8 Photos Of Maria Sharapova Looking Great (And 7 Having A Difficult Day)

Maria Sharapova is one of the top earning female tennis players of all time. She has been ranked No. 1 on the WTA tour on five different occasions, has earned silver at the Summer Olympics, she is one of 10 women, and only Russian, to complete the Grand Slam, winning all four major tournaments, and has five major victories to her name. Not to also add the millions of dollars she has earned as the face of female tennis.

And unlike fellow Russian Anna Kournikova, who got plenty of attention off the court for her looks, Sharapova has been outstanding on the court, and yet still gets the attention she rightfully deserves for being one of the most beautiful women on the planet. With killer looks and a killer serve, Sharapova has been able to do it all, from gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated, to winning major tournaments against some of the games best, she has a long career in tennis at a time when women don’t normally last into their 30s.

But she has also had her dark days, and plenty of them came during her suspension in 2016, when she was caught for doping and was sent away from the game for 15 months. Even the beautiful have their bad days, and here is a list of Sharapova looking amazing, and a few of her bad days. Although, the Russian doesn’t have much to complain about, as she still looks stunning, even when things aren’t going her way.


15 Looking Great: Cover Girl

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How great does Maria Sharapova look? So great, she graved the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition in 2006 and had a photo spread inside. The 6-foot-2 Russian shows off her lean and long figure in this iconic photo when she was just 18-years-old. Taken in the beautiful Turks and Caicos, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that the woman in this photo is not a model, but a word champion tennis player who has been ranked No. 1 in the world on five separate occasions. But Sharapova is the perfect mixture of beauty and talent, and isn’t just another pretty face in the world of professional tennis, but one of the sports best as well. And while Sports Illustrated has covered her career on the court in their pages, we’re perfectly happy with the swimsuit issue as well.

14 Bad Day: Slip And sliding


As if her 2013 wasn’t going well enough as it is after having to withdraw from the first tournament of the season, Maria Sharapova didn’t have a great Wimbledon either, as shown her she slipped during warm ups, and did again multiple times during her match with Michelle Larcher. There are plenty of injuries that can happen in tennis, and groin injuries are common when you consider the back and forth motion of tennis, and the stretching out for balls. Players can generally slide on grass when they want to reach for a nearby ball, but like here in this photo, they can also extend to far and have their feet come from under them and send them crashing to the court. And with a white outfit, hopefully there is some liquid tide around to remove the stains.


13 Looking Great: After Party

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When she steps away from the tennis court, she could step right onto any red carpet in the world and be perfectly at home. Here at the Vanity Fair Oscars party in 2012, Maria Sharapova shows off he once again long lean body in a short dress that is suited for an afterparty with Hollywood’s hottest stars. She can easily go stride for stride with any of the A-listers at the party, as the Russian tennis star has the look to light up any screen if she ever wanted to stop playing tennis and try her hand at acting. If not, modelling for Vanity Fair is right up her ally, though we hope to see her still on the court winning championships for years to come.

12 Bad Day: Admitting to the world

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Maria Sharapova rocked the tennis world when she was suspended for doping in 2016. Her in this photo, Sharapova got emotional when she announced that she was being suspended after her Austrialian Open tests showed she had meldonium in her system, a drug that is banned since January 1 of that year by the World Anti-Doping Agency. She was suspended from tennis for two-years, but afterwards it was reduced to 15 months. It got so bad that at one point, Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko implied that Sharapova was targeted because of Russian-American political relations and the crisis between the two cold war foes. Sharapova returned in April 2017 and met heavy criticism from the media and fellow tennis players for her role in the doping scandal.


11 Looking Great: US Open Champion

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There was a reason Sports Illustrated selected Maria Sharapova as their cover girl in 2006, and a lot of it had to do with her rising success, as the young Russian at just 18-years-old, captured her first, and to date, only, US Open championship. She defeated second seed Justine Henin to win her second major championship in her career, and would finish the year as the No. 2 seed overall. In this photo, Sharapova is once again stunning in her trophy picture in front of a water fountain in Flushing Meadows, once again displaying her best assets in her long legs. She is perfectly made for New York, and could be mixed for a fashion model ready for a runway during New York’s Fashion Week with how stunning she looks.

10 Bad Day: Calling It Quits

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The 2013 season wasn’t a great one for Maria Sharapova, as it started off with her withdrawing from the Brisbane International Open, the first tournament of the season with a collarbone injury. She did manage to get to the semi-finals weeks later at the Australian Open, but lost to Li Na, and she lost to Serena Williams in the final of the French Open. After that, however, her season went completely down hill, as she lost in the second round at Wimbledon, and had to withdraw from the US Open due to a shoulder injury. Considering it was her third shoulder injury, there were plenty of questions by the end of the year of whether or not she could return to her former self. At the following year’s French Open, she would return with a victory.


9 Looking Great: Day Off

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While 18-year-old Maria Sharapova was a beauty, now 30-year-old Sharapova has aged perfectly, and doesn’t seem to have missed a beat and looks just a great as she did in her teenaged years. Considering she is still playing professional tennis, it’s no wonder she is in such great shape, considering that most female tennis players end up having career ending injuries by the time they reach their 30s and have to step away from the sport. Sharapova could still grace any swimsuit cover in this shot, and it would be hard to tell the 18-year-old from the 30-year-old. If she keeps playing tennis, there is no doubt that 40-year-old Sharapova will be just as fit as her younger self, and while she may not be winning major championships at that age, she will certain keep turning heads.

