side of her with an off the shoulder grey sweater over looking a golf course. Imagine trying to tee off and looking at the balcony of the course hotel and seeing Holly Sonders standing there looking like this. Do you get a mulligan on your shot, or should you just pick up your ball and walk up the fairway and take a drop, because chances are, you aren’t keeping your eye on the ball to hit it properly.

11 Paige Spiranac: Keeping In Shape


If you want to be a professional golfer, you better be in shape. Never before has the game required more strength, endurance, stamina and power to play, whether you are a man or a woman. Paige Spiranac is clearly ready for the fairways of golf courses across the LPGA tour, and while she definitely wouldn’t get away wearing anything remotely this skimpy on tour, on Instagram she can show off her hard work and determination to be a professional athlete. We would sign up for her fitness plan as well if we could look this great at the end of it. Paige does give sound advice to listen to your body when working out and start light if you need to. You just have to hear your body over how loud hers is first.

10 Holly Sonders: Clubhouse Rules

Another creative shot taken during last years edition @si_golf #si

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Holly Sonders may be breaking one of golfs oldest traditions here by bringing her golf clubs into the club house, however, we’re pretty sure no one is going to have an issue with the 29-year-old bombshell doing so, especially in this outfit. She clearly isn’t about to go tee off, not with some high heels on that would dig into the ground. And a knotted shirt probably isn’t going to make it on tour or television, as golf rules would say she isn’t wearing appropriate attire. But in any shade of purple, Holly looks fantastic, and clearly shows why she is one of the most beautiful women in golf. We would like to know how far she can drive in those heels, however. Our guess is, even in them, she could probably put in straight down the fairway.


9 Paige Spiranac: The Spectator

This is a great view of that, umm, 16th hole. Who wouldn’t want to watch a PGA tour match with Paige Spiranac along side them. She is obviously an incredibly gorgeous woman who can pull of horizontal strips better than most can, but she is also a professional golfer and could probably give you better insight into what the pros are thinking when they step onto the tee box and get ready to hit. You have to remember with Paige that, even though she is a professional golfer, she is also a beautiful woman, and golf is foolish to try and hide that when they could use her to their advantage and grow the sport. It’s all about image in golf, and we would say, you would be hard to find a better image than one with Paige Spiranac in it.

8 Holly Sonders: Pink From Head To Toe

We wonder if the LPGA would approve of this look on Holly Sonders. The skirt may be a little too short for them, but everything else is respectful. It isn’t Holly’s problem that she makes this all pink outfit look fantastic. If you want players to stand out and be themselves on tour, Holly would clearly have no problem doing that, as her pink outfit would be visible 18 holes away and would be a fixture on televisions across the country. She doesn’t play on tour, but reports, so good chance you could easily pick her out of a crowd if she was in the gallery waiting for a player to hit. But the former college player has game as well, so she knows how to get up and down on the green no problem.

7 Paige Spiranac: Golfing In Athleisure Pants


It was a little cool out for Paige when she teed off in this photo, so she had to grab a long jacket and instead of the custom skirt normally worn on tour, she decided to go with a pair of yoga pants instead. Good choice Paige. Not a single player is going to ask to play ahead with Paige in front of them, and we’re almost sad that the warm weather will return and she’ll go back to the skirts that LPGA rules say she has to wear. But for someone like Paige who wears what she wants, we could see her putting on a pair of yoga pants during a round if the temperature was cooler or she had an early morning tee off.

6 Holly Sonders: Most Beautiful Woman In Golf

For the third edition of Sports Illustrated’s Most Beautiful Women in Golf, Holly Sonders shows again why she is constantly in the conversation for that title. It’s a serious coin flip between her and Paige, but in this photo from the edition prior, we can see that Holly hasn’t lost a step year over year and is constantly one of the most attractive women in the sport. She does receive plenty of scorn, however, as many believe they are objectifying women with the title of Most Beautiful Woman in Golf, but we just say, they are calling it as they see it. If they are happy about it, why should anyone rain on their parade, and ruin an opportunity for them to showcase their beauty?

5 Paige Spiranac: Against The Rules

Beautiful day for some golf!

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Paige has fiercely opposed the dress code on the LPGA tour. The rules state that players should not wear shirts with plunging necklines, leggings, or short skirts. So pretty well, this entire outfit she is wearing now would get her kicked off the course for perhaps showing a lot of leg, and possible cleavage. But Paige is fighting back against the LPGA. She even called it sexiest because she is a woman, telling the Guardian, “I know that people see me as a gimmick. I don’t think I am. If I was a guy and I had the same social following, I don’t think people would call it a gimmick. They’d say it was great.” She has a point, and once again women are being held to a different standard.

4 Holly Sonders: Follow Through On Her Swing

Golf Digest

Holly Sonders would more than likely have the same fight Paige Spiranac has had if she were to show up on the LPGA tour. Especially if she was dressed in this short skirt and tight fitting outfit. Her form looks amazing, as would any professional, so why would it matter what she is wearing. Her legs are sexy for sure, but they are also powerful, which is needed if you’re going to drive the ball off the tee and put yourself in a good position after the first shot. Holly and Paige may battle for the most beautiful woman prize in women’s golf, but they would fight the same fight, asking to be judged for their profession, as opposed for their looks.

3 Paige Spiranac: All Just A Game


The thing you have to know about Paige is, she had to grind at the beginning to get to where she is today. As she says on Instagram, she had to clean the pro shop and do kids camps in order to have a place to practice because she couldn’t afford to play. Humble beginnings make for great golfers who respect the game and where they have come from. As Paige has said “The tradition of golf for me is tied into the integrity and honor of the game, not the exclusivity that you have to be a certain class of person or dress a certain way. Truth is we are all just trying to enjoy our day and play good golf.” Dress how you want, but respect the game. Seems like an easy motto to follow for a pro golfer.

2 Holly Sonders: A Little Too Short

There is a limit on how short is too short, and no, were’ not talking about the club here. More work out gear that anything (the small clubs are actually weighted clubs to use for swing practice, much like a baseball player in the on-deck circle who puts weights around his bat) Holly is clearly in amazing shape for a reporter, and could make the transition to professional if she desired. But she has built an empire around her knowledge of the game and of course, her stunning appearance, and that is why she is constantly in consideration for Sports Illustrated’s Most Beautiful Women in Golf list. The LPGA wouldn’t like something so short, but Holly sure does know how to keep all eyes on her.

1 Paige Spiranac: Like Jordan


Remember the Do it like Mike commercials? Well here, Paige does it more like Jordan, as in Jordan Spieth, as she looks to drain a chip in from the sand. Paige may be the most beautiful woman in golf, but she also has game to go along with it. We’ve all been in the sand trap, and like Happy Gilmore, we’ve never got off the beach, even after a few whacks of the ball. No problem for Paige, who nearly drains the chip in. Imagine the intimidation factor she has when playing with guys. Not only is she attractive and could draw your eye off the ball, but she easily could out drive and out play most men as well.

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