Eye Of The Tiger: 15 Women Who Caught Tiger Woods' Attention

Tiger Woods was an American golf phenom who had the world on a string at a young age. Many predicted that he would cruise past the Majors victory record of 18 set by the great Jack Nicklaus after he won his first at the Masters in 1997 at the age of 2. Tiger would go on to win 14 Majors in total and is still trying to make an impact on the world of golf. The former #1 golfer in the world has battled back injuries, swing changes, and public pressure for much of his career but his greatest battle came with the revelation that he had been hiding numerous (and I mean numerous!) other women from his wife and kids, and the world for that matter. Eventually it all came crashing down and we could not look away from the fall of Tiger Woods as the once exhausted sportsman came crashing down to earth in epic fashion.

The whole world would come to know the ladies of Tiger’s harem as they one by one stepped forward and waved for the tabloids. We’ve decided to take a look back at some of the lookers Tiger took home and we sprinkled in a few old girlfriends and loves to even out the field. We’ll let you decide which one of these ladies deserves to take home a major and which ones probably should have stayed in the club house.


15 Lindsey Vonn

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Lindsey Vonn does not fall into the category of mistress as her and Tiger struck up a relationship long after the clouds of dust had settled around Tiger’s statuesque life. Vonn is a very accomplished American downhill skier and incredible athlete in her own right, which leads us to wonder why she would end up with Tiger, who is also 9 years her senior, in the first place. The sporting power couple seemed to have a good thing going but eventually like everything Woods is involved in it became mired in scandal as nude photos of Vonn meant for Tiger leaked on the internet. Vonn and Woods are no longer together so the downhill super babe is free to go live a normal life. Run Lindsey!

14 Rachel Uchitel

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Rachel Uchitel is a piece of work who tops the list of spotlight grabbing mistresses from the long line of Tiger girls. She first made a stab at celebrity when she was photographed holding a picture of her fiancé who worked in the World Trade Towers in 2001. The nightclub manager and hostess was reportedly payed 10 million dollars by woods to keep quiet about their affair and his ‘appetites’ in the bedroom. Uchitel publicly returned the money to woods and and will talk to anybody about the affair to hold onto the spotlight. in 2010 she appeared on the 4th season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. What were you thinking with this one Tiger? You might as well have just waved her in front of the cameras yourself.

13 Joslyn James

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Tiger Woods was looking left, right, up, down, and all around for any ladies that he could get his hands on so naturally at some point you just go right to the source and strike up an extra marital affair with a "film" star, it’s a no brainer! Joslyn James came forward was one of Tigers girls and shared some spicy text messages the two lovers had shared. James is a high profile "film" star who has been working in the industry for some time. More recently in 2014 James made Washington’s most wanted list for allegedly owing over $20 000 dollars in unpaid child support to her 14-year-old son. Don’t worry Tiger, the kids not yours! But, c’mon Woods, you sure know how to pick ‘em.

12 Holly Sampson 

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Many guys dream of the ultimate bachelor party with strippers, booze, gambling, and memories you make that you’ll never remember. That’s the dream… and in some cases a nightmare… Holly Sampson was a dream turned nightmare for Tiger Woods. Sampson is another adult film/mainstream star that the pro golfer had an affair with, but this time Holly claims that she had relations with Tiger at his own bachelor party. That’s pretty low! She later claimed that she never got intimate with Tiger when they were married, because somehow that makes it all better Holly? The chesty blonde ‘actress’ is just Tigers type so i guess it’s just unfortunate for Elin that she somehow ended up at his bachelor party. How could Tiger help himself?

11 Cori Rist

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Cori Rist is a now notorious New York party girl that hit the public eye when she came forward as one of the many, many, many, many, mistresses of Tiger Woods. She stepped forward in the long line of ladies that hit the tabloids in 2010. She is famously quoted for describing to anyone who would listen in the media frenzy that being intimate with Tiger was “passionate” and like “fireworks”. Cori is definitely an attractive lady but those closest to her describe her as anything but lovely and her ex-husband claims she “put me through hell. and she continues to put me through hell” along with tales that he has proof of wire transfer from Tiger to Rist. Why the exchange of dollar bills Tiger?

10 Loredana Jolie

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In a relationship you happen to spend a lot of time naked with your partner so it’s probably a good that that Tiger picked a number of his mistresses along the lines of how comfortable they are being naked. Loredana Jolie is a Playboy model that famously came out to the press to say that Tiger Woods’ fantasies are “not normal”. She would describe that Tiger “would engage from 9 p.m until the sun came up the next morning.” What an animal. Apparently Tiger is an appropriate name. Jolie is another chesty blonde and we all know that just happens to be the pro golfers type. It makes you wonder if Tiger had seen her playboy spread before the affair or only looked it up after they met.

9 Jamie Jungers

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Jamie Jungers is… guess what!… a cute blonde mistress of the ever famous golfer Tiger Woods. Jungers jumped on the Tiger Woods scandal fame train and would talk to any publication or talk show that would have her as she tried to extend her moment in the sun. Jungers whines that “I got nothing” from the famous golfer, seemingly disappointed after learning that some of his mistresses got multi-million dollar payouts. Was she not worth it Tiger? The sometime model claimed she still loved Tiger amid the publicity storm but would eventually fade away from the spotlight only to reappear for a DUI arrest in 2011 on her way to rock bottom. Just another blonde stop on the Tiger Woods Pro Tour. Sorry Jamie.


