Soccer BFFs: 15 Photos Of Alex Morgan And Sydney Leroux

There has been a long history of Bonnie and Clyde greats when it comes to the world of sports. Whether it’s on the field action or behind the scenes camaraderie, it’s hard to find two best friends closer than those who play on the same team or at least play in the same sport.

These two individuals team up, literally, because of their common passion, but can relate to each other on so many levels because not only do they share similar interests, but most likely lead similar lifestyles.

There’s also nothing better than to hear that teammates who, in the spotlight seem inseparable also lead their lives the same way behind closed doors simply warm your hearts. It also helps to follow these great friendship stories when the two athletes are not only extremely talented at what they do, but also are extremely attractive.

We know you probably have heard these names before, (and if not, please, please, move out from underneath your rock-home), but we’re here to give you some pretty interesting facts and even more enticing pictures of two athlete BFFs, each individually superb, but together create a dynamic duo that on the field would blow the opponents away, and off the field, would blow your mind.

Here are our top 15 pictures of the alluring and even more talented Sydney LeRoux and Alex Morgan that you need to see and save as your cell phone wallpaper, or have blown up and printed to tack up on your bedroom wall, whatever, we don't judge.


15 Two Gorgeous Athletes Posing

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Their friendship really came close during the 2008 Under-20 Women’s World Cup, where the pair decided to compete for the most goals of the tournament. The two play the same position, relatively, but rather than setting them against each other, it draws them closer together and making their friendship about pushing one another to be the best.

In the tournament that really kicked off their camaraderie, Morgan had scored four goals and LeRoux found the back of the net five separate times. This helped the team grab the trophy. Their teamwork in sharing the goals between the two of them helps push them to be better people and better players, all the while helping the U.S. get the reputation they have today of being at the top of the world.

14 Black Dresses At The Espys

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The two have defined their personalities as quite the opposite, although they share similar experiences and life choices. However, they're quick when they need to describe how the other one is. The differences between the two personalities could be the reason why they have gotten so close. They create a balance that bounces off of each other.

Sydney is the wild child. Although she would describe herself as simply being a free spirit, most, her family included, are quick to dub her that name. Alex can be seen as the more reasonable of the two, being more pragmatic and actually lives a pretty filtered life, at least, in the public’s eye. Despite the difference in the two personalities, they still have a very public self-image of being together, regardless of their differences.

13 Two Peas In A Pod

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The two were drawn together also by their ages. They are actually two of the youngest players on the old squad, which might explain another reason why they get along so well with one another. Their other teammates also notice. Becky Sauerbrunn, the defender, their senior, has actually referred to them being “two peas in a pod”.

Megan Rapinoe describes their friendship as having a superpower to gain millions of followers. And millions of followers, they have! Alex Morgan rakes in about 5 million, and Sydney Leroux has 1.1 million, which is a whopping six million followers giving the duo their attention. Maybe a bit bitter when she had made her comment, we checked out her Instagram just to make sure. Rapinoe has 504k followers. Better luck next time, Megan.

12 Having Fun In The Sun


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Speaking of their Instagram, the two of them consciously made the decision with their fans in mind. Whether it was sharing about exciting milestones in their lives and careers (both are married, both have gold medals), or telling their fans about hard, difficult moments in their days, their social media pages are a perfect way to give people the chance to be in their lives.

😄 @kaohs_swim

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Being that open with people they don't know is pretty risky. The both of them have had negative experiences in relation to their social media pages, in regards to vicious comments or messages to the duo with snide remarks containing racism, sexism, and misogyny. This can make anyone weary, but imagine it coming from five million followers. Just be nice, people!

11 Halloween Costumes

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The two actually enjoy celebrating Halloween together. They have even been known as the queens of costumes. Their history of dressing up together for Halloween. They have dressed up as the gold-winning U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team here, and we’re left wondering why in the world women’s soccer uniforms have to cover so much skin?

In this picture, Sydney Leroux is posing as Gabby Douglas, who is another talented, amazing female athlete, and Alex Morgan is McKayla Maroney. They both are committed to being on the national teams, so much that even when they can be someone else for a day, they decide to be to other female athletes that represent the USA. We are so glad that they're American and love to flaunt it. Who looks better in red, white, and blue?

10 Beauties And Their Beaus


Although they really counter the notion that their competition affects their friendship, along with possible disputes against playing time, they reveal that it’s actually their separate marriages that put a bit of strain on constantly being in contact within their friendship.

Both of their husbands, Servando Carrasco (Alex’s beau) and Dom Dwyer (Sydney’s man of choice) play on Sporting Kansas City in the MLS. This should mean that they would be relatively in the same area most of the time, but of course, they have their own careers to lead, so it doesn't mean that they are hanging around in Kansas all the time. Plus, marriages often trump over friendships most of the time. Of course, you can’t expect friends to be together all the time!

9 That Adorable Handshake

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You know what best friends have? Their own personal handshake! Their pregame exchange that they do before every game has been in place since the 2012 London Olympics, but has of course taken a lot of practice to perfect.