8 Bad Day: Settle For Second

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Heading into the Wimbledon final in 2011, Maria Sharapova hadn’t dropped a single set and was a heavy favorite to win the tournament. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t be able to win her second Wimbledon title, the first coming in 2004, as she was defeated in straight sets by the eighth seed, Petra Kvitová. It marked her first final in over three years at a Grand Slam event, as the last major event she played in was the 2008 Australian Open, which she won. She wouldn’t win another major until the 202 French Open. While it wasn’t a great day, as no one wants to finish second and be the first loser, the pay day was probably still nice, and it helped move Sharapova back into the top 10.


7 Looking Great: Russians Love France

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The city of lights, Paris, Franch, gets a whole lot brighter when Maria Sharapova is smiling ear to ear after winning her first French Open championship in 2012. The victory also helped complete the Grand Slam for the Russian tennis star, who had won the other three majors, the Australian, Wimbledon and US Open in the years before, making her one of only 10 female players to do so in her career. With one of the great wonders of the world, the Eiffel Tower, behind her, Sharapova officially conquered the world of tennis with the French Open victory, a tournament she would appear in back-to-back-to-back years, winning two out of three, and finishing runner-up in 2013. With victory photos like this, we hope she wins a few more.

6 Bad Day: Losing Her Cool

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Even the best sometimes lose their cool, as Maria Sharapova is about to throw her racket after losing early on the 2011 US Open. With so much spotlight on then, media snapping photos, fans yelling from the stands and millions of dollars on the line, it’s no wonder a few times rackets are leaving hands and ending up on the hard court. Sharapova isn’t a John McEnroe by any means, and has been pretty cool on the court when it comes to showing emotion and getting down when she isn’t having a good match. She hasn’t taken her anger out on too many rackets or ball bags, unlike a few players who have ended up with a couple broken rackets by the mercy of their own hands.


5 Looking Great: Another Victory In France

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After a third should injury, Maria Sharapova was on the mend and returned to the French Open in 2014. She made it to the final for the third straight year, where she defeated Simona Halep, and won her second career French Open championship in a three-set match. In this photo, Sharapova has no problem with her shoulder raising the French Open trophy for the cameras, sporting a short skirt that perfect shows off her long lean legs. This is the last major tournament Sharapova has won, but if she continues to look this great after her return, we’re sure there are more major victories coming here way, as the now 30-year-old is fully back into tennis and looking to add to her collection of major tournament victories.

4 Bad Day: Brands Cut

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Because of the doping scandal and suspension from tennis, Maria Sharapova couldn’t make money on the court, and she lost plenty of money off of it as well, as brands started to cut ties with the Russian star. Nike and Swiss watchmaker Tag Neuer, who had a relationship with Sharapova since 2004, were the first major sponsors to cut ties, while Porsche, who signed Sharapova to a three-year deal in 2013 with the tennis star, making her the first female ambassador to the brand, also suspended promotional work with her. In 2015, Forbes estimated Sharapova was earning $16 million Euros a year, and her deal with Nike was worth $50 million. She isn’t hurting, however, as Sharapova had been a staple on top of the Forbes list of highest paid female athletes for over a decade.


3 Looking Great: 30 And Going Strong

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At 30-years-old, Maria Sharapova can seemingly do no harm in rocking whichever look she wants. Here at the Vanity Fair Oscars party in 2017, Sharapova wears a long blue dress with metallic pieces, and shows us that even in her 30s she’s a stunning force to be wrecked with. At 6-foot-2, she’s taller than most of Hollywood’s elite, and add on a pair of heels, there aren’t many who are going to be looking her in the eye. With millions of dollars in winnings and sponsorship deals, and major championships under her belt, she’s as A-list as it comes in the tennis world, and will go down as one of the best in the women’s game for her skill. Being gorgeous is just an add bonus.

2 Bad Day: Going Over The Top

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Maria Sharapova’s career in tennis is unparalleled. She is so talented that no one can question her status as one of the best of all time. What people can question is her ability to sing. Or lack of ability in this particular case. Besides appearing unable to sing the high notes properly, she also looks like she struggles to control her intake when she hits the bottles. Then again she may have just succumbed to the peer pressure of her good friend, who also seems to be having a wild time singing what we can only imagine is Journey's "Don't Stop Believeing". Is there any other song to sing at karaoke? Maybe she should stick to the tennis court.


1 Looking Great: Nice Set Of Wheels

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Yes, there is a car in that photo. A sleek Porche Boxster Spyder painted bright blue is definitely an eye catcher when rolling down the streets of London on your way to Wimbledon, and that’s before you add the lovely Maria Sharapova behind the wheel. With top down, her blonde hair blowing in the wind is definitely going to cause a few eyes to turn, and not just because of the car. She surely could afford her stylish ride, as she is one of the most lucrative players on tour, having winnings in the millions and sponsorship deals worth even more. A few double takes would happen when this car rolled into the parking lot at Wimbledon, and with one of tennis’s all-time most attractive players behind the wheel, it’s not much of a toss up between the car and Sharapova for most attractive in this photo.


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