8 Tyra Banks

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Tyra Banks is one of the fiercest stars of the international modelling world and all-around successful business lady in the age of branding and reality television, but many years ago she was linked to the future flaming wreckage that would become Tiger Woods. Back in 1997 when they were both up and coming superstars it was widely rumoured that Tyra and Tiger (the alteration in palpable) would have hotel rendezvous along the PGA tour. Over the years unsubstantiated rumours of the having a secret wedding have swirled around and if everything had worked out back then maybe the Tiger woods saga would have worked out differently. Alas Tyra and Tiger didn’t end up together and we got a front row seat to the who’s who of who did who.

7 Devon James

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Devon James fits the profile of Tiger Woods mistress perfectly. She’s sometimes blonde. She’s voluptuous. James will talk to anybody who will give her money to talk about her affair with one of the worlds highest paid athletes. Devon has gone on the record saying she “had a bad childhood” and “I have been in trouble with law” but what really puts her in a unique category of Tigers girls is that she has previously admitted during a radio program that she was arrested for solicitation of prostitution in Florida. On top of that she admitted she had a drug problem. Tiger, Tiger, Tiger! She even claimed that the arrest took place while Woods was paying her generously for "services rendered". Tsk! Tsk!

6 Theresa Rogers

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Now as far as we know Tiger Woods only has 2 kids, and both of them with ex-wife Erin Nordegren. But with the amount of other women Tiger has allegedly been with it is fair to speculate that maybe there is a love child out there, or at least a woman or two that would claim that there was. Enter Theresa Rogers. Rogers is another blonde member of the Tiger Woods parade that came strolling forward in 2009 and holds the title of Tigers cougar. Theresa claims to have had an relations with Woods before and during his marriage to Elin and also allegedly tried to negotiate a large hush deal claiming she had his love child. Maybe there’s a naturally talented golfer out there we don’t know about.

5 Laci Somers

To be fair, it is fairly possible that Laci Somers catches the eye of everyone who looks at her. She is probably the most attractive of all of Tiger's partners (and she's in a whole lot of beautiful company). One look at her Instagram account proves to everyone exactly why Tiger was so quick to fall for her. She is a true bombshell, and definitely fits the typical description of Tiger's favourite women.

Laci has used her incredible looks to gain over 9 million followers on Instagram. With that level of popularity, it only makes sense she would be in such a high profile relationship. It of course ended, but she probably doesn't regret the exposure she gained from the whole thing.

4 Gabrielle Reece

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Gabrielle Reece is now a fitness guru and happily married to surfing legend Laird Hamilton, but back in the day she was the hottest thing to hit the beach volleyball court in the late 90’s, at the exact same time that the young Woods was exploding onto the sports scene. The two crossed paths and it has been long known that the two are friends but rumours also flew about the two being more then that. We can’t blame Tiger at all for this one, he was single, she was single, she was a tall, gorgeous blonde, they both had the world at their finger tips. Reece was burning up the pages as much as she was the court posing for Elle and Playboy as well. We get it tiger.

3 Kalika Moquin

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Kalika Moquin is another highly publicized member of the mistress march that stunned the world in late 2009 and well into 2010. Another night club manager and it girl around town, Moquin was Woods’ Las Vegas girl and would hit her up whenever he was on his way through the desert. On the PGA it was mighty easy for the #1 in the world have have a girl in every city that the tour stopped on. I bet if we counted up the number of tour stops across the US we would find that there is a weird correlation between the number of mistresses that came forward in 2009. Moquin just happened to be the girl that matched up with Tigers Las Vegas nights. Viva!

2 Erica Herman

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Tiger’s life has been a roller coaster from day 1. Tapped to be the future of golf at a young age and shuttled around the country as a youth to improve his game it is alleged that he witnessed his dad stepping out on his wife on numerous occasions. It’s unfortunate that spilled over into Tiger’s relationships. But hopefully one day he will claw his way back into our good graces. We hope this for Erica Herman, his current girlfriend, a manger at a restaurant he owns. But if everything does go south in this relationship nobody will ever be able to say that Erica didn’t know what she was getting into. We wish them the best of luck, but we’re not holding our breath. Golf anyone?

1 Elin Nordegren

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Elin Nordegren was the queen of the world when she married Tiger Woods in 2004. The Swedish model was the picture of the perfect wife for the highest payed athlete on the planet. She was there to meet Tiger on the course after every victory that he seemed to ease through with her stunning blonde hair and breathtaking smile. Nordegren and woods would go on to have 2 children together and everything seemed incredible in paradise for the family. Woods was winning Majors and Elin was raising the kids. In 2009 everything came crashing down in a very public way as the world caught wind of Tiger’s infidelity and Elin was forced to watch as every one of his mistresses came out of the woodwork for their 15-minutes of fame. Nordegren and Woods divorced in 2010.


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