Their handshake has a lot of moves that are almost childlike, which makes the whole ordeal even cuter together. From exchanging adorable messages with one another on their social media pages on their wedding days to going on vacation together in Hawaii, the two soccer stars have a friendship that can only be countered by two equally attractive female athletes with a successful career that also share a bond and have husbands who play on the same team, too. So... It can’t really be countered.


8 Beach Babes

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Speaking of Hawaii vacations, the two have been seen together cladding their bikinis which don the red, white, and blue colors of our great nation. Which means, they don't even stop representing team USA, even when they’re vacationing.

The two soccer stars went cliff diving together, took early sunrise morning hikes and all of it was highly documented on social media, especially drinking Mai Tais on the floats on the water and the sun. The two were definitely not afraid to skimp down and parade in their bikinis while enjoying their vacation. These pictures of Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux, USWNT BFFs leave no doubt that soccer athletes definitely have to be in the best shape, with these bikinis leaving hardly anything to the imagination.

7 Lounging Around

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The two have impressive USWNT records, Alex has had a decorated career, having recorded 134 caps for the national team. Caps are games played for those who have been living under that rock we talked about earlier. Of those 134 games, Morgan has netted an impressive 80 goals. Leroux has played in 77 caps and scored 35 goals.

The pair of them also has graced and decorated certain publications with their promiscuous pictures. Sydney was featured in the ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue and Alex has appeared in Sports Illustrated. She wasn't wearing anything but a layer of body paint in the shape of a bikini. We realize that also should be one of the most sought out pictures on Google after you all have read this article.

6 Haters Gonna Hate

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Sydney played on the Canadian National Team until she was 14 years old. She was actually caught in some heat a few years ago during a sold-out match between the U.S.A. and Canada. She scored that game, and that’s when she egged on the crowd who had been cussing her out since she entered the stadium.

She was playing in a sold-out stadium of 22,453 spectators. The celebration that she made had earned her a yellow card, as she smiled and flashed the U.S. crest at the top corner of the jersey towards the Canadian spectators. She said that she was 14 years old when she had made the decision to play for the U.S., and she wasn't met with any sort of resistance, no one had cared. But, of course, when she started scoring goals for their biggest opponent, that’s when people started to get angry, making life for Leroux difficult.

5 Smokin' Morgan

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Their similarities aren't just in the same positions on the field, they also have a lot of other common in their competitive nature. They have also started on high profile teams at a young age. Alex Morgan began her place on the U-20 USWNT in 2008, and then in the full national team in 2010.

Sydney started playing for Canada at the age of 14 and was the youngest player to play for the Vancouver Whitecaps in the W-League at 15 years old. The pair of best friends are less than a year apart. Alex was born in July of 1989, while Sydney was born in May the following year. There is no doubt that both of them have achieved success at such a young age.

4 Tattooed Vixen

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From Sydney’s tattoos to Morgan’s bright eyes, the both of these soccer stars have what it takes to have made it to the top, not only because of their high talent and hard work ethic but also because of their looks and the way they present themselves to the world. The only thing that was missing was a team effort, and whether it was a strategic plan on their part to form an alliance and become followed in the millions and boost their image or an actual friendship, these two are definitely doing well for themselves.

3 That Look

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The moms of the two of them also have become friends. The players even said that their mothers might even talk more often than they do. The girls do it all, they party, they love the beach, they can often even be considered “everyone’s best friend”. They have even been seen hitchhiking with their fans.

This means that they aren't too good to just hang out with other people. For example, there have been stories where they were stuck at the stadium after training one day because their bus actually broke down. Instead of calling an expensive taxi or demanding a helicopter picking them up, they caught a ride with some fans, even taking a selfie with them in their van. Of course, getting into a van with strangers didn't really apply to them.

2 More Costumed Shenanigans

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The soccer BFFs are just like us! If not — even weirder. There were rumors a few years ago of strange images being sent between the pair of them strictly holding a place as a conversation starter. For example, there was an image of a bald rat which was highly displayed on Twitter and social media pages.

Leroux also told them that just like any other pair of friends, they get into fights, too. Leroux was seen saying that not only are they close, they also get very competitive with each other. She’s admitted that they’ve had fights and when they’re pushing each other, in life and on the field, they’ve gotten better from it.

1 Two Fierce Beauties

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These two have the face and bodies to advertise for the biggest names like Nike, Nationwide Insurance, Chapstick, Mondelez, and so much more. Those who have chosen Alex as their go-to girl aren't making a bad decision. From her athletic, feminine physique to her bright eyes and notable pink headband, her image really sells.

As for Sydney, she also her fair share of sponsors. She is sponsored by Nike, Body Armor, SuperDrink, Nesquik, EA Sports, among many other brands. Her high profile in soccer has won her a name and title worth sharing with the world. Good thing she knows how to use it, which goes with the saying: if you got it, flaunt it, and these two girls definitely know how to flaunt it, and they’ve made a lot of money from it, as well.


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